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Found 9 results

  1. When i am listing to music and the bass drops heavy sometimes the subs stop... then i change the song and they come back on.. this is while im driving Maybe i have a loose wire somewhere? any ideas
  2. Hey everyone I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jason and I'm new to the forum , but been reading SMD forums for awhile now. I'm stuck right now as to which subwoofers I should buy. I have a 1994 mercury cougar(my beater car lol)currently I'm running 2 15inch PA mofos in a slot ported box with sub's and port firing towards front of car and sealed off from the rest of my trunk. I'm powering the sub's with a hifonics brz2400 at 1ohm. Anyway the mofos get kinda loud but sound like s**t doing it, so I'm starting from nothing again. A friend I know runs an audio shop and he's willing to sell me 2 Sound Stream Ta1.3000d for 400$ for both amps, their rated at 3000rms @.5ohm and [email protected] 1ohm, I'm hoping they will at least push 2000rms each at .5ohm with a 250amp alt and 2 extra batteries on each amp. I will be building a new box but because I'm gonna run the new sub's firing forward also I will need to do aero ports in order to get enough port area and my box width is limited. I have a budget from 300$ to 350$ for each subwoofer. Here's what I've been looking at so far and any of your opinions r welcome. OK so 15 inch woofer choices. Soundqubed HDC3.0, Sundown X-15(lil bit over budget), American Bass XFL 15, American Bass HD 15, Massive Audio Hippo they have very high 97db sensitivity idk, or Psi Audio platform 2 upgraded version. I plan on building box specs according to the sub I end up with and I can get up to 12 cubes of box in my trunk but I don't think box will be wide enough for a slot port the maximum width can be 38.5 inches, max height of 16 3/8 and I can go up to 48inches deep, I planned on 2 aero ports sub's firing forward with a port at top of box between the sub's and 1 port at bottom between the subs. I listen to a lot of rap I'm just lookin to get as loud as possible with some decent sound quality and box tuned around 34 or 35hrtz. Thanks a lot I'm very interested in your opinions I've been trying to choose new sub's for 2 weeks now lol.
  3. Hi all, Iv got an old pair of some Energy ESM-2's from 1988. I recently replaced the foam on them, only to have the voice coils on them go not long after. Since I cant find the brochure or manual online, Ill tell you as much as I can about them. They have an 8" woofer, the speakers are rated for 100w RMS, I imagine the crossover can't handle much more. Cut out diameter is 7 1/8" with the outside edge of the cut out being 8 1/4". Box dimensions are 23 3/8 x 10 1/2 x 11 1/8 (H,W,D), outer dimensions. 3/4" MDF. Box volume is 1894 cu in. It has a 2" diameter port located beneath the woofer, it is 3 1/8" deep. The box contains a wool stuffing, this makes the box "appear" bigger to the woofer, correct? x-over is 2000hz. Could anyone shed some light on some good 8's out there? I looked into Dayton audio, but the reference series are too big for the hole and I don't have the tools to make it any bigger. I'd also like to stay away from paper cones. I'd like to keep it under 100 CAD per woofer. Cheers, Nick
  4. We are proud to announce our entry into the subwoofer market. We are on pre-order right now, they will be shipping by Oct 15th. The AF (Alta Fedeltà) series of woofers have been optimized for very small sealed or medium sized ported enclosures. They were designed for the highest sound quality in the smallest space. All of the drivers in this series feature: • Aluminum cones, aluminum dust caps, and aluminum voice coil formers for maximum heat transfer from the voice coil to the cone. This helps keep the voice coil cool during high output. • Rubber surround for long life • Tinsel leads woven through spider to minimize unwanted mechanical noise and increase durability • Single 4 ohm voice coil to minimize moving mass and lower distortion • Triple shorting rings to minimize distortion • Nickel plated binding posts • Each driver individually tested before it ships • Detailed Speaker Performance Report with T/S parameters FOR THAT SPECIFIC DRIVER ships with each unit. (An industry first) Sample Performance Report All the info you could want here: http://damoreenginee...subwoofers.html SPY PIC!
  5. No need to say. 4 12s in the back would be outright dumb... So ill do what you guys recommend. 2 12s in the trunk in a good box. That way I can focus on upgrading the door speakers ect. Anyways though. I still dont know how to build the port on the box. Ive uses box calculators and know my sizes but it really confuses me. And any help on how to do so or maybe a diagram you could throw at me would be great guys. By the way in need 3 cubes at 30 hz I think would be pretty good good. This is my first box build. Anyways any replies would be very greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone I know sundown audio website provides the recommended enclosure 20x 14 x 20 32 hz. However it not working out for my trunk, So I was looking at something with longer depth maybe 17 x 14 x 22. however I have no idea how to do the whole math for port length to get gross volume etc. I tried with RE audio box calculator and 12volts.com but just don't completely understand. skar audio 1500.1 --- single 12 sd zv3 trying to get the best in both world, sq and spl. 35hz? thanks in advance !!!! your input is much appreciated!! simon
  7. Hey everyone I'm new here so I hope I'm posting my question in the right place. I have a 1994 mercury cougar with 2 Power Acoustic Mofos in a 9 cube ported box firing towards my back seat and sealed off from the trunk. I need helping choosing a set of sub's, Im going to stay with 15inch sub's firing the same way but I am building a new box for the new sub's I get. I will be powering them with 2 Sound Stream tarantula ta1.3000d they are rated for 2500rms at 1ohm and 3000rms at .5ohm. I plan on running them at 1ohm each. I'm hoping I can get at least 2000rms out of each amp with the right electrical upgrades and I'm getting a sweet deal for both so they will have to do for now. The subwoofers I've been looking at are 2 soundqubed Hdc3.0's, 2 sundown X-15's(little bit over budget),2 AB XFL 15's, or2 AB Hd's. Enclosure size isn't a problem and I would like to get very loud with some decent sound quality at least and stay within 300$ to 350$ per subwoofer, I've been leaning more towards the HDC's or the X-15's although I read American Bass has good subwoofers. So what do u guys think and I'm open to others brands too. Thanks
  8. hey guys new to the smd forums, just got back into car audio and getting old, prob my last system so far i have a 01 tahoe, 4 sundown sa12s d4 on a cresendo 3500d, custom built box sky high wiring, so far have 1 duracell agm battery plan to get 2nd one very soon. i have lots of questions and look forward to hearing you guys advice. have not metered yet, as my local shop did not even know what ofc wire was or agm batteries....planning on 150s. looking to make some car audio friends
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