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Any and all people replying to a want to buy thread wanting to move product need to meet the criteria to be available to sell on this Forum. If anyone is in question as to what this criteria is, Please read below.

NEW UPDATE!!! 2-24-09

YOU MUST HAVE 750 POST TO POST AN ITEM FOR SALE (that also means you CANNOT sell items through your sig or in the chat room below 750 posts)

I only have a one, the rest is common sense.

If your not looking to buy a product that someone has for-sale, Do Not Post in that thread, no matter how much you think someone wants to much money or what not.

if you know they are scamming then that's a different story, otherwise Shut up, I'm tired of seeing peeps trying to tell people what is or isn't a good price on something they DON'T OWN.


I hate to do this but people aren't understanding common sense.

1. Do NOT post dump.

- Post dump is an unnecessary post

- All items listed for sale must be listed with a asking price for each item

- If you hate the price don't complain about, its up to the OP(original poster) to set his price, other wise PM him/her

- If you are not interested in purchasing or are interested but do not have the money to purchase the item at the time you see the thread on that item that is for sale, do NOT post

- Posts may be deleted without warning

- Report to mod button is there for the sake of reporting the thread, USE IT

- Repeat offenders will have a short ban from the forum

2. Do not question the moderators

- No need to explain this rule, basically don't argue with them

3. Pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper shown with every item being listed is a MUST

- if you have time to post you have time to take pics. if not we aren't interested in your thread here.

- We have a moderation staff, we don't need 40 members posting that they need pics/750 post minimum or it will be deleted, it just clutters up threads and we have to delete all the random chatter to keep the threads clean.

Anyone caught playing Rent-A-Mod will be sent on a 24 hour vacation.

The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard.

4. References will help your sale

5. Do not bump your thread more than once a day

- There is a difference between bumping and updating ;)

- A bump is a term used to move your thread to the top of the list

- Do not BUMP others threads

8. Do not ask us to delete your for sale thread, they will be here for archive, we however can lock the thread.

7. Respect each other


9. IF you do no have 750 posts you CANNOT sell period. Nothing in sig either.

10. No links to off site sales other than Hot Deals. If you want to sell it here, make sure the post fits all rules for the appropriate section it is listed in.



The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard.

If you are a Vendor here with your own Section these new rules do not apply to you

if your in Roscoe's thread below this of Super sellers these new rules do not apply as well.

These rules can be found pinned in the "For Sale" section at this location. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/1940-fs-section-rulesread-before-posting/

Daily Driver 1999 Kia Sephia

Kenwood DNX-893s
Audison Bit One Processor
2 Dat 4.125's
Sundown Audio SCV-6k
Hertz hsk-165xl's Mids running active                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Focal V30 Series Tweeters running active 
Sundown Sa-8 v1's in the doors
2 Sundown Zv5 12's 
Lots of Hushmat
Big 3+ and 3 + & 3- runs of Trystar 2/0
2 Dc Power Engineering 320 HP Alts

2017 Comp Vehicle
2006 Toyota 4 Runner
Kenwood Excelon DNX-893s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Audison Bit One HD DSP
4 Sundown Sa 6.5v2 Component Sets 
Focal Access 6.5 2 ways
Sundown Audio Sax-50.4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sundown Audio Sax-100.4
2 Dc Power 370xp
Northstar agm27f
Northstar agm65
2 Northstar asmagm 480's
2 Dual 1 Sundown Nightshade v3 12's
2 Sundown SCV-7500's
All SMD Fuse Holders
Shitload Of Sundown 1/0

120 sq ft Second Skin Damp Pro

No, Its Not A Burp Truck!!!!

2016 Season 3rd place in Xtreme 1 At Finals

2016 Season 6th Place In Kaos 1 At Finals ( Blew The Subs Up In First Round Eliminations)

2 Kansas State Records Set In 2016 In Xtreme 1 And Kaos 1 In Midwest SPL


David said:

audio is a lifestyle, not a hobby

I cant read a tape to save my life... 1/2's are ok, but other marks confuse me
only men who cant read a tape, take it in the ass
you sir, get a pink hard hat on jobsites

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