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  1. It's 100volts minimum, which is 8 batteries but don't expect it to put out anywhere close to rated power since its 1/3 of the wanted/needed voltage of 296volts from my understanding from their listed specs, so just like any other amp a lack in voltage will result in a lack of output wattage. The voltage range is 100-400 volts dc for the 60k. The high input voltage needed is essentially being used like a traditional 12volt amps rail voltage the gets stepped up internally to something much higher. Car audio is expensive, either way you are still going to need lots of wiring, lots of batteries to run these amps, then you are going to need to find a suffient way to charge all these batteries without having to disconnect every battery separately to charge them, so you'll probably be spending more on a higher voltage charger than you would on an alternator.
  2. Google will tell you everything you need to know. Ideally you need 22+ 12 volt batteries to run the T60.0K amp, every battery needs to be wired in series 22 x 12 = 264 volts DC (not a 12 volt amp), ideally the closer to 400 volts dc the better which means more than 22 batteries wired in series. The HV20k amps are the same way, but you will need about 13 12volt batteries wired in series to achieve the needed input voltage the amps want. That is a lot of voltage for a person that cant even take the 5 seconds to google that info, but the real fun begins when you need to charge all those batteries because an alternator is not going to do that. I think Sancheezy is the only one that tried to use these high voltage amps for musical installs and he fought battle after battle with them until finally tossing in the towel and giving up. So unless your goal is to go BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP for 3 seconds I wouldn't suggest using them because the only thing they have really going for them is the cheap price tag.
  3. Thats 100% not the glue that they use on dustcaps. Also the way the surround is unevenly pulled away from the basket edges is rather jank So this was apparently rebuilt by someone with very little experience in building woofers. This is not Sundown quality and something like this wouldnt be sold as new. Your audio dealer is trying to play you for a fool, so I would throw this threw his shop window and put a gun to his head and tell him to give back your money.
  4. They are typically posted on his website www.wccaraudio.com when they have them, but it's not often and they go fast!
  5. It will be fine and you wont notice anything with it being 1/16th larger. Its going to change tuning a whole 0.18hz higher and give you about 1 inch more of port area. Nothing to even worry about.
  6. Without knowing specifics of the system, whatever info you have gathered with your clamp, and your current electrical setup this can't really be answered. Ultra capacitors definitely help, but maybe you need a quality battery or batteries along with those capacitors. For all anyone reading your post knows you could have a cheap Everstart battery powering everything. So without knowing what you got and where you're running in to issues that makes you think you need one or the other there is not much to go off of to recommend.
  7. This really doesn't matter much. When dealing with an angled port wall as such all you do is calculate the port length by measuring down the middle of the height. So if the top of the port is 20 inches long and the bottom of the port is 30 inches long that would make the middle of the port length 25 inches long and that is the length you use.
  8. You should be able to email Fi and order it.. If not the BTL recone is the same exact recone but with a different sticker on the dustcap. PSI is your next best bet since but since he isnt taking on new builds ask if you can get the parts raw and assemble yourself. David 100% knows the parts since he worked at Fi back when it was still RE Audio (before it got sold to US Amps and ruined). Essentially the RE Audio MT (though it didn't have woven tinsels, and lesser cooling), the Fi BTL 3 slug (which is a non-painted Mayhem, BTL UFO, BTL N3, and Ascendant Audio Mayhem are all the same "the BTL N2 is also the same but uses 1 less spider iirc". This is just something I've noticed rebuilding a lot of the Fi and AA subs. SSA wont be any help, they split ties and Fi basically said they are only building their products and no longer doing oem builds for companies like SSA. In all seriousness just ship the magnet to me because I need an 8th Mayhem motor to build up!
  9. Love how you can still simply add the color to them. Mass produced but still have that customizable touch!
  10. Yea, it was a costly mistake we made on our vehicles that wherent being driven, thats for damn sure! No one to blame but our selfs though!
  11. You better check that intelli charger periodicly. Had 3 different vehicle's worth of batteries go to shit because they randomly faulted out and took the battery banks out on my tahoe. my buddies yukon, and his charger. 6+ grand in batteries down the tubes.
  12. Not going to lie watching the shop go from the backyard to a huge building you thought was too big for you to now being overflowing with nice machines is addicting to see. Just the evolution alone bro!! Congrats! Still need to make it out their sometime in this lifetime. Its been a few years since ces!
  13. These seem cool. I wonder what it would do for wattage if you put two 9 volt batteries in series hooked up to it, or if you built 2 and tried to bridge them together. lol
  14. Oh wow! I didn't even know AudioControl made home audio gear! Im so out of the loop on home stuff, my surround sound receiver don't even have hdmi in/out, all composite rca. LOL
  15. Not all amps share a ground from the chassis to the RCA inputs or the speaker outputs, where as some amps the ground wire input is connected to the rca input to the speaker output there is no break in the signal. The old instructions when the first DD-1s came out you where told to use the negative power wire for the negative probe, then some where it got switched, but still some amps with tiffany style rca inputs that dont work on and you need to use the amps ground for the probe and not the negative output. Ive ran across this issue so many times, and Ive been using all my smd tools for years. I actually have the 4th DD-1 and CC-1 made before they where released publicly
  16. So it is Saturday, and some times people do not work on Saturdays so not getting an instant response from a company is usually a fairly common thing. How did you connect the CC-1 and or DD-1 test probes to the amp? Sometimes with some amplifiers you must use the negative probe of the DD-1/CC-1 on the negative speaker output of the amp. Sometimes you must use the negative probe of the DD-1/CC-1 on the negative power wire of the amp. This really depends on the amp, the type of RCA inputs on the amp, if the amp uses a differential style rca connection, the type of class the amp maybe such as class a a/b, d, full bridge or half bridge etc. It can vary a lot from what Ive noticed over the years tuning amps. Also where you using the left channel or the right channel? Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes you have to use the left channel or right channel. I cant remember the reasoning behind this but iirc I remember it being explained in the manual or in a post by Tony D'amore. So try both channels! Also make sure there are no crossovers being used on the 4 channel amp, make sure that all settings on the amplifier are set to Fullpass and not Highpass or Lowpass. Same goes for the headunit, disable/turn off any sort of high pass filter on the head unit, turn any EQ settings to flat, and turn Bass, Midrange, and Treble to 0 or flat. So go through the steps and try different things. Read the instruction manual because there is a lot of useful information in there. There is no problem with the DD-1/CC-1 because you said they worked fine to do the sub amp so that leaves it to be something you are either doing wrong, or due to something with the amp that requires it to be hooked up differently. Report back once you tried the above things I mentioned. -Brian
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