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Found 147 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to this forum and i have quite the order for a question. To start off, I own a 2002 Nissan Xterra. I have replaced the head unit and speakers with pioneer products. I currently have 2 15" subs that i bought fro someone for a cheap price in the trunk. I am looking for a big upgrade. I want way more power and way more sound. Possible even hairtricks? I don't know a lot about subs, amplifiers, etc. so I would need to know everything I need to buy and do. My budget is 1,500 dollars, Whats the best I can do? Thanks!
  2. hello all! I am about to start work on a ported enclosure for a single 12" Rockford Power T1 (T112D4) ill mention some basic criteria i used to reach the current design and include photos of where im at in terms of planning, followed up by my questions. So criteria- space lost to box must be minimal while still offering proper volume for sub. sub must be front firing and either front/side ported. (this is to eliminate any chance of cone damage via stuff in the trunk. also would like a plexi viewing window. amp must be hidden and exposed wiring minimal. (clean look) current idea/design- as of now im aiming for a 2 cube (pre sub) aero ported enclosure tuned somewhere between 34-36 depending on input. and id like to venture into vinvl wrapping/ designs.i plan on buildiing the box out of 3/4"MDF , on the back side (trunk side) will be the viewing window and complicated wraps/designs. my questions are as follows 1) if im using 3/4" MDF and i router a 1/4" depth to inlay the design, will that compromise box strength for this single 12? 2) my viewing window will be 10ish inches in diameter, do i need 1/2", 3/4" or 1" thickness? 3) it is entirely possible that i could run the aero port through my rear center armrest into the cabin, effectively making this a blowthrough ,should that be done? thank you in advance for any input.
  3. Box help?

    Was wondering if you could help me out. Im trying to come up with a design for two NVX VCW 12s but all the calculators I used come out with diff results... I will be running on 2k NVX suggests 32hz with 1.85 cubes per sub, I would like them to play as low as possible without losing much output, my max space is 34"wide 23"depth 15"height would like the port in center between subs and on the same side as the subs thanks for your time.
  4. So just to state this is not a VS thread. I just want to know what the advantages or disadvantages of say running 2 12s that are 1k rms ea over say a single 12 at 2k rms or even a single 15 at 2k rms
  5. https://ibb.co/dxXUJF I got two dc level 4 15s im throwing in the back of my accent hatchback, as you can see all amps are wired up and ready to go, just gotta build box, but I cant figure out what would be best.. its going to be a big and tall slot port box, if port is to the rear it will only have like 4 or 5 inches clearance from hatch, i noticed walled off setups are always port and subs forward and sound great but also hear to always point it backwards... with my setup, what do you think would be best? after i build it, its gonna be hard to turn around and experiment so kinda have to do it on first try.
  6. FI audio n2 12"

    Hey guys looking for a FI audio n2 12 preferebly blown let me know
  7. Ive got a box designed for my 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab. The box is 9.0ft^3 and im putting 2 sundown x15's in it on 2 sundown 1500D's @1ohm. I have the box designed with 3 4" wide tube ports, and for tuning at 30hz, it was somewhere around 10 inches for each tube. Will this be enough port space for these subs? Im not exactly sure the requirements on the port size or area. I originally had a box designed for 2 DC level 4 15's, but decided I was going to go with sundown instead. The box size was 7.5ft, but now 9ft. Any suggestions on port size, will 3 4" ports be enough? Thanks for any help guys
  8. Sundown show 2017?

    I live in central NC, and there isnt much audio wise around here. The only big show in driving range for me is the Sundown show. I know they're out of Claremont, but where is the actual show at? I cant find anything on it for 2017. It may be the same as last year, but I just wanted to make sure. Also, if anyone knows of any audio shows around central NC or even NC in general, let me know. Thanks everyone
  9. I have a custom built sub box for four eight" subs. It's made from 3/4" birch and is internally braced and t-nuts used. Tuned to about 36 hertz depending on sub displacement. Dimensions are 18x20x34. It's about 3 cubes. Asking 150.00 Located in Michigan but will ship if buyer pays.
  10. Post your real or dream audio system below, I just wanna know what the community has. My real audio system--- 2 DC level 4 15's Custom box 3 4" aeroports 7 cubic ft tuned @30 2 Sundown sae1500D Alpine CDE-143BT 2 Alpine type r 6.5 componets 4 Crescendo PWX pro 6.5 2 Alpine Type r tweets 2 Alpine mrx-m110 Murdermat in all doors/back wall Skyhigh 0/1 awg runs Mechman 240A alt Skyhigh 18awg to door speakers JL rca's 2 XS d1600 My dream system--- 4 DC level 6 15's Walled box tuned @30 All Skyhigh/Certified Basshead wire 2 DC 10.0k 4 Crescendo neo 8" 6 Crescendo neo 6.5" 4 Crescendo ft1 DC amp/amps to power speakers 2 mechman 370A alts 4 XS lithium batteries Murdermat double layered everywhere custom dash If only I had the money/means for my dream system lol
  11. Hey guys i got 800 to get the baddest subs or sub out there. I have a Dc power 270 alt and a extra 802 cca battery my plan is to get another 2400 hifonics amp so 4800 watts total. Can my car suport this? I also want some 15s. Help me im overwhelmed with all the choices. Thanks guys!!! I also have a nissan altima so space is limited
  12. Hey everyone. I am getting ready to change up my system. Currently have one SA-12 D4 Rev.3 sub, pushing about 1000 watts to it on an oldschool Kole Audio amp. Looking at either buying a 2nd SA-12 or going with one X-12 V2 D4. My goal is for LOW bass and to move lots of air. I mainly listen to hip-hop. Should I go with two SA-12's or one X-12? These will be installed in a sedan with plenty of trunk room. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
  13. been awhile since i posted last, so here goes.. system run down 99 explorer sport 4.0 4x4 1 0ga power run to the back big 3 done in 0ga 1000ca battery up front optima yellow top in back grounds are to chassis with 0ga wire 2- brz1700.1 amps running 1 ohm per amp 2- soundqubed hds315 dual 2ohm 8cf box with a small octoport ( free box to start out with ) pionner avh280bt head unit pac lc-1 bass knob we did a 147.1db and clamped at 711rms per amp at 43hz. we did that on stock 95amp alt and since then installed a H/O 250amp. by ear seems a little louder, clamped it and is at 768rms at 14.5v on rear battery so gained a little.. have skyhigh 2/0 coming to replace the 0ga power run, hoping to get more voltage to the rear and up the rms again, will see come next weekend.. our delema is horrible box rise i was told so we are not getting close to rated from our amps. did a clamp test at .5ohm and got 646rms. have the plans and cut sheet for a spec box for these subs but am wondering a box change/ more port area could help the box rise and gain us rms? we are just starting out on the audio scene.. we have plans on building a 4th order b pillar wall and am curious on something. we could do a 4 hds315 4th order with our current amps. friend said it should be louder because of more cone area, or do a 2 hds315 4th order with a cab1600.1 or ta1.3000d amp at .5ohm.. curious on thoughts as we are doing our 2nd comp oct 1st.. and we are aiming for a 150. so spec ported box on more power, 4th with 2 subs on more power, or 4 15s in a 4th with our current amps and see how it goes..
  14. Ok hello all. I hope I am posting in the right area. I also know before I even ask that what equipment to get is personal preference. But I have been out oft the game so long I really don't know what to get. I want to start building my system and I have no clue what equipment is good, what is bad. Etc. to give back ground I was running Lanzar vibe and bostwick subs. Yea it been a min. But I am looking to build another system but am unsure of equipment quality. Just looking for suggestions on what's good and what's bad. like I know the brands out there... Sundown, re, Memphis, db drive etc. but I also know amp some company's over rate there amps and subs. Just wanting to make sure I get what I pay for. Thanks in advance Thomas
  15. 4 Lengths of 2 ft 1 Length of 2 ft 9" 1 Length of 3 ft 1 Lengths of 15ft 6" 8 ANL Fuses (300x2)(250x5)(100x2) Inline ANL fuse holders Approx 100ft Speaker wire (14 Gauge) Mixed Bag of 0 Gauge, 4 Gauge, 8 Gauge and Speaker Terminals/Crimps 1 Set of Monster Battery Terminals RCA Adjustable Line Output Converter Set of 0 Gauge Ground Terminals Set of 90degree RCA adapters $50+shipping for everything in BOLD above. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SEPARATE IT! No trades. IF YOU'RE LOCAL TO NASHVILLE YOU CAN CHECK THE STUFF OUT IN PERSON IF YOU LIKE
  16. FU Audio

    I'm looking into getting 2 FU audio 750 12s. I've got a box that is 4 cubic foot tuned to 28 hz and I'm curious to how they would sound in that box. The manufacture sheet says tune to 33-35 hz so I'm jw if they will play 28 down to about 24 good?
  17. Need some help, I can't seem to get winisd to cooperate, joe x helped me last time and I love the box, I can do small hair tricks off of 2-10" ab xfl @2200 rms in a mustang so here is what I have to work with in my daily driver 97 2 dr s-10 blazer 2-15 orion xtr154d dvc wired to 2ohm sub specs are fs:24.5 vas:4.377 ft3 qms:12.044 qes:0.51 qts:0.495 re:7.20 z:4 xmass:12.075 rms:750 speaker diplacment:0.145 ft3 mounting depth:8.54 in each sub has it own identical amp at around 600rms @ 2ohm should the box be divided because of this? ther're going into the back of a 2dr blazer the room I have is 37" wide 22" deep 19" tall subs up / port back trying to tune somewhat low, trying to make the subs breath also I'm not keeping these subs for too long, maybe through summer if they last, will be upgrading at some point ANY help would be great, I can cut and build, just not the best with the math, Thank you
  18. I plan on upgrading soon and getting another 15" TNT. I will wire them to 1 ohm on a 2,000W RMS Soundstream amp. Probably will also get a XS battery to replace my factory battery and hope that is powerful enough. Anyways, I have designed a box with roughly 7 cubes of airspace. The port is 7"x15.5", slot port, that is about 32" long for a 32Hz tuning. I was wondering if I should decrease or increase the port area? And if I should consider more bracing? Any advice is appreciated. Also, I will make it a double baffle on top.
  19. Subs Cutting out

    When i am listing to music and the bass drops heavy sometimes the subs stop... then i change the song and they come back on.. this is while im driving Maybe i have a loose wire somewhere? any ideas
  20. Hi guys, looking for subs for a new system I will be building. I will be using a Rockford Fosgate Prime R1200-1D to power both subs wired in parallel. Basically I'm asking is the Rockford fosgate's worth double the price of the alpines, and will the type r's be ok running at 600 w rms? Please note I'm in the UK so prices may be different to the U.S. Thank you
  21. I was hoping someone could tell me what they think of this enclosure I want to put in my SUV. Keep in mind that I want this setup to be more musical but still turn heads on low notes. Also keep in mind that there will be 2 Fi Bl 15's running off a sundown 3000. Will this be what im looking for? or is it too low for music? I was going for 10 cubes @ 30hz. It has 154in of port area (15.45in per cube) and the subs will face up with port out the back. Box Height: 22' Box Width: 48' Box Depth: 28' Port Height: 20.5' Port Width: 7.5' Port Length: 36' Sub Displacement: 0.42 Bracing Displacement: 0.21 Port Volume: 4.04 ft^3 Port Area Per Cube: 15.45in^2 Port Area: 153.75in^2 Net Volume: 9.95ft^3 Tuning Frequency: 30.00hz Any input is appreciated Thanks.
  22. I have 6 jbl 12 inch subs and I'm trying to wire all them to a mono block sound magus. They are single voice coil. I'm trying to wire at 2.67 ohm. Can someone help me with this
  23. hey everyone, i have a question that im just trying to get an opinion on. so, i have a 2000 blazer with the stock alt still (yes i know laugh it up LOL). but i have done the big 3 with skyhigh 1/0 OFC. i have just an average duralast battery up front, and an XS power D4700 in the rear. all wiring in shca 1/0. the rear battery is grounded to where the rear seats bolts to the frame/floor, is that a good ground? Im running an AQ2200 @.7 ohms. my voltage drops to mid 11s. is that to be expected with the batteries and wiring i have? do you guys think i need an HO alt for this amp or just a few extra batteries? thanks!
  24. help with subs...

    OK to start off over the past month I have been saving/buying new/used equipment for my competition build that I am working on that's going into my 2000 Ford Taurus. The first sub pictured below is a custom built 12" Fi Bl and the other 2 subs are a pair of dual 2 ohm Sundown Audio Sa-12s that I bought from a member on here as well as the Rockford Fosgate T1500 -bdCP amp that will be powering the subs. 12" Custom Fi BL Dual 1.5 ohm 1500 rms *FI BL motor *TI Basket *Sundown Zv2 cone *2 stiff linear 10" spiders *D1.5 ohm flat wound 8 layer coil *Genesis Carbon Fiber Dust Cap I have already had the custom 12" Fi Bl hooked up on the Rockford and it gets way loud but I have no idea how loud it is when it comes to a dB meter since I don't own one. What should I do from here? I thought about selling the BL and getting one more sa-12 and building another ported box for all 3 facing the cabin. I had the box for the custom Fi rear facing along with the port rear facing. What should I do from here? Just get another SA-12 and get rid of the BL? Thanks to all that reply, any and all help is much appreciated
  25. Rockford Fosgate is giving SMD members a 1st look at technology explanations for their new 2015 T1 Slim 10"/12" subwoofers, Power T2 13"/16" subwoofers, and Power T3 superwoofers. We know SMD members know what goes into making a subwoofer, so we're excited to show this exclusive content explaining the science behind Rockford Fosgate's engineering methods. We encourage and look forward to your constructive feedback.[/size] https://youtu.be/ocu6v1KcmwI