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Found 23 results

  1. EDIT: See below for updates So I purchased the JL Audio C2650 component speaker system. For the amp, I went with a Infinity Primus 6002A. Input source is a JL Audio MBT-RX. No head unit. Output from the MBT-RX goes through a splitter to the Infinity Primus and then to my amp for my subwoofer. I've only been rocking this set up for about a month My driver's side tweeter and woofer made some funny noises when I turned up the volume (not very loud, but loud) and then just kinda stopped. There's nothing but a very faint hissing noise coming from the component speaker now. I swapped out the wires. The woofer still works when hooked up to the other crossover's output. This is how I've reasoned that a crossover went kaput. I don't have my tools on me, but once I do, I'll be able to extract the crossovers for some more information. Some symptoms I experienced ever since I first installed the speakers: - hissing from tweeters; pretty loud; at low volume it'll overpower the music coming from the tweeters - loud pop if I suddenly turn my car off; I must disconnect my phone from the bluetooth, wait a few seconds, and then turn my car off in order to avoid the pop - once I hit a high enough volume level (not very loud, but loud) the woofers would go all distorted, even though I've configured the low-pass on the Infinity Primus in accordance to the woofers' frequency response--even choked it up quite a bit Note that my phone's bluetooth is the thing controlling the volume. I have the gain turned up slightly on both the amps. I'd love to hear y'alls' input. Updates -- seems like it's the amp So I finally tore into the Jeep. I checked the capacitor and the two resistors of the crossover in question. Lo and behold, nothing seemed wrong. Everything seemed correct according to the spec. I even swapped the I/O of the crossovers and confirmed that they both work. I checked the input the crossover was getting from my Infinity Primus 6002A. For the working side, the voltage read ~40mV. For the not working side, the voltage read ~10mV. I checked the output of the amp, and the values were the same. For some reason the right side output is 4x the mV of the left side. No clue why. I've only had it about two months now, so it's under warranty. Any ideas?
  2. Greetings, I have 2 Kenwood 12" 4ohm DVC performance series woofers (KFC-W12DVC) rated for 250watts/1000max. I can wire them for either 4ohm or 1ohm. I'm shopping for a good amp to power the pair and my question is; should I be looking for an amp to push 500 watts at 4ohm or 1ohm? Does it make a difference as long as it delivers 500w RMS at the correct impedance for how I wire the drivers? Also where the max power for the woofers is 1000, does that stay there, or can I get an amp that will push 1500 to 2000 max? Someone also mentioned getting a 2 channel amp and running it with each woofer at 2ohms but I don't know about that because aren't 2 channel amplifiers full frequency? I'm looking for Class D monoblock subwoofer amps because that's all it will be for and they stick within subwoofer frequency range. Any input is greatly helpful and appreciated. Just in case anyone is wondering, because I have been asked a couple of times, the reason I have 2 dual voice coil 4ohm subwoofers is because I didn't know the difference when I bought the first one, I just thought 2 voice coils would be better than one and that 4ohms was very stable. That driver is awesome, it's taken all the poundings I have thrown at it for well over 2 years. I listen to a wide variety of bass heavy music genres from speed metal to downtempo coffee house trance and anything and everything between. If it's got bass, bpm, and soul, it's on. The little 250.1 DX series Kicker has overheated a few times trying to push it so I'm in the process of a budget conscious upgrade and I wanted a second driver to match my current hammer for cost savings and because of the performance I've seen from it. I've had it in a sealed enclosure that housed a 12" Kenwood SVC originally, but the little Kicker ended that one's life almost immediately. I did buy it used and I think it was a sub par woofer because upon inspection, the speaker just looked cheaply made. Small magnet, small diameter motor/voice coil and a paper cone, but it did say Kenwood on it. The amp I bought new but it's having a hard time with the one I have so I am amp shopping and have become slightly overwhelmed and that's why I'm turning to experts for help. I have a dual enclosure that a buddy gave me for nothing but it's ported and the chambers are way too big for what my drivers call for so I'm going to modify it and am going to be eliminating the ports. I like the performance I have seen with the sealed box that I have now and I don't think I'm interested in changing to a ported box. I've done some homework on box construction and I'm pretty confident that I'll be ok there, I'm only throwing that into the mix because if I understand correctly, it does have an affect on amplifier/driver performance and needs/recommendations.
  3. I plan to purchase some Sundown Audio equipment within the next 2 or 3 days, and I would like some suggestions on where to purchase it. No "brick and mortar" dealers near me, woofers etc. is not an option, 800 woofers is not an option, SSA is looking like my only option, so how is their shipping, customer service? I don't want to order from somewhere that has a ton of old stock, but don't want to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a build either. I have read mixed reviews on SSA's shipping times, but only from one side of course. Any other options other that the ones mentioned? Also would LOVE a coupon code, or forum member discount maybe?! Input appreciated!
  4. So I noticed the db-r has a 1500d for sale at an awesome price but it is the older second version. My question is. Having vastly different boards (from the pictures I've seen) how much different it is than the newer version. I know output is going to be a small difference but what about cooling ability ( I realize the v3 has a fan) and overall reliability? Thanks!
  5. Since the unveiling of our A series amplifiers and before, I get the occasional email that reads "hey, I know you're busy, but could you design a few amps for me real quick" It usually makes me giggle a little and then smh. It takes me back to 1999 right before I started with RF. I also had no idea what was involved designing an amplifier from the ground up. No disrespect intended if you are reading this and have asked me to make you some amps before. How would you know what is involved if you haven't done it before? This has prompted me to go through literally thousands of photos on my phone and pull off any amplifier design pictures that have to do with the new amplifiers we just introduced. I will make my best attempt at posting them here in chronological order, and make some brief comments here and there. I also threw in a few pictures of my daughter taken during those times as a measure of time. The A series amplifiers are a direct COPY of the home audio amplifier I designed for my own use (changed power supply to 12VDC, added fans, remote turn on, balanced/unbalanced input and ability to put it into Class A/B mode (home amp is always class A)) so I have included the photos of designing that as well because all of the time I spent developing the circuits went directly into the mobile amplifiers. Ok enough of me talking.. On with the show! Before I build any circuit I like to try to simulate it in PSPICE, here you see a nice clean output and the predicted distortion My daughter was born during this time Here you see the power supply for the home amp. AC to DC supplies like this are very easy to design. The small circuit board is the input stage and voltage amplifier stage. This is where a lot of the magic is and many months of reading and testing were done to get it to work. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures during that time. We went through at least 3 different voltage amplifier designs, PCBs and testing before we came up with what we use today. Moved tested input stage and voltage amplifier stage onto main PCB instead of it having it's own PCB. (In the car amp it still has its own PCB for the least amount of noise possible) Each tiny resistor and transistor has been studied for voltage, current, and power dissipation. Prototyping the current amplifier stage It works! Now lets build 2 voltage amplifiers, 2 current amplifiers, connect them together and add a power supply! We also added a prototype SMD VU-DIN meter for S&G. Ok let's put this contraption in some kind of case so we can move it around without breaking anything. A SMD AD-1 Amp Dyno prototype case worked well Keeping the same case, I designed a simple face plate for it and had my machine shop CNC it. We put it all together with some prototype meters. Shown here on the distortion analyzer making a sweet ass sine wave with only 0.0068% THD! WHOA! Cleanest amp i've ever tested, home, pro, or car.
  6. What if any are the differences in the sax-1200D and the saz-1200D? Thanks,
  7. I am awaiting the arrival of my new sundown audio x-12 that should arrive any day now. I have a couple questions if anybody has the time and is willing to help me out a little. 1) The box I have isn't built to spec. I am going to be limited on funds after these next purchases, so I would rather just use it unless I absolutely have to get another one. http://www.atrendusa.com/atrend/pro-series/vented-enclosures?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=229&category_id=35 I know it won't perform to peak potential but as long as it doesn't sound like total poo or have the potential to hurt the sub somehow then I'll deal with it later, thoughts? 2) The amp I have is a decent one I think. It is the Kicker CX1200.1 (seen here: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_64241_Kicker-CX1200.1-12CX12001.html?SearchClickout%5Bquery_id%5D=22023689&SearchClickout%5BIgnore%5D=1). The birthing sheet that came with it says at 2 ohms it is throwing out 1297 watts constant. It is pushing the hell out of a Fosgate T2 d4 12" right now and has barely gotten even warm to the touch.... The x-12 is rated at 1250, which on paper would look perfect for this build. However I realize that it could take much more with no problem. My question is, approx. at what power does the sub stop producing tangible benefits. In other words, once I reach "x" watts being pushed to my x-12, raising that amount anymore is a waste of money and/or will def harm the sub woofer. If I end up getting another amp, I can trade mine out plus a little cash and score a Rockford Fosgate t1500-bdcp. It's birthing sheet says at 2 ohms it does over 1600 rms. How much better would that be over my amp?? Thanks in advance for any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that is offered. Please don't even bother to reply if u are just saying something like "Kicker sucks, get a Sundown amp." or "Your brand is awful you are wasting your money." And I know I am stupid so no need in telling me because my wife has already beat you to it. I already have 1/0 guage wiring through out and my deck is a Pioneer DEH-80PRS that I run active with my Rockford T2 6.5" component set. It's powered by an Image Dynamics 4 channel amp @ aprox 75w @ 4ohm. All this in a 2004 Mazda Tribute that is a daily driver (got an 18mo old son so I only get to bump sometimes Thanks again.
  8. nothing here please read the rules you had to scroll through to post this.
  9. now try reading the rules.
  10. I recently screwed myself out of a deal and need a new amp. I've been looking around and came across the Sundown SAZ-2500D. (I have an Orion HCCA 12). I just wanted to know what the forum thought about this amp on this sub. I bought a nice sub and I don't want a cheap amp that's why I choose Sundown for an amp, I plan to do this the right way.
  11. im going to buy 2 12" skar vvx, they are underrated on 600wrms,, so im looking for like 1300-1500wrms amp with a bass knob, and i dont have to upgrade my electrical system.
  12. I'm looking for an amplifier that will be 1 ohm stable and push somewhere between 1200 and 2000 watts. It'll be used to power two RE SE-x 12" subs. I don't care if the outside is in perfect condition or is all messed up (scratches, missing logo pieces, ect.) As long as it is in perfect working condition. PM me the price shipped to 53184
  13. i wanna buy a good amp to load 2 12" subs so i did my research and came out with these amps that will fit my subs RMS or a little bit more powerful and i can pay for so here what i came out with : Power Acoustik : 1) Demon D1-3000DB http://www.poweracou...s-D1-4000D.html 2) BAMF2600/2 http://www.poweracou...amf-2600-2.html PLANET AUDIO : RXD1400 1,900 WATT http://www.audiosavi...RXD1400+RB.aspx Crunch: PZA2000.1 2000 Watt http://www.audiosavi...RXD1400+RB.aspx DB DRIVE: PD2000.1 2000 Watt http://www.audiosavi...D2000.1+RB.aspx Hifonics: 1)Brutus BRZ1700.1 http://www.audiosavi...BRZ1700.1D.aspx 2)ZEUS ZRX1500.1D http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_3575wt_1344 3)HFI1500D http://www.audiosavi...m/HFI1500D.aspx plz this is so important to me i need advice thanx
  14. Hey I was going to use a dc 5k to power 2 m2 lvl 5's but I was wondering whats a decently solid electrical for a 7.5k? Im planning on getting a DC power 320 amp alternator and at least 3 xs d3100's. Would that be enough or should I just stay with a 5k?
  15. Anyone interested in a nice little MTX discount? Save yourself 25% on MTX amplifiers and subwoofers by using coupon code MTX25. MTX Amplifiers: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/cat_m28_i22_mtx-car-amplifiers.html MTX Subwoofers: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/cat_m28_i39_mtx-car-subwoofers.html We've got the subs to make you bump, the amps the make you dance, and the savings to satisfy your cravings!
  16. I plan on buying 4 SA-8v2s 4 ohm to go behind the seat of my single cab F250, I was wondering Which amp I should buy to give them a good 800 - 1k watts ea and how should I wire them. I don't have much experience with systems so any extra input would be appreciated.
  17. wats up guys , im wondering wats the pros and cons of running tool maker dual inputs to a crescendo bc3500 or sundown 3500? like will i see a power increase or is even worth it to buy them.
  18. What is a good four channel amp with good sound quality with around 100-130 RMS at 4 ohms? I would like to stay in the $250 to $300 price range if possible, but something less expensive than that would definitely a plus lol. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!
  19. So this is my problem guys, i have 8 mid range speakers 8" 4ohm 1000 watts/ 500rms each speaker in my 2007 nissan altima, i am looking for the best amplifier to push these mids to their capacity. now i know i will need more than one amp to these seeing that there arent mid range amps that push this much watts per channel. So im throwing this out the so i can get some feed back on which amp should i get to push these mid range of 4000 watts rms power
  20. I was wondering how to calculate the amperage draw of an amplifier. Wanting to get a AQ3500.1 but i need to make sure i can power it 24/7. Link to the amp: http://www.audioque.com/AQ3500D1-Amplifier_p_32.html I dont just want to know how much amps it will take just to power this one, i want to know in general, how to approximately calculate the amp draw for an amplifier.
  21. The wait is finally over! Over the weekend we received the largest shipment of RP amplifiers ever! Every model including the RP-2000.1D, RP-800.1D, and RP-75.4AB are all stocked and ready to be shipped to your doorstep! Order your RP amplifier today! >> www.skaraudio.com/collections/rp-series << RP-2000.1D RP-800.1D RP-75.4AB ALL ORDERS OVER $100 RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING!!! www.skaraudio.com - Devin
  22. Ruby


    Have a RP-800.1D and only ran it for about 30 mins, everything turned all the way down, bass knob not even a quarter turn, and amp stopped playing. It looks burnt. But I’m kinda new, any help?
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