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Found 25 results

  1. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Okay so i have a fosgate t1500db wired to 2 12" w6v3 4 ohm 600watts rms each. Should i leave them wired individually at 4ohm to the amp or should i parallel them to 2 ohms to get more power? Or would i be over powering them?
  3. Lucas300c

    Simple Basshead

    Hey guys, Looking for your input. Picking up a 2010 300c and this will be my first "sedan" and thinking how to get loud clean bass out of a nice clean box. My thoughts was to building a narrow box for a Sundown x8 with a front port. Im thinking of fitting it between behind the arm rest and seal it from the trunk to have no trunk rattle and not have that trunk eat up all the bass. What do you guys think? Don't worry i won't ask you guys to design it for free. just looking for the best box design for this car.
  4. Christopher Talbot

    6.5 PWX Crescendos BIG CONCERNS

    Picked up 4 crescendo 6.5's for my 14 corolla, will be putting 2 in front doors in stock spots and 2 in rear deck stock spots. Car comes with 6 speaker system, with two tweeters build into the corner of the front windows facing the cabin. Question is this I will be running these on my Rockford Fosgate P400x4 Punch Since its a relatively efficient amp and the birth sheet says 563 watts should I be running each set of nendos on 1 channel to maximize the power instead of 50 to each then its doubled of course? (If my understanding is correct), effectively running it in 2 channels instead of 4, are there draw backs to doing this? will it effect anything drastically? Also will this effect my stock tweeters in the front stage with too much power? or do i need to buy crossovers for them? also let's say i run them each on 1 channel since ill be not utilizing even half there power potential will I be able to go lower on the hertz range closer to 40 hrtz? instead of nendos tech sheet saying 80 hrtz +? Not running a sub till next season i think so trying to make the best of this configuration for a little bit of time. Thanks ahead of time guys.
  5. In Stock And Ready To Go, Now Whos ready to GET LOUD!!
  6. my stereo system is a bigger current draw than my alternator can supply, does any one know which make and model of alternator I need for 160 Amps In my 1996 nissan pulsar Lx N15? Because of my system drawing (at fuse rating max. current) 1800 Watts RMS ( 4 channel OAC160 600w RMS & mono BRX1200.1D 1200w RMS Optima yellow top D51R - 12v 38ah + regular lead acid batt. & boss(ashamed) 8 Farad capacitor) all powering 2 KICKER 6 1/2" coaxial 100w RMS + 2 6x9" VIBE AUDIO 120w RMS amd TWIN INFINITY KAPPA 10.9W 350w RMS 1400w peak *EACH* - Then @ 1 ohm between them and running at 1200w RMS from a Hifonics Amp
  7. I got a Ascendant Audio 18 bout to upgrade Alternator but i have to take a trip first i also have a Hifonics 1700.1 Dmono block. lookin to buy a battery before the trip and do the alternator when i get back. I have this in a 2000 Grand Marquis with a 130 amp alternator, its not hooked up at the moment i have knu 0 gauge ran with a 300 amp fuse and a fuse holder a another 300 amp fuse for the extra battery. Just lookin for some ideas on a good under hood battery or an extra battery? What would you do for the time being. Of course it wont stay this way when i get back im going to upgrade amp but for know just 1700 watts. recently blew 2 L7 kickers so i know the car can handle it but i dont want the volts droppin under 12 from the sub being able to take in 2500+..... need a lil help thanks.
  8. Hey guys, I'm a noob on the rise (at least I like to think), but I've never run over 2K watts RMS in any of my systems, until now. I currently am running a Q2200.1 and a Kenwood Excelon XR400-4. I just bought and received a SoundQubed Q4-120, 4 AudioQue 6x9's, and a set of SQ's SuperTweets. I haven't installed any of the new gear yet, but I would like to install a set of the 6x9's for a little added mid bass and the SuperTweets for sure. As far as installed speakers, I have (2) SoundQubed HDS3 12's, Pair of Infinity Kappa 6.5 components, and a pair of Kappa 6x9's. My goal is to buy another Q2200.1 and strap it to my existing. I want to run a pair of HDC3 12's and push them to their max. I know I will need availability to 400amps just for those two amps. Now add in my Kenwood (which is probably another 70amps) and if I install the SoundQubed Q4-120 which is 80amps, I will definitely need a second run of 1/0. Sorry for the long post, but I want to be thorough upfront... As far as electrical is concerned now, I have a MechMan 240amp HO alt and (3) H6 AutoZone Platinum's with around 210amp hours, that are holding up excellent so far. I have one run of 1/0 from the front battery to the (2) rear batteries. My question is, would it be best to fabricate some sort of bus bar out of 1/4"x2" flat bar and make all connections there with a second run of 1/0 from front to back? Or just do another run of 1/0 from front to rear battery bank and call it good? Also, do I need to do second runs of 1/0 on the batteries to keep them in a parallel configuration (run another set of 1/0 wires from + to + and - to - ?) Any help with my wiring will be greatly appreciated! I need my wiring to be spot on as all you guys know. If I do this, I will have over 5500RMS and I would like to know if everything is safe. Thanks and once again, sorry for the long ass post!
  9. Hellbilly429

    NVX NSW104

    Anybody have experience with these subs? I purchased one for one of my buddy's builds in his 2000 chevy silverado 1500 regular cab, let me start off by saying fuck my life there is no room behind the seats to put anything.... So I ordered the sub from Sonic And I gotta say for $70 the build quality on this thing seems awesome. Plans are to hook it up to this (when I get the money from him to order it) And put it in this box I have designed, again, this truck has no room behind the seats so this is gonna be the most complicated box I have made so far! Box will be 1.35'^3 Net @36hz (1.59'^3 Gross) with 12.5"^2 per ft^3, he listens to mostly country so I figured this would work good for him, got a router with a roundover bit this time so I figured that will help if for any reason this isn't enough port area for this sub so we don't get port noise. Already got the lines drawn out on what I had left over for a sheet of 3/4" mdf, as long as I don't fuck up any cuts I have just enough to do this box (which is great cause this kid is a cheap bastard and I'm getting like $60 to build this box and install this shit). As usual all tips are accepted and any knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated. I will let everyone know how well this sub does when all is said and done since I don't see many builds with NVX subs.
  10. I am getting a pair of Soundqubed HDS3 15's soon. I need to find a good enough amp to drive these subs that will make them do some work. I don't have all that much of a budget. I was thinking of the BRZ2400's since they do at least close to rated at 1 ohm Not sure if there's anything out there that can get close enough to it, with rated power in it's buedget. I am not afraid of tacking on some extra but not so much extra that it mutilates my financial budget I am blind and don't get to work much, but I save what I can and make it work. Least I am trying to Any ideas come to mind? Thanks in advance!
  11. I was just wondering around how many watts rms would be need to keep the lows,mids,and highs pretty even without having one taking over the other
  12. I have a question regarding how wattage is distributed between speakers. I understand that my amp, will supply 3000 watts at 2 Ohm bridged. And if I have two drivers 4 Ohm each connected in parallel, I will drop the Ohms to 2 in total. So my question is, If I have these connected to my amp in the said configuration, Will EACH driver get 3000 watts? or is the power evenly distributed say 1500 watts per driver? Thanks.
  13. I am looking to have a setup that is 3,220 watts. Would you recommend an alternator upgrade? If so, how many amps?
  14. theboogieman77

    Fi X10

    Has anybody used or heard anything about these subs? I was thinking about it and I want to know some pros and cons. What are some thoughts?
  15. 1. Product: Cactus Sounds K12 2. Specs: Rated power 5500 x 2 @ 0.5 ohms @ 14.4 volts clamped 13.6k @ .5 ohms/2 channel starting voltage 13.9 3. Description/Condition: i have clamped this amp and have proof of numbers 9/10 cosmetics 10/10 mechanical i dont really beat on my amps, the lowest voltage this amp seen is 12.8-9 4. Price: : 1650 shipped 5. Pictures:
  16. conbon

    good amp for my speakers

    i have 4 kenwood kfc 6x8s that are 80 wrms. what amp would be best to power them. I was thinking about getting the rockford t400-4 which is 60wrmsx4 but theyre very underrated and most get around 80wrmsx4+the power from the which is about 22wrms. would this be too much to power them with and how should i set the freq and other stuff on the amp? thanks EDIT: i also found a memphis audio srx 4.300 this looks a lot better
  17. hazestorm23

    ma audio hardkore real rms ?

    First post did not find much on this amp as far as real RMS ratings as in true RMS not what the manual says. The amp is a ma audio hardkore hk-802sx high voltage amp. Says its supposed to be 4400rms if anybody has any info on this amp before I install it it would help
  18. Trocks96

    Noob questions.

    Being kind of a noob with car audio still i have a question. Im saving up for two soundstream splx 15's dual 2ohms at 1250rms. With those being the subs im saving for im trying to find a good monoblock amp. My question is i've seen amps that say 2500w rms x 1 channel, does that mean it distributes half of that 2500w to both subs giving each 1250w? I've also seen amps that only say 2500w rms, and nothing about it being one channel. Should i be looking for one that doesnt say anything about the " x 1 channel" or is an amp that says 2500w rms x 1 channel exactly what im looking for? Also im wondering about getting one amp for each subwoofer, what are the pros/cons about doing that and how would i hook them up. Thank you for sticking with me and any help is appriciated.
  19. bass4thetruck

    2000 watt rms amp

    I need a amp with around 2000 watts rms to power 2 12" DC Audio level 3s let me know what you got and how much, Thanks!
  20. Whats good SMD, So up for sale is four (4) BRAND NEW IN BOX Powerbass XTA 6000D monoblock amplifiers: 1100 shipped firm a piece...THIS IS A STEAL! NO TRADES See bottom for contact information! Reason for selling is that these are a low voltage operating amplifier 10.5-15.8v....I am looking to run multiple 16v amplifiers. Like I stated above, these amplifiers are BRAND spankin' new and have never seen power. They have been taken out of the box once to be visually inspected for condition after the shipping process to me. These amplifiers are stoopid beastly, I used to own a Sundown 4500D....This amp makes my ex-sundown seem puny and this monster actually strains you to pick it up. I paid big money for these amplifiers, over $1600 per amplifier. These amps run almost $1700 new on amazon, ebay, etc...My loss is your gain. Here are some specs: Channels (mono): 1 Output Power (14.4 V) @ 1 ohm: 6000 watts Output Power (14.4 V) @ 2 ohm: 3000 watts Output Power (14.4 V) @ 4 ohm: 1800 watts Strapped Output Power @ 2ohms: 12,000 watts Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 300 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.1 % S/N Ratio: >90 dB Input Sensitivity: 0.2 V - 8.0 V Dimensions (in Inches): 13.5" x 28.5" x 2.75" Enough talk..lets let the pictures do the talking! Included is the instrution manual, bass knob, mounting equipment, allen wrenches, and some decals. Please PM me if you have any further inquiries about the equipment. Please also feel free to text/call my cell phone at 570-933-2172. I am from central Pennsylvania for reference. Once again all my items for sale are shipped for free to the lower 48 states.
  21. Littleblacksonoma

    obsidian audio 18

    just got an obsidian audio 18, i need help with planning my box out. ive got an idea on about what size but anyone with one is welcome to help. or knows a lot more than i do. also what amp. ive basically decided im going with a soundstream TX 2000.1D amp. vehicle is a 93 chevy full size blazer( 2 door tahoe ). will be upgrading from 4 gauge to 0 gauge soon as well.
  22. I just found a deal on an audiopipe 3k for 200 bucks, i have the nightshade v1 with psi recone fully loaded has 8 layer spider pack, doubled fatty leads, and flat wound coill but its a dual 2 ohm. the amp wil only be temporary until i get a clean amp. should i buy it and use it on the sub?
  23. so i recently noticed the other day that one of my subwooers is playing harder than the other. i first thought that one wasnt playing at allbc i couldnt hear nor feel it moving. no today i toook outmy box and checked all my wiring and nothing was wrong. checked my rca's and nothing was wrong. i then swapped the subs and cranked it up and the problem stayed on that channel. then i swapped the rcas around and the problem still stayed in the same channel. the subs play just fine on channel 3 but veryyyy low on channel 4. both channels are using the same x over and gain. so could it be that the channel that is playing low could have a short n the amp or what? help please
  24. My friend recently bought an Orion HCCA 15" sub and Orion amp, and let me borrow his old setup until I buy mine in a week or so. It was a Sony Xplod 12" with a pioneer amp rated at 760 watt max. So its a very weak setup. I had it installed in my 2005 altima, and the inline fuse kept blowing, and the tech guys kept putting stronger fuses in. Eventually the power wire (4 gauge) MELTED into. I know this amp/sub were in good working order, because they were working fine in my friends truck until the day I had them installed in my altima. The installers put a "line output converter" behind my stock Bose head unit. The RCA cables, 4 gauge power wire, l and remote wire were ran from the front of the car to the trunk. The Ground wire was bolted to the frame in the trunk. I cant figure out what happend to cause the power wire to melt. Any thoughts?