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Found 107 results

  1. Hey y’all, Looking for some advice on these 3 woofers. Which do you think will sound the best and worth what they are priced. I need a 10inch sub that is taking at least 1000watts rms. These are the 3 options I have come up with: Dc level 3, sundown x10, and an alpine x series 10. Also I heard the new Memphis mojo 10s are pretty good. Which do you guys think sound the best and are worth my money haha.
  2. I have this Alpine MRD-M1000 Amp. And i have never messed with an amp like this I have looked up the manual online and it doesn't really explain what these mean I was hoping that I could get some info on these settings and what they do: 1-1 Input :1ch or 2ch (I have it set to 2 ch) 1-2 Input Level : 0.5 - 8.5V (0db - -24db (i head unit is 4V what show this be set at?) 1-3 Gain Factor : Adjustment range: 0dB/+6dB/+9dB (is this bass boast??) 2-1 LP On\Off :On (i undersand) 2-2 Frequency : Adjustment range: 30 – 200Hz (1/12 oct. step) (what is a good starting point to set this? I have two 10 inch subs) 3-1 Subsonic On/Off :On 3-2 Frequency : Adjustment Range: 15Hz – 50Hz (5Hz step) (where to set this?) 4-1 Parametric EQ On\Off (what is this and what does it do?) 4-2 Frequency : • Adjustment Range: fc = 30 – 160Hz (1/12 oct. step) (where to set it) 4-3 Width Q. : • Adjustment Range: Q = 0.5/1/2/3/4/5 (this does what?) 4-4 Level : Adjustment Range: ±12 dB (1 dB step) (i don't know what this does either) 5-1 Bass Compensation On\Off (this does what?) 5-2 Mode : • Adjustment Range: COMP.1/COMP.2/COMP.3 (?????) 6-1 Time Compensation On\Off 6-2 Delay Time :N\A 7-1 Phase :0\180 8-1 Amp Set ID No. :1 8-2 Time Of Delay :1.0 9-1 Output Disable :Off 0-1 Memory Write :Hopefully Correct Settings!! 0-2 Memory Read :Hopefully Correct Settings!! Any help would be great, thanks Here is the link to the manuals: https://all-guides.com/model/alpine/mrd-m1000.html
  3. So this last Friday I was robbed of my subwoofers. Nothing special, just two Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 subs running off a Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 amplifier (I still have everything but the subs). I'm looking to get a new pair of subs for my 2009 Acura TL and was open to suggestions. I'm not looking to get to crazy in my budget but I'm looking to stay in the 1000w @1ohm (total) range. I honestly like the way the Apline Type R sound and I have one in my work car ported at around 34hz that slams pretty good but I'm ot set on buying a pair just yet. But anything in the same price range is fine by me. I'm also running this all off a stock system tuned through a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 DSP (that I'm beginning to hate for tuning reasons) and am also looking to get it tuned nicely for whatever I get if anyone can help with that. My door speakers arent the best out there but I have Polk Audio DB series all around for mids and highs also running off a 4ch Rockford Fosgate amplifier. Anyways any help all around is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well...I am trying to get back into the audio game. life went to shit for a bit but I have a new to me 2007 F250 CC/SB that I am trying to upgrade. Feel like I am going crazy looking at all this stuff again. 1. Going active. I have two zapco ST-4x SQs and an old school Orion XTR475. Should I go custom 3-way or just buy a component set? 2. Kenwood deck ( https://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/receiver/kdc-bt772hd/ ) Mainly for easy of use for bluetooth/android control and FLAC ------ I also own an alpine 9887 which I was going to use but...I like the USB/FLAC of the kenwood... (hoarder status) 3. Don't know where to place the speakers...either tweet/3" mid on the a pillar and the 8" in the kick or just a 6.5 component set... Tweeters: SBacoutics metal dome tweets https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/hard-dome-tweeter/sb-acoustics-sb26adc-c000-4-aluminum-dome-tweeter/ Mids: Fountek FE85 "3 mid (plan to run two) https://www.parts-express.com/fountek-fe85-3-full-range-speaker-driver--296-717 Faitalpro 3FE25 3" mid (plan on run two) https://www.parts-express.com/faitalpro-3fe25-3-professional-full-range-woofer-8-ohm--294-1104 Woofer: Beyma 8p300fe http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma 8p300fe-1.htm OOOOORRRR.... budget $300 max for a decent but beefy component set. I know 5.25 component set fits in the doors but that location kinda sucks. @White Lightning @06RTCharger @ToNasty @Audio-Concepts @Triticum Agricolam
  5. Alright ive been thinking about this and i want to build a box with two alpine type r 15s and i want them to be on top of the box and the port go across the bottom I have dimensions of w40, h22, d20 which comes out to 8 cubes i need to know how i should make the port depth and width cause im getting so confused on these port and box calculator websites i want it tuned from 28-33 htz i just need help with that and i want to make sure the box will fit in the back of my 97 ford explorer xlt 4 door
  6. Heres wat we got. I got a blazer with 37" width 20" depth n extensive heighth dimensions. I have a sheet of 3/4 in mdf. Im looking to build a box for my two alpine type r 15s. I plan on the subs and port to face up. A simple single slot port design would be awesome and ill likely run an mbquart 1000w onyx monoblock with them at 1 ohm. Anyone who could provide the dimensions and a diagram for a carpentery dummy it would b appreciated thank you.
  7. Hi! New here! So I have just ordered this amplifier (don't bash it or anything, I am satisfied with the purchase and the amp's performance isn't in question) I currently have two Alpine Type-R 2013 SWR-12D2 12" subwoofers. They are 2ohm DVC. I ordered this amp http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_67935_Hifonics-BRX2000.1D.html Hifonics BRX2000.1D Now, the question or concern that I have is getting these subs wired into the amp for a final load of 2ohms. Normally, this would be easy as there are many diagrams showing how this can be done. What I cannot find is for this amp in particular. It has -/- and +/+ right next to each other in that order where the speaker output terminals are. How exactly do I go about wiring these? I'm a visual learner, so if anyone could draw me a labeled diagram with MS Paint that'd work perfect. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all, first post here on the forum. Needing a little help with a design for a ported enclosure. This will be my first ported enclosure build. Last week, i acquired two Alpine Type R 12s (SWR-1223D) dual 2 ohm voice coil..already in an Audio Enhancers brand pre-fab box from a kid for only $70 so it was a great deal! I have an Alpine MRX-M110 amp. First of all the box doesn't have enough airspace, it only has .92 cubic feet per chamber before displacement. Secondly, it is tuned to a whopping 43hertz! I got this info from their website. I mainly listen to rap, r&b, hiphop, alternative rock and a little pop. The subs are not performing very well on the low notes in the music im listening to so its got to go asap! I have a 95 blazer 4x4 4 door. I have room for 37.5" wide, 18' tall and 18" deep. I would like the new enclosure to have alot more airspace with a common chamber and common port, with a much lower tuning! Any and all help will be appreciated! Opinions and designs please?
  9. I just ordered two 12" Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 and a Hifonics Brutus Elite 2000.1. I need to build a box to fit in a 2000 Ford Taurus. I am fairly new to the car audio scene so I don't know how many hz to tune the box to or how hard it is. Just looking for a cut list and any suggestions on how I should build this.
  10. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  11. i have a 2004 Escalade, shes saphire blue and came with 2 parallel goldish colored pinstripes ...9 years has taken its toll on those lame little stripes and im not sure how to tackle it exactly....before i come up with my own idea i figured theres bound to be someone here thats done this before or at least has some kind of direction to point me in right? thanks
  12. I just made my account here:D Nice forum. It has been very helpful in the past, but normally I always find the answer to my questions so i didn't need to make an account. However, with my bad decision making I need guidance on which path i can take. First off i want to say please don't bash my vision on this because I've fallen on forums with it, but here it is copied and pasted from yahoo answers because apparently no one wanted to read it all ha. Hopefully someone here is more helpful:D Normally when i ask some kind of question on yahoo no matter what brands i refer to looking at there's always someone telling me rockford fosgate, JL, and sundown. I like these brands but where i wanted them to be were a tad over my current budget ha. I'm debating on 2 different setups for the subwoofer and amplifier. So far this is what I have. JVC R900BT which has 3 sets of 5v preouts and does 20 rms x 4 cea compliant http://www.crutchfield.com/p_105KWR900B/JVC-KW-R900BT.html?tp=5684#details-tab JBL GTO938 and JBL GTO638s. The 6x9s are rated for 100 rms @ 2 ohms. The 6.5s are 60 rms @ 2 ohms. I believe the headunit does 20 rms x4 @ 4 ohms? Since the speakers are 2 ohm not sure what will happen because on the box it says true 4 ohm as well, but when you flip it over it says each is 2 ohm on the spec sheet. Maybe it works with both, unsure how to change it? Oh well. Anyway I can go the route with a JBL GTO5ez http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_43359_JBL-GTO-5EZ.html With a RE audio seXd4 which is rated for 600 rms. Or if you think that the headunit will put out plenty of power to make the speakers sound nice and crisp then I will likely put the cash towards these Soundstream amp http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_23985_Soundstream-RUB1.1000D.html Alpine type x 10 http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_9266_Alpine-SWX-1043D.html I chose the first setup to get a nice rounded sound overall with bass mids highs but if you think that the headunit will give me a solid sound then I'll focus more on the bass, which is by far my favorite part of a setup, however, I do love having a crisp sound that makes me feel like I'm listening to the instruments in person. I've heard other brands of speakers and for some reason I really enjoy the sound from JBL. It makes my ears happy i guess:) although I have heard a pair of focal that were AMAZING. Although I only wanted to spend like $60 on each set ha. I love having a subwoofer that hits the lows well and very accurately. I wouldn't say that i like a super sq subwoofer or spl one but i like to be in the middle to get a good overall output an sq. I don't need it to be perfect though but I don't like really loud with a crap sound. I can get both setups for around 375-440ish. I've done the research on both but I want another opinion. Sorry for it being so long:/ I hope someone reads it and helps me decide which way to go. I really want to be happy with the sound because unlike my other setups this one is going to be mine for awhile. Normally I last about 6 months tops on each setup, but with a new car I wanted to get new 6.5s and 6x9s because the stock sound like garbage unless there super quiet then they don't sound super bad, but once you turn it up partially it just starts to get crappier and crappier where some notes become nonexistent. Thanks for your help:) I hope I gave enough info about my preferences so answering can be easy. Also, this is my first time posting on a car audio forum. Sorry if i put it in the wrong place or something lol.
  13. So, I have these 2 Alpine SWS-15D2 woofers that I have in a living room in separate 3.0 cu ft boxes (a bit too large) and I'm looking for a better way too power them. Each has a 500W RMS rating and right now I am using a 1000W computer power supply unit connected to an Audiobahn AMA24002 (600W RMS x 2 channels). Are there any receivers out there that can provide the wattage necessary to power the speakers without having to wire together a bunch of components in a tacky, ghetto fashion? Thanks
  14. i cannot decide on the amp to use for my kicker L5 15" 750w rms. I am looking for a mono amp that can put out at least 1000w rms at 2ohms. And a 4 channel amp for my door speaker I was looking at an alpine, cadence, pioneer,sound stream, rockford, audiophile, jbl. The cadence was not cea, and the audiopipe had a bad c /n ratio. and the alpine and rockford were a little expensive. I'm not looking at expensive amps. Something not to much over the 200$ price point.
  15. ok so on my quest to find a better amp than the one I have now ( alpine mrx-m100 600 @4, 1000 @2, 600 @1 that's straight out the manual) ive came acros an older alpine mrv1507 the alpine mrv 1507 is near 18 or so inches long and it is a 2 chl amp heres the spec form user manual 12v 20-20khz per chl 4 ohm - 150w 0.08% thd per chl 2 ohm - 300w 0.3% thd bridged 4ohm - 600w 0.3% thd 14.4v 20-20khz per chl 4 ohm - 225w 0.08% thd per chl 2 ohm - 450w 0.3% thd bridged 4 ohm - 900w 0.3% thd ive done some of my own research and everywhere I found says the amp is under rated but how far? and does anything it will handle 2 ohm bridged daily? ( I never drive far or bump to long so about maybe 10 or 15 min runs ) ohh asking price for it is 200 bucks
  16. Whats going on my friends? I have tried searching through the thread on my question and have found one link that is almost a year old and not sure if anyone besides me has happened to come across it. I posted on there but since the thread has been dead for so long, I am sure that it wont be seen for sometime. My question, I am looking for a good design that will give me nasty loud lows and give good spl. As the title says, those are the subs I am running. I know these subs can achieve decent levels as i had a set back in 96 @ 500Rms each on a gothic 1600 bridged and nailed 142.2. All in a full size custom van. I am working with a set of 12D2 @ 2ohm on a mrx m240 and you can take a look at my pictures and see how it looks... i have my old m1000 in the pics and have redone the wiring so a new pic will be posted soon showing what it looks like now. ( Before you say anything.... I will be getting rid of the Cap as it is useless for my current setup) I would like to keep the subs facing up, and have thought of inverting them as well if it wont totally kill SPL... but I would also like to vent on the drivers side... Either up or to the front... again.... which ever would be better to achieve decent numbers at the meter. I am going to be mounting two kinetic 2400's with it so my measurements will change from what i thought i was going to be able to use... as for now these are the dimensions i have to work with. i have 62.5" side to side. 18" tall and 20" front to back... i am looking for something that will get low and nasty... I am not sure the dimensions of the 2400 so if anyone knows.... please throw in a bone so i can get a better clue of what siz my box is going to be. i could get the smaller 600 or 800 and maybe mount them in the side panels under my xcab windows but still i dont have dimensions and with the power i will need on my m240 i think either of those would be a waste... or should i just mount 2 1200's under my hood and bump up to a 300 amp alternator and call it good? I have done some smaller builds and never had to worry about the things that i am doing now so bare with me on it... I am not completely noob when it comes to wiring.. as i never let anyone else ever install my equipment... just looking for assistance on a box design and maybe placement of secondary batteries and maybe the best way to fuse them to prevent damage to my subs and amps. Thanks everyone!!!
  17. This is my little progression build log of my 2012 Chevy Sonic LT got it 0 miles and I voided all electrical warrentys So when I got the car the first week first thing I did was Tint the windows and installed a sub it was a 12" Kicker COMP with a BOSS 1200watt I worked in a pawn shop I so i got both the amp and sub in box for like $60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Quickly felt the need for more... So I got 2 12" Alpine Type R in a Super Bass Probox I got for free from my job also (SCORE) lol Also bought a 1000 Watt JL Audio Amp ($80) and some cheap kicker door speakers front and rear with a eclipse 400 Watt 4Channel amp that was going bad ---------------------------------------------__ Then Well i hit a rough patch and sold the subs and box for $250 And put my kicker back in for abit then taxes came around and I bought this This is what went into the car now Metra Double Din Dash Kit Alpine IVE-W530 Double Din Alpine Controller Alpine Moving Video Bypass Pac-tr7 Memphis 15-MC62 Front Speakers Memphis 15-MC62 Rear Speakers Memphis 15-MC1AM Front Tweeters Memphis MRA 4.480 (To power those doors) Memphis MOJO 512D2 12" Memphis MR 1.1200 Memphis 16-X03 3-Way Crossover And a video I had a problem with that my amp would just for into protect mode and light were dimming So I bought an Optima Yellow top Problem fixed BUT I had no room to put my original cover back on... So I made a shelf and came up with the idea I can kinda show my amps now I have not had time to do some wire managing because simply I SUCK at it http://youtu.be/AXAOByZuRqAhttp://youtu.be/E2-70Bz2kjs http://youtu.be/zPpksB2N8Ec Car BEFORE AND AFTER BEFORE AFTER Thanks for looking through I appreciate all and any feedback I know there is ways to better my system but $$$$ is an issue haha or Id upgrade the alternator as the first to do kinda thing
  18. I recently purchased a 2007 Volvo S60R and a Silver Alpine type R 12 inch. I was wondering what would be the best way to get very low end Bass. The stock system is plenty good (6, 8 inch subs, 4, 4 inch mids, 4, 1 inch tweets, and a center 4.5) I just wanted some more low end bass to complete it. Not 100% sure what the lowest the stock goes but I can definetly feel and see the car flex with the low note on "put on". So what is a good way to go about the box. cubic feet, ported, sealed, or bandpass, material? I do not have an amp yet, but I will as soon as I finalize my plans for a box. If you need any info for help I will do what I can.
  19. SQ beasts. Just want opinions on the Audiopipe Q12 I thought this sub looks great & probably sounds awesome. These are the 12 in models 44lbs while JL is 56lbs. Has anyone heard these Q series in action?
  20. So my 16th birthday is in 4 months. My car is an 06 Toyota Camry (clean and almost new!) My dilemma is that I want to find the best pair of 15 inch subs to install for under $300 and I'm deciding whether to put two Alpine type type r 15's or two Kicker L3 15's. I'm planning to wire the Alpines to a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D and then if I get the kickers I would wire them to a Hifonics 1400 watt amp instead. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm installing my whole system myself, so any suggestions for good wiring kits and etc are appreciated.
  21. HELP i have been searching around for really good 6.5 components, this truck had memphis audio coaxial speakers in all 4 doors doors already and have been in the truck since 2010 so they are way outdate. I have been buying and trying different brands and models of coaxials 6.5 speakers in my vehicles and so far the alpine type R were the best sounding. I've never bought components and crossovers before, i have always just stuck with coaxial because they are quick and easy replacements. I put a crunch PX-1000.4 amp behind the seat to run my door, RMS at 4 ohm is 75w RMS at 2 ohm is 125w. They got way louder but the sound quality was terrible. What component/coaxial speakers should i go with and what amp should i use to push them? Has anyone heard or tried the Focal R-165s2 6.5 120w rms 2-way components? I also have a Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 600w rms 1200w dual 4ohm that i am getting ready to build a box for under the seat or the console. i haven't decided on an amp for it yet, depends on if i just do one 10 or do 2.
  22. im building an SQL set up with a single 12 for my daily. im stuck between 2 subs. dayton Ultimax http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-um12-22-12-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohms-per-coil--295-512 OR Alpine type S or R 12" R: http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/swr-12d4/ S: http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/sws-12d2/ i will only be running 500rms for the sub as i plan to get the alpine PDX-V9 amp http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-v9/ ill be running Alpine SPR-60C in all 4 doors http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/spr-60c/ ive owned and heard the new type r's before and they are great in a good box but when entering some info into winisd pro it shows the dayton will have a much smoother gain and much better low end compared to the alpine. but reqires a 3.5ft^3 box to do so... Dayton is orange 3.5ft^3 dual 3" aeros 15.5" long each tuned at 24.9Hz Alpine Type R is Yellow 2.0ft^3 dual 3" aeros 16.5" long each tuned at 32Hz
  23. so a fellow car audio bud of mine is selling off his setup to upgrade..... 2 15 aq hdc3s and 2 planet audio bb 2400.1 Ive heard they don't do rated but they can do close to rated... I don't need the 1700w claimed at 2 ohm I only need like 1200-1500 (upgrading from an old alpine mrx-m100) to power my sundown x 12 d4 im not making it a perm amp just something to give the sub more juice until tax time anyone got some info on these amps (I know he hit a 154.3 in a 8.4 cuft box tuned to mid 30s in a dodge caravan w/ 7 agm batts stock alt) but I don't have that much electrical I have 2 kinetic hc 1400s and 1 run of 1/0 on a stock Honda alt any opinions or info would be awesome (getting the amp for 200 w/ tool man dual 1/0inputs (going to be getting a nother run of 1/0 during tax time also)
  24. Hello all! This will be my first post on this forum. With that, I have a circa 2007 Alpine CDA-9851 that I run as the HU in one of my play trucks. Lately, I have noticed it will get stuck on "Pause" on the CD side, usually does this with multiple file MP3 discs. I can switch to Radio and it will play, but cannot get the unit to un-pause on CD. I can unhook the constant V+ and wipe the memory on the unit and it will start working again for a period. The acting up is erratic. The player is dated and i could easily replace, but what's the fun in that! Thanks in advance.
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBBZy0WWCqQ&feature=youtu.be 1 18 inch re gettin down in my minitruck s10 blazer, last vid before I recone both to fo and wall it, its currently running off of 1k alpine amp, it.gets pretty low, 8 cube box at 32 Hz, thanks for watching let me know what yall think ,everything is a work in the process,so excuse the mess;)
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