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  1. Congrats!! I feel the same way about the back end - but I'm sure it just takes some warming up to it and the front is killer!! Bet it feels good!!
  2. my other one was a Bluepoint.....and i smashed it against my CNC machine 2 months ago when i broke 2 $50 bits in under 2 minutes. I have had some good times and some frustrating times with the CNC and i had never lost it until then. It was in my hand, it was hour 15 for the day and in a fit of rage i beat the daylights out of my old light and then threw it across the shop. I am pretty good in my older years about holding my temper in times like that...but i literally lost my mind for a good 15 seconds that evening. LOL. I regretted it right away too, i was like "damn, i just destroyed a $100 light"....and i loved that thing too So does that qualify as a warranty replacement? Lol
  3. Have faith in PayPal, they've never not come through for me when I've ever had an issue. Their fees suck, but as a buyer they really do have you covered.
  4. not just planning...already shipping with them thanks!Hell yeah, I caught this thread late so that was in response to your comment saying you had 1000 on the way and I didn't see they had arrived already. Good shit
  5. Love to see the pride you've been putting into all the cool stuff you've been making with your CNC, these are no exception Thanks for all the time spent making them perfect! Was glad to see you're planning for nylon acorn nuts
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