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  1. Turns out the one amp that was sold had damage i was unaware of and did not see. Buyer has been refunded and i am shipping the amp to Kevin Mansky for repair. Other remaining amp is off the market at this time until i can really look it over hard and rebench test it. And even then i may just keep it all things considered.
  2. I bring you some rare items. As some of you may know, DAT was a short lived company due to a bait and switch by the build house and a tremendous number of blown amp repairs that drove the company out of business trying to take care of the customers that bought the amps that failed. But what a lot do not know is that when it was all said and done, the build house sent us(And i say us because i worked for DAT for a little while up until the end) 25 amps to try to make things right that had the original boards in them that the prototypes had that were basically bullet proof. What i have listed here are #1 and #2 of that batch. I am asking $250 per amp and the buyer pays for the ride. Posted below you will find pics of the amps and the wattage testing chart along with all of the specs. These were both working when i pulled them from my car and were in it for roughly 5 years running 2 Sundown Sa15 v1's which may also be for sale before long. The amps work as i stated. Cosmetically i would say they are 8.5-9 out of 10. These are blank cases with no engraving for model number or brand. One amp is missing one of the mounting feet.They are plastic and slid into the side cover and were known for breaking easily. (Poor Design) I am asking $250 per amp and the buyer pays for the ride. No Trades. FYI, I ship once paypal clears the money into my bank account. If you need references on me, ask around ( Hell Even Ask Steve.The Chrome Power Series He purchased Was From My Team Partner And Myself) and I have sold numerous products from rockford to quite a few people and even a Phoenix Gold Piece on a few of the different groups. Rated Power 600wrms x1 @4ohm @ 13.8 volts 1200wrms x1 @2ohm @ 13.8 volts 2500wrms x1 @1ohm @ 13.8 volts Specifications Size:500x265x65mm PCB: double layer Dual 1/0 power and ground inputs. S/N : 95.2dB T.H.D % : 0.08 Idle current: 2.24A Efficiency: 82.6% LPF:50-250, 12dB/oct. Subsonic : 15-50Hz , input sensitivity : 0.25-7.5V Fequency response:15-350Hz, Phase adjustment: 0-180 degree protection Temperature; 70 protection Voltage: >8V Test results Testing Conditions were as follows Power supply: 14.4 VDC power supply Test signal: 50hz sine wave Load: Dummy Resistor load Environment: 77 Degrees F free air Instrument: Audio Precision Sys1 S/N Ratio - 95.2db Input Level - .133Vrms to 7.5Vrms Testing Is in the wattage chart posted with the pictures.
  3. Midwest SPL show in St Joseph Missouri. Turned into a progressive points event. Read my sig, We're having fun again this year.
  4. Have seen deadener in many places gain and hurt scores. Sometimes though its the end goal that makes you make that decision to keep it or pull it. If you want a nice sounding front stage, its better to just leave the deadener in due to mid bass reproduction. But then again, you are chasing numbers just as i am right now. Speaking of which, out the door to a show now as we speak. Time to see if my 90 sec center of the dash outlaw score in kaos 1 with midwest spl improved with some changes. Good luck fellas
  5. Bose is also factory amplified so you may have to jump one of the wires on the deck harness if you are still using a stock mids and highs amp. That is if you did not install a separate amp to run them that is not wired direct from the amp to the speakers.
  6. Gm ecotec alts have always been an issue due to the alt being computer controlled. you say the set point on the regulator is 14.8 but do you ever see that? if so is it cold only? What does the voltage do with the a/c on or off voltage wise? Voltage on most ECM controlled alts will ramp up once the a/c is kicked on. Other thing here to think about isnt so much the voltage as long as it is decent and holds there but the given amperage output of the alt when loaded down. if the amperage output sucks then you have a reason to be concerned. And as audiofanaticz stated, get rid of that bottle necked ass cca wire.
  7. That amp looks really familiar. Considering the connections you have, i knew you were the perfect person for this amp since it needs a little help.
  8. Disagree.Many times where removing the rubber boot can be louder by a drastic amount. On some W3s it wont make a difference, or most 15s in general. But on 10s and 12s with beefy magnets that are near the size of the sub cutout with the magnet boot on you can gain a lot on the meter usually just due to air pressure being able to move around more freely. The one eclipse I helped with with 4 dd9512s walled gained something like 1.3db iirc from removing the magnet boots, but it had a decently thick baffle and the magnet structure was partially in the baffle so it really opened up the area around the magnet. I remember someone that made a thread about all the things that can be done and hot they effected your loudness, from ac vents to seating position. I always just take mine off If you can find that topic, I would love to read it just to see if there are anythings i am not thinking of. Two heads is better than one. NVM, Thank you for taking the time to find that Brian.
  9. JY Power: If my math is correct, this can be arranged for a height of 7.28", width of 4.57, and length of 7.2" A d3100 for example has a height of 8.4", width of 6.8, and length of 13. So JY is just over an inch shorter in height, like 6 inches shorter in length.... but just over 2" wider. i just sent the "Y" part of JY power a message with this link so Travis may chime in if he is a member here.
  10. The other thing to think about here since you are looking for 4-500 amp hours is a lithium battery. They are expensive yes but what you will spend on 4-5 agm almost covers the price of what you are needing on a lithium and they arent as taxing on your charging system to get them to recharge them. Just like an amg though, you do not mix them with a conventional lead acid battery, but they can be mixed with a higher quality agm. Not sure what vehicle you are dealing with with the multiple battery scenario, but you also have to look at the weight difference with lithium compared to the equivilent power in a conventional or agm.
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