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Found 79 results

  1. Hey All, I have a Rockford Fosgate Power 750X (2002), that i'm trying to revive. I have it installed and running an old Boston Acoustics Rally Series 12". All old, but all sounding amazing. One thing missing is the bass knob that I had in my old car. Does anyone know anything that could help me get a new bass knob, Or wiring details to make my own! Please and thanks!
  2. My last system consisted of two Rockford p3 12s, a hifonics BRZ 1200 amp, and an obcon prefab box. They killed it in my Dodge Durango, sounded amazing. But after I sold that and bought a Honda Civic, I put them in there and I noticed the lower end of my bass sounded airy and was extremely quiet. What factors should I be looking at to fix this problem? New box? Tuning issue? Or does my car just not have enough airspace?
  3. Hey guys, im making a box for home theater purposes, and since it has a 0.51 qts, im thinking about 15-16 cubic feet after displacement, tuned to 15, 20 or 25 hz. What do you think for tuning? for home stuff, i was told big enclosures and super low tuning [like, under 25 hz] Edit: im doing a slot port
  4. i was looking at the rockford fostgate t1 12" sub and noticed the xmax. doesn't it seem a little small? i mean a little over half a mm lol also how much air space should i have if i wanted to put 2 of these in a ported box?
  5. Right now I have installed: JVC KW-V50BT Indash 2- 12in Rockford P3D4 powered by R1200.1D Cheap ported box 4ga OFC power 2- 5x7 Apline Type S, 2- 5x7 JBL GTO8629 powered by R400.4D Shuriken SK-BT45 As of 9/20/17: I'm laying down some fatmat 50mil in the trunk/backseat area. Skyhigh big 3 0ga upgrade Skyhigh 4ga OFC power and ground
  6. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  7. ok, so this is going to be a real slow build with no real progress until sometime next summer (hopefully June). going through a lot of changes at the moment with a whole lot going on. anyways list of equipment I already have (2) t2d415 (in storage different state) (2) punch pro 6.5 (installed) (2) punch pro tweets (installed) (1) t400.4 (installed) (1) pioneer 80prs (installed) (1) t1500.1bdcp (in storage different state) (1) 10 farad Rockford cap (installed) ( yeah ive heard about caps, personal exp it has helped slightly with keeping voltage up) enough Rockford 0/1 gauge to do 2 runs and big 3 (1 run installed no big 3 on this car yet) plenty of 16gauge for the doors (installed) should have enough 4gauge for the amps singer 250 amp alt ( currently sent back for repair and external regulator setup ) fuse holders/fuses hx2 power 12" for a temp setup im going to hopefully have a box for it and installed soon. things I still need batteries ( for sure either platinum diehard or kinetic for cheaper price but proven performance) either t2 or t3 component set 2nd t400.4 2nd t1500.1bdcp smd volt meter material for fiberglassing wood, nail gun, wood glue, liquid nails ( in general box building tools, materials ) 8gauge for speaker wire lots of sound deadener not a whole lot on that list some spendy items that will take time to get but it shall be done.. sooner or later... the plan is to do an all Rockford build with decent sq and great output. not building for the meter but if I can get up to a 148 I would be especially happy. going more for my personal enjoyment and dedication to a great hobby. performance build what i have (installed) aem cold air intake aftermarket exhaust manifold 2.5"? (looks last owner did it im gonna make changes) exhaust from manifold back tein lowing springs rear sway bar (looks kinda like an eibach but don't know, aftermarket for sure though. light weight pulleys ( going to put a stock crank pulley back on because of the harmonic balancer ) what to get kyb adjustable shocks and struts all new bushing through out the suspension engine and tranny mounts clutch/fly wheel minor head work maybe raise compression a bit tune appereance cant remember the name of the stuff right now but that paint that peels right off when you want to change colors... hid fog lights hid headlights ( have but not on this car yet ) carbon fiber hood (installed needs touch ups) carbon fiber hatchdoor ?maybe? tinted windows 18" enkie wheels (installed) ill have to use my phone to add pics give me sometime for pics. for some reason i cant paste to this forum, works with everything else on my computer just not this forum.
  8. So here is the idea. We got $2500 to spend this includes buying the car. Its kind of a challenge to our selves. Everything had to be purchased retail or used. No stuff at dealer cost. car must do 55's at between 29 to 33hz NOT a Burp setup. I will break it down to each item in a list as we get them and what we paid for each item for the build. Here is the list (1) The Car........................... After searching for about a month we came across the deal of a life time. a 1989 Honda CRX for $275 bucks the thing runs like a top... looks not so much. but it will do. (2) The sub amps.................Got 1 of four Shark 2500's for $60 used. still need 3 more. (3) The subs.........................Picked up 2 Eminent audio 1k 15's with burnt leads for $150 Repair for the leads is about $25 (4) The interior speakers...... (5) The Interior amp/amps....Execution Audio 60.4 $99 retail (6) Wood..............................4 Sheets of 12 ply birch @ $32 a sheet = $128 (7) Batterys.......................... ( Charging........................Singer 370 alt $549 (9) Wire................................ (10) Head Unit...................... (11) misc.............................. This will Be a wall type build have not decided if going to do a flat ported wall or a fourth order yet. leaning more two the fourth as of right now. So comment away
  9. the t5 RF 6.5" comps are MSRPed at $1700 why so freaking much. 150rms so im assuming 300rms for the pair. has anyone heard these in person? anyone actually own these?
  10. So ive set up my 3sixty.3 and it seems to work fine up to a certain point. Its in a 2010 mazda 3 using the stock head unit. The 360 finds the max volume at 53 out of 63, and everything seems to work very well whilst it is still hooked up the the laptop and the software is open, but once i disconnect the usb i can only turn up the head unit to 34-36 and it starts cutting out. Ive noticed it does it more in bassier songs but i doesnt help if i turn down the bass and midbass settings. There are no subs connected at the moment just a 3 wat front door setup. Anyone seen anything like this happen before??? Ive tried setting up the 360 with the max volume on the Headunit at about 32 but at that level i get alot of noise in the system. Cant seem to get around it. Spent last night fiddling with it, adjusting amp gains and 360 input gains but cant seem to get it to work properly. Reinstalled the latest software and reflashed the unit with new firmware. Still no change. Hope someone on here can give me some advise.
  11. Hi everyone! Here i am from holland again! This time with 2 systems! one Hertz and Rockford, another with Hertz and MB-quart (see post "chevy express build hertz and MB-Q") The difficulty with the Mazda build was that holland is so god'dá'm'n expensive, gasoline is 1.80 euro's (2.30 dollars) PER LITER! so i have a LPG tank (liquified petrol gas) . that is half of the space in my trunk, gone, poeff... So with all the space we had, we tried to get the most out of. Always watching every video of Steve, every video of amplified and 2 stupid guys (us) we did the following: - 50mm full copper wiring - 2x p2d2 12" - 1x P1000-1bd - pioneer 80prs headunit - 3x Hertz 2-way system EDIT: This is now 1x double 3way and 1x 2way. I also had a P1000X5 but just like most things from Rockford, it broke down (just like all 3 PEQ's i had till now, in 1 year) I tried to get the most Quality as possible, but still get some bass. Pictures say everything.. enjoy!:: Oh and in between the outside of the car a little bit..: Now the doors:
  12. My good friend Aaron, aka Psyph Morrison, has never had a real system in any of his cars before. If you don't know who Psyph is (pronounced Sife), look him up on itunes, spotify or any other music app out there. Youtube as well. I have known him over 10 years and even worked with him on his last 3 albums as an executive producer. Ok, now that is out of the way, the reason he is getting a system is because well, the entire time i have known him and worked with him making music, especially music with a lot of bass, he has never had a system of his own. I don't know anyone who has had more car issues than him so we really never made it to the discussion of a system. Not too long ago he picked up a 2002 Honda Accord 4 door. I knew right then he has a reliable vehicle finally. So i offered to slap some beat in it for him. Watching him pull up, slapping his own music in a (not so great) stock sound system was really bothering me. How can my boy ride around like that if he know's ME? Long story cut short...his car is at my shop for a few weeks while i figure out what i am going to do. I have NO "plans". I just want to get him some good equipment, set it up proper and make him happy! ****NOTE, anything you see here is subject to change as i am totally freestyling this. Trying to just make it work. First i stopped by Arden Audio in Sacramento Ca. They always have what i need in stock over there and if they don't i can get it same or next day. I decided to pick Psyph up a new head unit first and foremost. I also got the dash kit and wiring harness to go with it. Grabbed some SkyHigh 16ga OFC speaker wire to run to the doors. The system will consist of (so far) Pioneer DEH X7800 BHS Head Unit Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 (BASS) Rockford Fosgate Punch 300.2 (Highs) (2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12" subs (ported enclosure) (1) Set Rockford Fosgate T2 6.5" separates SMD Fuse / Grounding Blocks Mechman 1/0 OFC Power Wire Skyhigh 12 and 16ga Speaker Wire I already had a P300.2 but i got him a matching 1000.1 to go with it. These P3 12" subs are not brand new but might as well be. They are in brand new condition! They are my old ones. This box was already finished and just hanging around the shop. I KNOW it sounds good so it should do great in his trunk! The trunk floor is at an angle so i have to make a platform and flatten it out some so the box sits level.
  13. I have been looking around for a while to see if anyone is able to repair the 3isxty.2 Bluetooth issue as it seems Rockford doesn't do this anymore. I know its an old unit but I cant afford a 3sixty.3 right now and I have two 3sixty.2 both having the same issue. Unit works fine but no Bluetooth connectivity to make any adjustments so am stuck with whatever settings is currently stored in it. Any help would be appreciated, ideally I would love to do an exchange where you can fix both unit and keep one for payment but if not I would still pay for repairing one as long as its reasonable.
  14. Updated System Amp-Rockford T-1000.1 BDCP pushing 1568 Watts at 1 or 2 ohms. Subs- (2) Alpine type R 12's (dual 2) Radio-Pioneer DEH-3500UI Door speakers-Rockford Punch series 6.5"(2) and 4X6" (2) Wires-Tsunami 4AWG( soon to be Cadence 0AWG) Electrical-150 AMP alternator with upgraded battery Please comment anything that could be better or any helpful tips. or any pointers. Thanks!(:
  15. hey guys just gonna be designing a box pretty soon and was wondering what you're guy's recommendations are for amount of air space and port area is should be generally shooting for for 2 t1d212 subs in a ported box. they'll be ran of a T1500.1 and im thinking of a tuning around 32hz or so here's the subs specs http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/product_details.aspx?itemid=112877 any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. I have recently just purchased a Rockford Fosgate P3 12" inch sub. I want to build a box but not really sure if it's best to stay within the manufactures recommended dimensions of .75 to 1.25 for a sealed box. And then the subject of what provides better sound, from a box thats taller than long, or longer than tall. Then the subject of facing the sub towards the back seat or out into the trunk. Can some one help me out? I'm very knowledgeable to car audio, just not at going beyond manufacturers recommended volume and trunks.
  17. I drive a 2015 Toyota Corolla LE. Right now, I have everything stock except my sub and its amplifier. I have 2 12's Rockford's P2D4s powered by their prime amp that shoots 500x1 @ 2 ohms. The birth sheet says 619, so that's 309.5 to each sub when the two of them can take 400 RMS. With my back seat down, and my windows down a little, i get a small effect that i love. It's the massage effect, also it some how improves the sound. Now, I want to multiply that lovely feeling by like 10. So I have been having a problem with deciding, do I want to go to T1D412s at 800 RMS or T1D415s at 1000 RMS. If I do the former, I'll get a 1500 watt amp, i'm sure the birth sheet will show the RMS at around 1620 RMS. If I do the latter though, I thought of having 2 1000 watt amps. I've been told that's better than getting one 2000 watt amp. Anyways, what say you on that notion? FYI: I do plan on getting T1675s in my doors and T1693s powered by 300x4 rockford amp. What would your car audio priority be in this situation? Improve highs and mids first, or shoot for the upgrade (and final change of subwoofers). Thank you! Also, I do have an aftermarket, but it's in the closet for now.
  18. Hey everyone i am new to the site and forum i was wondering if anyone could help me out with any knowledge they have on the subject. I am building a custom build for my truck which is a 2000 silverado extended cab, and i cant find anything out there on what im looking for exactly. my goal is to build a ported box to specs for 4 Alpine 1043D subwoofers i would like the box to be ported and as loud as possible. I have a Rockford Fosgate t1500-1bdcp that is going to power the whole system and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a box that would fit my truck preferably on the bench seat in the back but i can take the bench out if push come to shove please help out if you can. Thanks. 517 Audio
  19. Good afternoon everyone. I'm new to the site but not new to Steve Made Designs at all. I have a 2013 Volkswagen CC and I'm in the process of putting a system in. I'm going with two Orion HCCA 12.4. I need some advice. Which AMP would be better on these subs and give the most power. The Sundown SVC-4000 or the DC Audio 4.0K. Also would I need to upgrade my alternator for this system, if so what kind? Thanks
  20. Hi, I recently purchased a used Rockford t0 15" off of eBay and the coils on it are black as black can be. The resistance is about normal as it is a dual 4 ohm sub and sits at 7.4 to 7.6 (I believe it was) at 8 ohms, and 2.2 at 2 ohms. The subwoofer is pretty stiff but does move without any scratchy noise/feeling. Is the sub perfectly fine? Are these coils different than others(black)? The previous owner claims that he ran the sub with a Hifonics Brutus amplifier, 1100 watts at 1 ohm, which is 800 at 2 ohms in a prefab ported box. The sub has a rated 800 watts rms. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated!!
  21. So heres the situation, I've had my two Rockford Fosgate T0D412s sitting on the rear seat of my 1997 dodge ram 1500 ext. cab for a year now in a 3.6 ft^3 box and decided it was time to make my install more presentable. I wan't to take out my center seat in the front and make a box that goes from the front to the back. I already know it will fit and have a rough idea of what I want but not sure which direction I should face the subs and port. Suggestions or anyone with experience with this type of box? Thanks in Advance
  22. UPDATE 12/3/12: Build finished, Feel free to scan through the forum and check the build out, New video on page 7. We took this job in at my shop. We've basically got a week to build this. Specs are below 4 RF T2 12's 2 RF T2500-bdcps 1 RF T600-4 RF t1 components RF t1 coax's Right now we're just in the planning stage. This build will fly by fast guys so stay tuned in! I've uploaded some "before" pics to show the truck at bone stock. Here we go guys! Time to see what kind of balls these T2's really have! 150+ ? Hairtricks?....maybe.
  23. I have two Sundown Audio SD-2 10D4s in a small sealed 0.6cuft per sub enclosure under the rear seat of my F150. I am running them 4 Ohm mono on an old school RF Punch 800aii amp. I just purchased a new Ford Fusion (daily driver w/better gas mileage than the F150) and want to build a dual ported enclosure for the Sundowns since I now have the room. I designed a ported net 1cuft per sub enclosure. Using a 33Htz tuning frequency with a 2.5" diameter port, I've calculated the port length to be ~10.32". A slotted port for the same tuning at 1" wide 11" high, I calculated a length of ~23.98". Now to my question, I found this Ground Shaker enclosure on Sonicelectronix for $79.95 free shipping! Materials for my box alone are nearly this price. It's an ideal volume, 1.10cuft per sub, the Sundowns displace 0.08cuft for a 1.02cuft net (SA recommends 1.0cuft for ported). The box is made from 11/16" mdf. I can't find the slotted port dimensions for this box. From the picture I approximated it's dimension to be 1" wide 11" high and 20-21" long. The box's depth is 17.5" and the port should be nearly 1 & 11/16" shy of that, (I'll use 16" to be easy). Then the port turns 90 degrees and continues what looks to be 4". Together that yields between 20" & 21" (adding 11/16" for thickness of the 90 degree turn). For a 1.02cuft box, I calculate a 1" x 11" slotted port 20.5" long would be tuned to ~35Htz. I just want some opinions, and my calculations checked. Thanks!
  24. Whats up everybody! This is my first thread on here and I figured I should make it a good one. lol So I'm makin it my build thread of my new project. Some of you may have seen my Ranger on youtube. http://www.youtube.c...ettrickscustoms Bunch of cool stuff on there ranger and otherwise much of comin. So anyway I dont take many pics when we work just vid. heres the system I had and a distance test.
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