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  1. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and would appreciate all the feedback I can get! Decided to go with sundown because of all the positive reviews and great community! Anyways I want to build something that will give me the bump I am looking for in my daily driver. I had 2 15 kicker l7s previously with rated rms. This will be for a 2012 chevy Tahoe with alot of room to work with. After tons of research I have decided I really like the X series. I am thinking about ordering 2 x15's with an either sundown4000.1 or the skar 4500.1 (little cheaper) (student loan life) and building a custom ported box to spec. Now with it tuned correctly and installed correctly, do you guys recommend upgrading electrical for this set up? All feedback is greatly appreciated, and suggestions are welcomed.
  2. Hey guys i got 800 to get the baddest subs or sub out there. I have a Dc power 270 alt and a extra 802 cca battery my plan is to get another 2400 hifonics amp so 4800 watts total. Can my car suport this? I also want some 15s. Help me im overwhelmed with all the choices. Thanks guys!!! I also have a nissan altima so space is limited
  3. HHHHHEEELLLPPP!!!! So Im planning a build for myself Iv been helping a buddy out with His comp van For the last 2 years.. Now its time for my daily I'm not going for anything to crazy just a little Flex, It will be going in back of a 04 ex,Box will be around 17cf give or take with slot port, I want to have the Sub reverse. I already got 0g ran and Big 3 installed..My budget is 2k So now it's time for Your basshead thought's I was wanting to get some Info About these brands And if they would be a good fit to my daily... ssa Evil 18s SQ HDC4 18s Crescendo Audio contralto 18
  4. I am looking to buy a single 15" subwoofer. I want something that excels at the 30hz-20hz range for under around $640 USD. Sundown is what i want but the shipping to australia always costs WAY too much. Also FI Car Audio does not ship to australia. The Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 costs $360USD + $100USD Shipping and seems to be what i'm looking for but people keep bad talking it. The amp i am getting is a 3200W hifonics amplifier so a higher wattage subwoofer would also be good if it can be found for the price. Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands to look into?
  5. I'm looking into getting 2 FU audio 750 12s. I've got a box that is 4 cubic foot tuned to 28 hz and I'm curious to how they would sound in that box. The manufacture sheet says tune to 33-35 hz so I'm jw if they will play 28 down to about 24 good?
  6. Hey guys i just acquired a sa 8 and after reading many post about it i wanted to try a rear horn design . Can anyone direct me to past post with this design or assist me in the specs for this build . Guys will this t-line work well for my sa-8 if i just add a spacing ring to take up the depth of the sub . Please share some advice on this .
  7. Hey whats up everyone! So last summer I ran 2 American bass hd 12s on a banda 3500. The subs are now sold and I'm looking to upgrade. Do you guys think I would get louder running 4 AB XFL 10s on a Taramps 4k? Any suggestions on upgrades? Thanks!
  8. Having some questions on a dual amp setup.. I'm wanting to run 2 Soundstream ta1.3000d on 2 PSi platform 3 15. The amps are rated: 3000 rms @ .5 ohm 2500 rms @ 1 ohm Subs are the dual 2 ohm direct connect PSi 15s rated at 3000 watts rms. I've never personally installed two amps before so my question is how would i run the rca's and then how to wire the voice coils to the amps? Any help is appreciated!
  9. I'm new to using subwoofers. i want to get 4 15inch subwoofers for a surburban. What is the best brand to get for subwoofers and amps. And should i have someone build a box to fit all four or should i do two boxes two in each.
  10. i wanted to know which subwoofer brand is the best kicker or dc audio or any other brand??, i have the following amplifier with me of 1000 rms if i install a sub of more than 1000rms for e.g. 1200 or 1400 , will it under perform compared to a sub of exact 1000rms installed on MY amplifier(1000rms)???? money is it not issue please suggest good subs of 15 inch !! and the 15 inch sub should be of 2 ohm or 4 ohm???what would be the difference performance wise??
  11. Hey everyone I have been coming to SMD for a long time to do research and have finally broke down and created an account to both contribute and hopefully get a better understanding on things when needed. As my topic title suggests I am interested in hearing from some other members with their experiences switching from the big name mainstream companies subs to using the more audio enthusiast/underground names products advertised here. I understand the forum rules on not allowing which is louder posts and I do not want this topic to be just that simple. I have installed numerous subwoofer systems in my personal vehicle as well as close friends vehicles over the years. Out of these systems or systems I have heard in person for that matter not a single one of them have had any subs installed from brands other than JL, Kicker, Rockford, Pioneer, Dual, Alpine, or Memphis. I am looking into upgrading my current system and want to hear from others that have been in my position themselves so that I can better gauge if investing the money into these partner brands will make a huge difference. The differences I am looking to achieve doing this is: Better power and thermal efficiencies, better sounding and smoother frequency responses, A more durable speaker, excursion capabilities (move more air in general), and finally getting louder! I understand there are a ton of variables that affects the above in the individuals particular application (the vehicle itself, the source signal, the power being provided from the electrical system as well as the amp, wires, and arguably the most importantly the box the speakers in) Assuming that all of the variables are constant across both installs and everything is a perfect scenario (not realistic) would these Partner brands excel in every way? I want to justify spending the money and hearing it for myself but that's just not realistic as my current system works. Like many others I want my system louder, cleaner sounding, more durable, all while not causing serious risks of damage from daily use at higher power. I hope this post falls within the rules and if it doesn't feel free to remove it. I am looking forward to hearing from others that have taken the leap and what you achieved by doing so. My current system: 2011 Chevy Cruze LS Big 3 Upgrade (140amp Alt) XS Power D3400 Secondary Battery (Isolated) Knukonceptz Kolossus Flex 0/1 Gauge OFC Wire (Battery & Amp) Knukonceptz Kolossus Flex 8 Gauge OFC Speaker Wire Audiocontrol Epicenter Bass Processor Alpine MRX-M240 Amplifier (CEA Compliant Benched @ 2652watts rms on 2ohm load 2x Alpine SWR-12D4 12" Subwoofers Wired to 4ohm load (Aprox 750 watts rms per sub) Prefabricated box: Attrend Bbox E12DV (Alpine Recommended) Factory Radio The box and type r subs are what I'm looking to upgrade, everything else is being left as is. I do plan on buying 2 12" dual 2 ohm subs this time to maximize my amp output but I just want to feel confident moving forward that changing to a different brand will be the night and day difference it seems everyone makes it out to be. I look forward to everyone's insight. Thanks in advance!
  12. need help have to sundown audio 18 z4 with a 4300 rms amp when I pay one song beating hard I smell the voice coils bad its been in my truck 2 weeks can somebody tell me why im still smelling the voice coils
  13. Hello all....Well, I decided I would start a build log. I am going to be walling off my 1997 Honda Civic. For equipment I will be using 4 sundown sa 12s on 2 hifonics brutus 2100s. the wall will have an interchangeable port in the middle of the wall. 2x4's, birch plywood, and fiberglass is my choice of materials..... Lots of 2x4's lol. I am open to any advice........ always willing to learn. Hope you all enjoy the progress. I will be posting lots of pics:) Also check out my YouTube channel: I will be posting updates and wall build footage on my YouTube channel. well here's my car. Equipment for the build. (sundown sa 12's, Hifonics 2100's) I started building the floor a few weeks ago.... cutting out a piece that will bolt to the seat belt thing. 2x4 that is bolted to the vehicle itself. Sorry if some of the pictures look grainy. Got to love the kreg Jig tool..... makes this so much easier. boxing in the wheel well area.
  14. Okay everyone, Here is the beginning of a build that I have put more thought, blood, sweat, tears, and effort into than any other build I have ever done! I am always open for Constructive Criticism in any of my builds! I know most of you like to see goals/equipment lists in the first post. Goals: NOT cutting any corners on anything or "rigging" anything up Build something that can promote my dream of becoming an audio enthusiast and shop owner Build something with mids and highs that can keep up with the bass (Even though I never build anything geared towards numbers,) achieve 150+db on either the kick or windshield on music. Build an enclosure for the subs that can be played at full tilt, and rest a penny on the top of it and have it not move at all Expand my knowledge of fabrication and learn as much as I can. Edit: (forgot to add this) Not have ANY interior or exterior rattles at all. Equipment: 2011 Ford F150 4 door full cab 2 wheel drive with 6 inch lift kit, 20 inch rims, 35 inch tires, and a nice train horn 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6.5 mids 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 8 mids 2 Crescendo Audio Symphony 800/4s 1 Sundown Audio NS-1 6 Sundown Audio SA 12s Loads of Sky High and Audio Technix 16 gauge, 12 gauge, 4 gauge, 1/0 gauge, and 2/0 gauge wire 3 Powersafe 190 ah batteries Singer 320 amp alternator Custom subwoofer enclosure Custom door pods Custom Battery rack Custom Amp rack Custom Ipad dash Custom center console Custom rear wall trim Custom trim around sub enclosure Clarion 7 band EQ Bluetooth Reciever ^there is probably a good amount that I dont remember lol Pictures to follow There are Soo many people to thank for helping bring this build to life, even the smallest bits of advice can help so much! For that, I say a big THANKYOU!
  15. So, I have these 2 Alpine SWS-15D2 woofers that I have in a living room in separate 3.0 cu ft boxes (a bit too large) and I'm looking for a better way too power them. Each has a 500W RMS rating and right now I am using a 1000W computer power supply unit connected to an Audiobahn AMA24002 (600W RMS x 2 channels). Are there any receivers out there that can provide the wattage necessary to power the speakers without having to wire together a bunch of components in a tacky, ghetto fashion? Thanks
  16. Hi there my first post to smd figured it might as well be a build. My build is about 75% done just a few minor things left to do and presto. not to keep you waiting here are is the list of goodies. please dont question any of the equipment i chose to use it is my choice i was going for somewhat of a budget build thanks! (all tuned via dd-1) BTW box is 4.0 net tuned to 35hz Sub: 4x rockford r1s410s 1x re audio ctx 3200.1 ([email protected]) Mids/Highs: 1x pair rockford prime 6.5s comp with 1 in tweets 1x pair punch 5x7 coaxial 1x pair prime 6x9 coaxial 1x DB drive 80.4 1x NVX eq 7 12 awg sky high wire Kenovo bluetooth Dash: no radio currently stream from my ipad over bluetooth misc: back up cam rear view mirror w/ monitor now for some pics the box isnt 100% done im missing my trim so please dont hate (its louder then you think) sealed replaced factory amp with this cheap one for the pa's some fatmat videos wont upload feel free to veiw my youtube its not the most popular but idc
  17. So I am in need of a amp because mine is just plain bad... Higher bass notes sound muddy and distorted and I really want some good SQ. Money is an issue so i was looking around and found this . Which is a Soundstream STL 600.1. Would this amp match well with JL Audio W1v2-4 12's? In a sealed enclosure? Thanks for your help:)
  18. I recently ordered some soundqubed HDS312' (2 of them) but because they haven't shipped yet I have been considering spending the extra $20 for 2 15's. with the dimensions of my trunk is this possible? i know the box needs to be 9cu. ft. and the port 1.5 cu ft sp 10.5 cu ft box total volume. Is it possible to put 2 15s? or should i stick with 2 12s any help would be appreciated
  19. Which size is woofer would be best for 25-30 hz?
  20. All, I want to build a box for my 2 HDC4 18s and want to make sure I get it right. I already have them in my Tahoe and they get down on a Dave The Box Guy enclosure. When I reached out to Dave, I gave him dimensions that were way too small because I needed some cargo space at the time. He made me a beautiful box, 8.5cuft at 34Hz. The problem lies with the 8.5 cubes, SQ specs call for 12cubes, soI'm turning to the SMD community to help me design it. My electrical is fine, dual alt bracket with DC Power 370A solely for audio and 2 Crescendo 31 Group batteries. My Amp is a Q1-3500D.1. I really like how clean my current box sounds and the fact that it plays below 30Hz with no issues. I know SQ calls for higher tuning so I was thinking 37 Hz or maybe higher provided I can still play the low end stuff well, down to 27-28Hz. Also I'd prefer Subs UP/Port BACK. I just want to see what the 18s will do on proper airspace and higher tuning. Hopefully a few more DBs. Basically same clean sound, but louder. I am a decent carpenter so building the design will not be an issue. What I have to work with: 2005 Chevy Tahoe Width: 49in Height: 24in Depth: 27in Port Tuning: 37Hz *Please read the full post for more details* Port Type: Slot port I know there's some awesome designers here and any help is appreciated. I can provide any other details I may have left out. Juan777
  21. So im looking to put together a system that bumps. My price range is about about 3,500. I had some ideas on some stuff i wanted to get. This is most likely going in a 2000 chevy tahoe. Here was my first idea. im open to any and all sugestions just please read everything before posting. 1. 2 sundown audio SA-12's with an Sundown audio SAZ2500d v.2 (the subs and amp would run about 1500 altogether) Obviously i can get better quality things, but the only issue is i have to factor in box costs, battery upgrades and a new alternator. i already know im going to have to do a big three upgrade. Does anyone know what alternator i should buy? Im also in the market for a kick ass component speaker system for the rest of the truck so it isnt all bass. It would really be great if i dont spend all that money but at the same time its not a huge issue.
  22. Ok, so I'm just a college student with a very limited budget and I have been working on this car overtime and still needs a cleanup of my wiring. I got this 2000 ford focus LX back in early 2010 for $100 from a neighbor who had blown the head gaskets and drove the car until it died. Me and my father were able to fix the problem and from that, as my first car, I started customizing it with what little money I had. Don't be too critical about my car, I started with car audio and working on cars in general when I got this car so Im learning as I go and still am making improvements over time Here was how the car looked originally First, I started working on the car audio. originally had stock speakers with some XXX XBX-1200 subwoofers which were 2 12" subwoofers with a combined 600W RMS system. It was cheap but it did the job. i had later installed a 2 farad capacitor with it.
  23. Hey everybody. Within the next year I'm looking to put a system in my 2000 Chevy Tahoe. I originally planned on doing two Rockford Fosgate T2 12s and a T2500. Well i have been looking around quite a lot and I've become interested in Sundown Audio. Does anyone have any reviews on their x12 dual 2 subwoofer and the SAZ-5000D Amplifier? Also my budget is about 700-900 for subwoofers, and somewhere under the 2,000 range for the amp. So all suggestions are appreciated and taken seriously. But i would like to go with anything above 2500 watts. Any other Companies i should be taking seriously, companies with good pricing? (rockford seems to charge a lot just for their name) P.s Again, if you have any other ideas, please feel free to post them Thankyou, Jon
  24. Hope you like the video. There are only the most massive car audio systems in the world which are showed really well on the camera. This is the bass comunity which is joining us together (sorry for bad english) . Enjoy the video