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Found 6 results

  1. I was reading up on 6th order bandpass boxes and I ran across some patents. I found a lot of interesting design information in these patents, but no calculations. Whats the point you ask? To understand better how bandpass boxes function. Knowledge is power. Most of the patents have a lot of blah blah blah near the beginning of each patent since justifying the patent is first and foremost. Somewhere past halfway, each patent lists some design tips, tricks, rules, etc that are great and thats where the interesting portions begin. I recommend to have the attached pictures (at the beginning of the patent) opened on a second screen so that you can quickly reference the numbers identifying each component and its importance in each system. 4th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US2689016 Parallel tuned 6th order (Bose): https://www.google.com/patents/US4549631 Series tuned 6th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US4875546 Series and parallel-series tuned Nth order (8th and higher): https://www.google.com/patents/US7103193 Helmholtz Resonance, the concept that drives ported enclosures and all 4th, 6th, etc enclosures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmholtz_resonance I've been reading through these for a few days now trying to understand whats going on with these more complicated arrangements and I think some of you will benefit from the information in these patents. Enjoy.
  2. I have two Soundqubed HDS312's and I wanna build a custom enclosure for them. Im new to box building and couldn't seem to establish a proper design myself, so I was wondering if anyone on here could draw up a good box design preferably tuned to approximately 35hz. I would really appreciate it! They are 4 ohm dual voice coils, and I am gonna wire them down in parallel to 1ohm on a Taramps HD3000 :) I attached a file of what I got done on WINSID Pro, I know its not much but maybe it can help. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I'll give you further contact information. Soundqubed HDS312.wdr
  3. Has any one out there ever had 2 of MA Audio's HK4000D 's in parallel (strapped)?? Are they stappable??? Only thing in the Manual is under the features and controls section. says it has a parallel mode, but thats it. nothing else in the book. The only other thing showing anything is a sticker on the under side of the amp showing a wiring diagram for the parallel mode. Ive had this amp for many years and just got another. I Stapped them up how the diagram on the bottom of the amp shows. But they are Not working correctly. Like the amps are fighting each other. Diagram shows: Positive lead on both amps to the sub. no master/slave switch. and nothing on the negitive leads. plays this way. no protection light, but not correctly(horribly distorted and lack of power). Also the slave amp should have no control. but it does. I have un-strapped them and tested each one seperatly and they work fine not togethere. I also tried to add a jumper from negetive lead to negetive lead on the amps cause some require that, but it just puts them into protection mode. Back to running one now. Has anyone sucessfully Stapped these??? PLEASE HELP!!
  4. Okay so i have a fosgate t1500db wired to 2 12" w6v3 4 ohm 600watts rms each. Should i leave them wired individually at 4ohm to the amp or should i parallel them to 2 ohms to get more power? Or would i be over powering them?
  5. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knows and can explain the fundamentals of designing a parallel tuned 6th order. I have a solid understanding of how to design series tuned 6th orders but I feel the same principles used to design a series tuned 6th may not translate to designing a parallel tuned 6th. I did some researching and came across some information but nothing solid enough to begin creating a design so I figured I would ask here. The design is going to be for a 15" dual 2 ohm Fi SSD, ran in series seeing 1,000 rms. I have 10 + cubic feet of room to work with. The enclosure will be going behind the seats of a hatchback, firing towards the trunk, unloading off the rear of the car. The design I came up with for the series tuned 6th is 4 cubes @ 28 Hz and 6 cubes @ 56 Hz. My output goals are more focused on low end output, more so than getting as loud as possible, while still keeping this a daily set up. I wasn't sure if a parallel tuned 6th may help me better reach my output goals since the lower chamber would be firing into the car rather than inside the enclosure. Information I am unsure of with designing a parallel tuned 6th is how much port area I should go with for each chamber, how large (or small) I should make each chamber and what tunings I should (or could) use. I know with a series tuned 6th its ideal to keep tuning one octave apart. Not sure on the parallel designs. All things possible I'd like to effectively cover 26-28 Hz to ~60 Hz, but I know enclosures are all about trade off so I'm willing to sacrifice here or there to meet specific goals. Thanks guys, any help is appreciated.
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