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Found 61 results

  1. The annual Spring OSS Meet was held on May 18th in Wake Forest, NC. This video covers some of the day and also 3 demos from OSS members including fellow YouTube Star EXOcontralto! Such a fun day, thanks to all who were able to attend! Check out the Dark Audio Industries 12" subs: https://is.gd/darkai12 See cool old school stuff for sale at https://is.gd/legendsofcaraudio EXOContralto on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EXOcontralto HiFiVega on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hifivega
  2. hello everyone I recently bought two massive hippo xl 64's.I have a old 99 gmc c1500 pickup and was thinking of doing a center console box for them , but instead of building the normal ported box, I was thinking of using a passive radiator,or radiators.I don't know if this is a good woofer for this app,I havent checked the woofers qts or t/s specs at all yet.Just thought i would run it by you guys and see what everyone thought.Opinions or pros and cons welcome.Thanks
  3. So this last Friday I was robbed of my subwoofers. Nothing special, just two Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 subs running off a Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 amplifier (I still have everything but the subs). I'm looking to get a new pair of subs for my 2009 Acura TL and was open to suggestions. I'm not looking to get to crazy in my budget but I'm looking to stay in the 1000w @1ohm (total) range. I honestly like the way the Apline Type R sound and I have one in my work car ported at around 34hz that slams pretty good but I'm ot set on buying a pair just yet. But anything in the same price range is fine by me. I'm also running this all off a stock system tuned through a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 DSP (that I'm beginning to hate for tuning reasons) and am also looking to get it tuned nicely for whatever I get if anyone can help with that. My door speakers arent the best out there but I have Polk Audio DB series all around for mids and highs also running off a 4ch Rockford Fosgate amplifier. Anyways any help all around is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, You guys probably see a lot of stupid questions in here and this might be one, but I gotta ask. So I got a rockfordfosgate 12" dual punch P2 sub/s and two amps, there is only one input on the enclosure. I got this setup from my sister and as of now the amps seem hooked up(I have barely touched it from one car to the other, only ran the wires as they were), but I feel like it lacks the expected punch it should have. Currently the two amps I have is one rockfordfosgate amp and another unknown 1500 watt amp(Dont remember the names so will edit them in later when I check.). They are wired as shown in the pic, I feel like this is not the correct way as it seems illogical and thats why I need help. How SHOULD it be wired so I can fix it?
  5. All, I want to build a box for my 2 HDC4 18s and want to make sure I get it right. I already have them in my Tahoe and they get down on a Dave The Box Guy enclosure. When I reached out to Dave, I gave him dimensions that were way too small because I needed some cargo space at the time. He made me a beautiful box, 8.5cuft at 34Hz. The problem lies with the 8.5 cubes, SQ specs call for 12cubes, soI'm turning to the SMD community to help me design it. My electrical is fine, dual alt bracket with DC Power 370A solely for audio and 2 Crescendo 31 Group batteries. My Amp is a Q1-3500D.1. I really like how clean my current box sounds and the fact that it plays below 30Hz with no issues. I know SQ calls for higher tuning so I was thinking 37 Hz or maybe higher provided I can still play the low end stuff well, down to 27-28Hz. Also I'd prefer Subs UP/Port BACK. I just want to see what the 18s will do on proper airspace and higher tuning. Hopefully a few more DBs. Basically same clean sound, but louder. I am a decent carpenter so building the design will not be an issue. What I have to work with: 2005 Chevy Tahoe Width: 49in Height: 24in Depth: 27in Port Tuning: 37Hz *Please read the full post for more details* Port Type: Slot port I know there's some awesome designers here and any help is appreciated. I can provide any other details I may have left out. Juan777
  6. Hey guyz just bought a new car and want a budget subwoofers to put in her ass xD Whos up for suggestion?
  7. So I am in need of a amp because mine is just plain bad... Higher bass notes sound muddy and distorted and I really want some good SQ. Money is an issue so i was looking around and found this http://www.savinglots.com/lotprod.asp?item=STL1.600D&gclid=CjkKEQjwqsCcBRDt7_Gts5a91YYBEiQAm-wYEaeYHXj6tqMFNVuKrxDvAt0rGJxgwUnSfGE0ml9IW77w_wcB . Which is a Soundstream STL 600.1. Would this amp match well with JL Audio W1v2-4 12's? In a sealed enclosure? Thanks for your help:)
  8. So, I have these 2 Alpine SWS-15D2 woofers that I have in a living room in separate 3.0 cu ft boxes (a bit too large) and I'm looking for a better way too power them. Each has a 500W RMS rating and right now I am using a 1000W computer power supply unit connected to an Audiobahn AMA24002 (600W RMS x 2 channels). Are there any receivers out there that can provide the wattage necessary to power the speakers without having to wire together a bunch of components in a tacky, ghetto fashion? Thanks
  9. Hey I was wonder If any of you guys had any experience with DAD subs. I was thinking about getting an 8 inch KMH just for fun. My question is Do they have lots of excursion like the sundown sa 8, do they Handle the wattage they say they do and is it an over all good sub for the price. tI know it say 400rms and 700 peak i was thinking bout running it on 500rms.
  10. Alright so after doing a bunch of research on here, I thought I'd get some opinions on this box build. I just want a simple design (L Port seems best) built to the specs of the subs. This box is for two Sundown E8v3's. The subs need between 0.5-0.75 cubic feet each. This is what I have come up with on Torres. Height - 12 Width - 30 Depth - 11.5 Port Dimensions Height - 10.5 Width - 1.75 Length - 24 Woofer Displacement - 0.1 Common Port Walls - 3 When I put that all in, I get a net volume of 1.36cubic feet, tuned frequency of 35.78 and a port area per foot of 13.51. I know I could of hit print screen but it wouldn't let me post it. I would also put up the screenshot from the Re calculator for a quick visualization, but again, that didn't work for me. I want to also ask, is a 1.75 inch port too small? It is the largest port size I could go with to get a tuned frequency of around 35Hz. Another questions is will it make any difference to put the subs on the top instead of the wall with the port? I just want to do this so with the space left in the trunk, I can still put stuff in there without anything hitting the woofers. This will be my first build so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. So my 16th birthday is in 4 months. My car is an 06 Toyota Camry (clean and almost new!) My dilemma is that I want to find the best pair of 15 inch subs to install for under $300 and I'm deciding whether to put two Alpine type type r 15's or two Kicker L3 15's. I'm planning to wire the Alpines to a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D and then if I get the kickers I would wire them to a Hifonics 1400 watt amp instead. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm installing my whole system myself, so any suggestions for good wiring kits and etc are appreciated.
  12. My good friend Aaron, aka Psyph Morrison, has never had a real system in any of his cars before. If you don't know who Psyph is (pronounced Sife), look him up on itunes, spotify or any other music app out there. Youtube as well. I have known him over 10 years and even worked with him on his last 3 albums as an executive producer. Ok, now that is out of the way, the reason he is getting a system is because well, the entire time i have known him and worked with him making music, especially music with a lot of bass, he has never had a system of his own. I don't know anyone who has had more car issues than him so we really never made it to the discussion of a system. Not too long ago he picked up a 2002 Honda Accord 4 door. I knew right then he has a reliable vehicle finally. So i offered to slap some beat in it for him. Watching him pull up, slapping his own music in a (not so great) stock sound system was really bothering me. How can my boy ride around like that if he know's ME? Long story cut short...his car is at my shop for a few weeks while i figure out what i am going to do. I have NO "plans". I just want to get him some good equipment, set it up proper and make him happy! ****NOTE, anything you see here is subject to change as i am totally freestyling this. Trying to just make it work. First i stopped by Arden Audio in Sacramento Ca. They always have what i need in stock over there and if they don't i can get it same or next day. I decided to pick Psyph up a new head unit first and foremost. I also got the dash kit and wiring harness to go with it. Grabbed some SkyHigh 16ga OFC speaker wire to run to the doors. The system will consist of (so far) Pioneer DEH X7800 BHS Head Unit Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 (BASS) Rockford Fosgate Punch 300.2 (Highs) (2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12" subs (ported enclosure) (1) Set Rockford Fosgate T2 6.5" separates SMD Fuse / Grounding Blocks Mechman 1/0 OFC Power Wire Skyhigh 12 and 16ga Speaker Wire I already had a P300.2 but i got him a matching 1000.1 to go with it. These P3 12" subs are not brand new but might as well be. They are in brand new condition! They are my old ones. This box was already finished and just hanging around the shop. I KNOW it sounds good so it should do great in his trunk! The trunk floor is at an angle so i have to make a platform and flatten it out some so the box sits level.
  13. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have 2 kicker solobaric L7 15's with 2 planet audio bb2400.1 strapped together. i have the subs in a probox which is 4 cubic feet per sub plus port. i believe it is tuned at 45 hz. i know these subs get louder and kicker says to do 6 cubic feet per sub plus port but im new to port tuning and have no clue on how to do this. Also i want it to be musical cuz its a daily driver. i have my system in a 05 tahoe so i have room. i was told to face them up and the port towards the back. Can anyone help me with how to build the box, with measurements along with port size? i would appreciate any help you guys can give me.
  14. Hope you like the video. There are only the most massive car audio systems in the world which are showed really well on the camera. This is the bass comunity which is joining us together (sorry for bad english) . Enjoy the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNYge3fWDMM
  15. need help have to sundown audio 18 z4 with a 4300 rms amp when I pay one song beating hard I smell the voice coils bad its been in my truck 2 weeks can somebody tell me why im still smelling the voice coils
  16. We are proud to announce our entry into the subwoofer market. We are on pre-order right now, they will be shipping by Oct 15th. The AF (Alta Fedeltà) series of woofers have been optimized for very small sealed or medium sized ported enclosures. They were designed for the highest sound quality in the smallest space. All of the drivers in this series feature: • Aluminum cones, aluminum dust caps, and aluminum voice coil formers for maximum heat transfer from the voice coil to the cone. This helps keep the voice coil cool during high output. • Rubber surround for long life • Tinsel leads woven through spider to minimize unwanted mechanical noise and increase durability • Single 4 ohm voice coil to minimize moving mass and lower distortion • Triple shorting rings to minimize distortion • Nickel plated binding posts • Each driver individually tested before it ships • Detailed Speaker Performance Report with T/S parameters FOR THAT SPECIFIC DRIVER ships with each unit. (An industry first) Sample Performance Report All the info you could want here: http://damoreenginee...subwoofers.html SPY PIC!
  17. One of my cars is a BMW 325 convertible E46... I have about 14h x 16d x 29w under the convertible storage without taking up much of my actual trunk space... I’m looking for LOW bass, not necessarily Loud bass... I have a single Kicker 10-inch L7 in 1.73cuft now and I can put two in that box... but AM open to suggestions as long as I don’t lose too much trunk space either sealed, or ported tuned to 25-28hz thanks looking for flat to 24Hz... Can it be done... the challenge it out there!
  18. Right now i'm running 2"JL basswedge and want more power but for a good price ($700) and a good name what should i be looking at?
  19. So I was stupid and decided to get caught driving my car while drunk. I blew a .21 and got arrested. I now have to take a class and hopefully be able to negotiate a better charge. I have to sell my subwoofers The first thing I have to pay costs $200. This is the worst thing ever. I get it sounding like I want and now I have to wave bye bye. You guys can troll all you want. Just letting you guys know, ill be driving around with an empty trunk :/
  20. Hey whats up everyone! So last summer I ran 2 American bass hd 12s on a banda 3500. The subs are now sold and I'm looking to upgrade. Do you guys think I would get louder running 4 AB XFL 10s on a Taramps 4k? Any suggestions on upgrades? Thanks!
  21. Quick question im having a box built for 2 SA 12's i wanted to know if this box would be good enough for the subs. 1 blow through box for 2 sa-12's 30 1/2(w) x 17 1/2 (D) x 15 1/2 (H) 1.6^ft net per sub tuned to 33Hz. do u this that would be good with a DC 3.0K tuned w/ the SMD DD1
  22. The first few pages are crap, ive come a long way since then... the good stuff starts on page 7!! Here is what i have in it now! 1 ArcAudio KS600.2 for the mids 1 ArcAudio KS300.2 for the tweets 1 ArcAudio KS2500 for the subs. 2 AQ SDC2.5 15" 8 AQ 6.5's 6 AQ super tweets big 3 upgrade Mechman 270amp alt custom box custom dash with pioneer touchscreen custom doors with 7 speakers each! the first time i got it home, the only time this baby will be completely stock.. haha this is how it looks now ...... changed out the fogs, put 4100k lights in the headlights and painted the radiator black. next was the tail lights... stock sanded down, stock first coat second coat back in with only two coats, ill have to put some clear over it but i didnt have any at the time.
  23. trying to do a build for a 1980 impala. looking to order 3 of these ssa gcon 15s. i wanna put em in a sealed box though. i dont like the sound of ported. i have two of the old rockford fosgate 1001bd (2005). im trying to see if anyone used these subs in a sealed box and their opinions. all info and ideas are welcome. thanks in advance
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