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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm in the process of ordering 4 x 15s in the next few days. i have my head set on obsidian audio 15v2, then black Friday special came to play, and i saw sa15 from sundown. Between the two brands, there is $4 difference with all four subs included shipping. i know Jacob is the father for both company, so both are great products. Need your opinion on which brand u guys would go for. The subs are going to be powered by two Planet Audio bb2400.1 strapped, and going on an s10 extended cab walled off.
  2. OK..wanted to start a build thread for my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Equipment 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Alpine CDE-102 Alpine PKG-RSE2 PRV Audio (2) 6MB200 PRV Audio (4) TW350Ti front doors and dash Kicker DS65.2 rear doors Kicker KX350.4 Obsidian Audio (1) 18 D4 v2 DC Audio 1.2k 5ft^3 tuned @35hz AudioTechnix 60mil deadener KnuKonceptz wire (complete setup) pictures are uploading to photobucket and will be added as soon I get them organized
  3. Novak

    kicker amps?

    ok so ive been looking around for some deals on amplifiers and I keep in touch with several local pawn shops, and have them on the lok for quality high output amps. (everyone around here with anything worth a damn doesn't sell it though, especially to pawn shops..) never the less you never know when someone might sell I nice aq2200 or need some money and sell an actual good amp. well I know kicker subs aren't the greatest but ive heard a lot of good form their amps, and I was contacted by a buddy at a pawn shop who just had an amp default on pawn. its a kicker zx 1500.1...... does 1500 @ 2 14.4v cea-2006 certified 1.5% thd.... I thought that was strange but yea any thoughts? there asking 200 with my old alpine mrx-m100? little steep but room to talk them down should I snag it for the extra power (needed) power or hold off on something better fyi- funds are short cant afford a good new amp, a break in to my car about a month set me back quite a bit
  4. i just want someone elses perspective on my box its for an obsidian audio 18 it will be running on a hifi 1000d at 2 ohms its going in a 93 chevy 1500 extracab this will be my first 18 box but my 4th box build any and all help is appreciated
  5. Hey guys, I just bought a audio pipe ap30001 (audio poop) Because i heard some good about it. Also, im not able to slap out 1.5k on a amp. So i went to replace my MB quart oa1000.1 and all i smell is burning coils. Now, before i tell you what subs im running, i know deep down inside me that i am a horrible person. I have 4 lanzar max pro's http://www.parts-express.com/lanzar-maxp154d-15-1600-watt-woofer--267-7138 So i know my audio poop doesnt do a full 3000 watts, its rocking a 200 amp fuse so im thinking around 2000 watts clean if clean is possible. Big d wiz did a video on rms and posted on youtube with the 1500, it did 1000 watts, and all the 3000 is two 1500's strapped. So really what im asking is what are some decent 18" subs i can get for a ghetto budget build? i was looking at some obsidians, but they only got 600 watts rms. I also was looking at an RE woofer with 1000 rms, but it seemed like the obi's would have more xmax and more output (im a sucker for high rolls and fat magnets)
  6. So i plan on starting my new build, and this time i want to do a fourth order, im still learning a lot but i have sucessfully walled a car before, well pretty successful. anyways 2 Obsidian 15s 2 audiopipe 1500s was debating the different ratios and tuning. im not concerned about being competition worthy as much as i am pounding the lows. here was my idea, constructive criticism is highly welcome. 5:1 ratio, 4 cu feet sealed, 20 ported. 40hz tuning. is this logical? should the ratio change? i have a jetta wagon with the room to allocate this.
  7. I am building a box for my obsidian 15 subs with the dimensions 30 w 18 d 18h and a 5x5 and 12 in long square port. it gives me 4.02 net volume and tuned to 32. i was supposed to build it a 20d but forgot i had changed it so it threw my original plan off. if i invert the subs i get more air space. would it be best to invert the subs or is it bad to do if you want low frequencies? how do i go about inverting them as well, do i need to do anything special to the subs?
  8. just got an obsidian audio 18, i need help with planning my box out. ive got an idea on about what size but anyone with one is welcome to help. or knows a lot more than i do. also what amp. ive basically decided im going with a soundstream TX 2000.1D amp. vehicle is a 93 chevy full size blazer( 2 door tahoe ). will be upgrading from 4 gauge to 0 gauge soon as well.
  9. Soo i recently traded some no name 12" subs that are handmade in Chicago (DJL POPS) "750rms", and a Hifonics Brutus Elite 20001D for a Image Dynamics Max D2 12" in a Atrend "SPL" Ported Box. When the guy did a demo off a JL 1000/1, it hit hard and sounded good. Then i hooked it up to my Hifonics amp, and it hit even harder. After trading, the next day, i hooked up a left over Kicker 750.1 to the sub. First i wired it to a 1ohm load, later finding out that the 750.1 is not 1ohm stable. So i wired the sub to a 4 ohm load. Now, after paying for a good 5 minutes, the sub starts giving out a weird burning like odor. Kinda smells like vomit also. the Kicker 750.1 was giving out somewhere near "350 watts rms" and the ID Max is rated at 1000rms. The sub looks new, still has the blue plastic on the bottom of the magnet and is kinda stiff. I know little of breaking in subs, but i learned that UNDER powering a sub can cause it to smell and is just as worse as OVER powering a sub. So today, i bought a slightly used Soundstream STL1.1200 that IS 1ohm stable. So i wired the sub back to 1ohm (verified with Fluke Meter) and then i set all the gains to halfway. annnd nothing. Just a tiny bit of bass and that smell came back. Wired it back to 4ohms, and the SAME exact result.. What could it be ?? My wires were ran professionally. i currently am running 4 gauge, and my previous set ups were hitting REALLLY HARD. But now, i get nothing. Kinda disappointing, especially with my first ID MAX.
  10. Hey everyone, I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada. I was wondering if it could be possible to fit 2 obsidian 18's in there without putting my seats down. I've been told that 2 18's can fit, but the box won't be very good for the subs. I just need to know if I can do this build or not, thanks.
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