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Things that piss you off in the Car Audio world.

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On 7/6/2017 at 9:39 AM, Lbox88 said:

Fucking stupid, pulled apart dash and it's the Axxess GMOS LAN wiring harness. Because of the CAN system I have, this adapter was supposed to keep some of the chimes and shit but there is a relay in it that turns off after ~90 seconds after I turn the key on, when that happens is when my signal craps out. Guess I need a new harness system.

Got a newer/smaller/more basic model that didn't try to keep onstar and all that shit, hook it up, signal was even worse. so I start looking over the wires and shit, and I didn't hook up the Antenna Power wire, because I don't have some 90's POS with a retractable antenna. But then it hit me, that antenna power is wired into the car side of the adapter, not the radio/module side.....

Some cars have an inline booster on the antenna, or in between the antenna and radio.......

Hook it up to my remote lead and reception is fine now. Looks like the old harness had that wired internally, which is why it worked until the relay started to go out, where it only sent power to the booster when in reverse or the turn signal was on.


Bunch of bullshit, but it works now.



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How incredibly far behind the rest of the industry head units are


$600-800 gets ~1000x600 resistive touch screen display with limited app and pairing functionality... Are you fucking kidding me? Move past 2010

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Right, especially with so many features coming as oem now on a lot of vehicles, nav, dvd, touchscreen, bluetooth, iphone/android app abilities, usb, rca outputs Ive seen on one already,
I never thought Id see the day when oem radios crap all over aftermarket ones.
Hell some of the Chrysler 300s I looked at have a factory Alpine system, which makes me wonder why their aftermarket radios are lacking.
It almost seems like the generic audio companies have nicer radios with more to offer at a fraction of the cost.

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