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  1. Thats why I got this. Well hey, if they get mad let them try to catch me at 70mph + haha
  2. Aaannnnddd thats why I dont text you.... too much risk.....no homo... And the keep the thred alive, my sub being brought home, getting ready to be walled in the sentra
  3. Got a battery from him. Great price and comunication during the whole process. Updated me during every step. Would definitely buy from again
  4. People that get mad at me when i pass them up on the on ramp. You eother change lane, speed up, or slow down to let people on. If big rigs can do it, im sure your pos can too. Dont get mad when i have to do 90 to get in, just cause you couldnt move on a empty 4 lane freeway Bosses that i love the workers that dont do shit of work, while the hard workers get shit and treated as such. Women crying about "i want this and that bs" but when you come home with something that last longer and is cheaper than a michael kors purse, they go fucking ape shit
  5. Can i get mine swapped to SR20DAZE It is alot easyer to remember since i use it on about every other thing Thank you
  6. Great seller Got my knu terminals pretty damn fast for military shipping Would buy from again
  7. Got my goldwood midbasses from him fast and had great comunication the whole time. Usps had some wierd issue where they sent the package 3 hours north of me when they started 3 hours south. That wasnt his fault tho, and they still got here damn fast. Just like arnold s, ill be back........ To buy from again
  8. Got a kenwood hu off of him. Great comunication and amazing packaging. Took me about 3 minutes to take the hu out of all the packaging stuff. Would definately buy from again
  9. Soo.... Whats up with this little bugger? Haha I click on it but dosent take me to themes
  10. Still interested but waiting on payday:/ If it sells its all good
  11. Got a battery off of him, he was nice enough to drop it off to me while i was working. All at no extra charge. Would buy from again. Great seller
  12. Willing to work a deal if i pick it up? If it dosent sell i get payed next monday
  13. Yes you do have to cut and glue or somehow secure the projector in place of the housing For aiming it would be. Park about 50 feet of a wall and try to get ge horizon line whereyou feel it dosent blind anyone amd is perfectly even with the other one. So the light beam should be like this - and not like this/ lol As for bulbs, i can say just try to order the ddm ones. Just make sure of your ballast os 55 watt to match it with a 55 watt bulbs and, and so on for the 35 watts
  14. There is a ferd dealer across the street from my work, Idk if i will get a Discount since i work for an aposing dealer.... Even tho we always work with them If uou want i can try. Just pm me thr part numbet if you want
  15. Got a 15 song playlist on my ipod so far Havent been to a show latelly but...... Thug motivation gets damn annoying when atleast 4 people use it all day
  16. That series is where you just move a wire to bypass. I have the same model but without bt bypassed. No relay needed Hope this helps and glws
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