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  1. Hope you can move it, I don't need it, but we've all gone though some shit at one point or another so I feel you there. That's why I never take too much personally, you never know what people are going through. Hope you get where you're needing to go and you're on the up and up soon. Still thankful for all your workout advice years ago, I live out in the sticks now so I canceled my membership as I just wanna get outta town and back to the farm after work, but when I'm ever in a gym lifting that's the shit I still folllow and appreciate to this day. I wish you peace my friend.
  2. Dude sick ride and helluva start! Enjoying the pics and hearing about as you go, keep up the great work man
  3. THX!No kidding.....poor interior is well past needing a good cleaning. HA, good point. That remote is rather close to the cup holder.... O_O Lol I meant trunk not truck but I think you figured it out Once she's back together for "good" or at least for a while, I'd say it deserves a nice and proper detail all around!
  4. Good call on the leveling, but as for it needing to to be polished, I always just figure out it out there and see what happens
  5. Diggin it!! Good time to shampoo the carpet under the seat Now between that location and what you have in the truck, make sure you have a good thermos so you don't end up soaking the remote in coffee on your way to work
  6. Have you considered putting it on Soundcloud? I'd deff even happy to take a listen, I commute an hour + every day so I have lots of time to jam Otherwise I have Dropbox too (but only from my phone on the mobile app cause I just moved and haven't set up internet yet)
  7. I'll join the party Would be a great reason to build a new box Good shit Steve!
  8. For sure, more legit than a lot of other places that you'll be able to find a similar product. Ebay would probably have them even cheaper but then it can be a gamble quality wise
  9. Exactly what I was going to say - https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-wired-bolts/miniature-led-license-plate-bolt/1685/ You should already have the wiring there with the existing lights
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