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Mtnbikecrazy55 Feedback


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Thought I should make one of these, I've bought quite a few things and never had one, so here it finally is.

Post your thoughts of the transactions we've had so others can buy/sell with confidence!

Oh and here is my Ebay feedback page, 100% positive with over 160 Ratings:


Thanks! :drinks:


I hate long signatures....

...what the fuck is wrong wiht you you fucking fuckity fuck fuck head...

Mtnbikecrazy55 Feedback

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Great buyer, wasnt affraid to ask questions and sent payment fast. Great comunication and will sell too again

Hahah damn cody

She ain't that sexy. I wouldn't even let her blow me. Those 10 pounds of make up would end up all over my crotch.

you dont find dubstep, dubstep finds you

hu: Pioneer MVH - P8300BT

mids: Alpine sps-600 all four corners

highs: Addictive Audio ECST25A,Memphis PR tweeters back

sub: 15 inch crossfire bmf

box: 4 cubes at 38 hz

amp: Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 25 To Life

140.7 on a non sealed trunk car with a five channel so far (old sub audiobahn aw1505q)

Build Log




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