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Found 13 results

  1. SQ beasts. Just want opinions on the Audiopipe Q12 I thought this sub looks great & probably sounds awesome. These are the 12 in models 44lbs while JL is 56lbs. Has anyone heard these Q series in action?
  2. so I dd-1 and cc-1 my 2 fi btl 18s running at 4 ohms since I don't have charging system in my Silverado to run them at 1 ohm. im running them off a mtx te1501d wired with 1/0. Anyways I did everything to the T on instructions as far as I know I crossed it at 80hz and my amp gain is almost all the way up without clipping and head unit was measured as well but I have been using it since thurs and at high volumes I am starting to smell my speakers burning and im wondering why since im only pushing these at 4 ohms with a little over 600 watts and it shouldn't be clipping, what did I do wrong. when I did my head unit I set settings to flat I did everything I was supposed to.
  3. I found one of my dad's old mtx 10's that is 25 years old... I have it in a new box and replaced the wires... It sounds great, at least for being what it is. Its replacing the 5.5" logitech sub in my room system, so its only on i think 25w rms. Is there anything I could use to power this sub with more wattage? I cant find anything written on the sub or online. I have a few PC PSU's, one is 300 watts. Is there a way for me to wire this? the 25 watt amp is clipping and distorting the sub too easily, and since the sub is in good condition, im sure it can take more. Ive got a computer that i just found at my moms old office, and im not sure of the wattage of the psu, but i know it cant be much, maybe 150-200. So i have PSU's that would put out the right amount of wattage im looking for, i just need to know how to wire it up for my room. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I have a design in mind and this is the maximum diameters I want the box to be. I had a friend draw this up. Sorry all the dimensions are in mm. The internal volume will be 4.9cft. Thinking of a centre port roughly 0.28cft at 35hz. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for me? Its a daily box, don't want crazy lows or anything like that, just something loud and clear on music. Subs are MTX 9500 12s. getting 1000rms each. Will be sealed off trunk in a 2010 Mazda 3. let me know what you guys think
  5. I tripped over MTX yesterday. THB I thought they were one of those companies that had fallen b y the way side. When I did a bit of searching, I found many/most of the info was on the older subs 9500 in particular. Just wondered if anyone has the newest series, 75 or 95 and how does it compare to the older subs .... and comment on what's happening with MTX. They seem to be very quite nowadays. Thanks
  6. hello every one i have a mtx 92001 amp that was working great until just a couple of the days ago it stop playing but then after 2-3 secs it plays again the amp is on all the time when it does this. It will work only at very low volume without stopping sound (music) I have open the amp up and look for burns nope burn smells nope but it does make a noise when its on i will link a video of the sound thanks guys let me know what you guys think it could be thanks again video http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/FI...785cb.mp4.html
  7. Mazda 3 2010 Sedan. Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Rockford Fosgate t800-4ad JL Audio c5 6.5" x 6 Rockford Fosgate p2 8" x 2 Hertz Ht25 1" tweeters x 4 MTX 81001 mono x 2 MTX 9500 12" x 2 Optima D34 x 2 Stinger 0 gauge I have been working on this for a while now. Heres some progress pics. Doors mocked up Bit of fleece ready for resin ;l This was the first attempt at wrapping the doors but i did not like it at all I changed the material, it matches the rest of the door alot better also. i played around with vinyl but i clashed with my interior alot as nothing else is vinyl.
  8. I have a old school MTX amp and it will turn off after like 10-15 secs of playing and wont come back on for a long time. is it going into protect mode or what?
  9. OK first off I am new at car audio and understand most of the basic concepts of it but I am getting 4 12" alpine type r subs that are 4 ohm dvc I'm going to wire them to 2 amps each wired down to 4 or 1 ohm the RMS rating for the sub's are 300-1000 watts each 3000 max but the deal breaker is I'm looking to spend under $400 the details of the build is that its going to be a center console build in an 07 f150 super crew sealed box that has 1.5-2 CFT of airspace per sub I'm running a singer 320 amp alt and knu konceptz 1/0 gauge wire any help on this would be greatly appreciated if you need more info let me know and I'll get back as soon as I can
  10. so I bought 2 hc2400s a lil bit ago and at rest when I got them one was just over 11 and the other was like 10.6 and I have a yellow top under hood. question is im only running a mtx 1501d at 2 ohms, round 1k watts and im getting voltage drop down to 12s always and its not maintaining well, I just put in a 145amp alternator and that didn't help. driving around voltage doesn't get to 14v and at idle its 13.5 without having system turned up. my amp ive had more than 4 years and has fried a few times and has been sent back and rebuilt and I just don't feel like its up to its potential anymore and just sucking juice, was thinking of getting a saz1200 or 1500 but not if its gonna drop just like what I have going right now. oh and when I was running at 4 ohms it was still doing the same shit. im pushing 2 Fi 18 btln2. ive seen on here plenty of guys running 2500-3500watts with stock alt and one extra battery at 1ohm daily and doing just fine, so why with mine of 2 hc2400s and optima and a 145amp alt at 1k watts am I having a problem?
  11. looking for some advise on this box design. This is for 2 12" MTX 9500 subs. forward firing, sealed trunk. Any input would be awesome
  12. I have 2 mtx 4500 series that come stock in a Camaro they have a pigtail that comes out of the back of the box that leads to the amp inside of the box I can't figure out how to wire this to my car without having to purchase the wiring kit online I wanted to try and cut the wires and wire it myself but I don't know which wires go to wear and I also don't know how to convert straight wires over to AV to plug in the back of my head unit I have a video detailing the whole box I wanted to try and hook it up to a stock 2001 Chevy cavalier I have a box on the back speakers to push a Av off of it to the amp but I'm trying to figure out how to get it from the speaker in the back of my trunk to the sub box I also have no wiring diagram so I don't even know where to get one I tried to look it up but can't find anything I'm at a loss and I really wanted to try and get these guys hooked up I know the subs work but I don't know if the amp works I'll just have to worry about that once I wired it thank you guys for all your help
  13. Hey there SMD! EDIT: All pics are from HTC Sense but the old ones are from G1 This will be my work in progress for my dd 95 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. It'll be sometime before itll be complete.Hopefully everything goes well in the near future.It's a slow build so bear with me... A lot of stuff is happening, college, work, rent, baby, . I'm waiting for one lvl 5 from cj. It should be coming next week.And the other from superchargedDc.The subs are D1s, no extras on it. Plain janes.Headunit: Pioneer DEH- 5000ub Zune 80gb PAC-LC1 Highs/ mids:Amp: 2 Kicker ix404 and mtx 4244ID CTX 5.25" and Kicker ks 6936 infinity reference 2 inch tweeters Low:Amp: 2 Audiopipe 3000.1d *thanks loganberry*SounDigital 8000.1 *thanks Cortez*Cactus Sounds k122 DC Level 5 18's D1 *thanks CJ18 and Supercharged DC* Electrical:iraggi 320 amp alt. Rebuilt by mechman. 7 Optima Yellowtops 1 Stinger SPV-44 3 c&d ups 400 3 c&d ups 490 Audiopipe 1/0 and tsunami 1/0 2 runs of + and - each Deadening:9 rolls of peal n seal. Measurements for wall Tomoro after I get wood laid down for the enclosure to sit Old eclipse hu. Volt meter. Now sitting at 15.4, and switch for ampCrappy cut out. Did this when I had my first setup with a boss amp.Old old set up.From my gf's eclipse. 5 speed gsIraggi alt. Gf unwrappin it.Got bump. Deathwish. Anonymous skate CincinnatiFront windowshield6 total two inch Reference tweeters (b pillars)Added sense wire with one 3 amp diode.Ran thru firewall.Peel n sealTrunk lidDoors.
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