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  1. 3-4 weeks? I would love that. Ordered May 10th. Was just told they ship out tomorrow finally...
  2. I've been running 2 sa v1 15's on almost triple (clamped) the rms rating for over 5 years now and they are still running strong. They get a tiny bit smelly if its full volume on a slightly slipped song and thats it. Never have been reconed or touched at all. Point being if you are tuned right and your box is correct, these subs will perform flawlessly for a long time.
  3. That amp looks really familiar. Considering the connections you have, i knew you were the perfect person for this amp since it needs a little help.
  4. Buss Bars, Distro Blocks, And A Few Fuse Holders. The Copper Ones Are Not An Smd Product So Dont Inquire About Those..
  5. Something changed and i may need one of the dual 6 terminals ones Technical Question, What is the total height on these buss bar set up from the bottom of the base to the top of the plexi cover? nvm on the tech question. It's been ordered regardless.
  6. I know you guys are probably tired of seeing this set up as it goes through its process of getting wired but as of tonight that part is DONE!!! So here's some more SMD fuse holder pics.
  7. Ok, so here's some pics of the quad and octo progress so far. And let me say something about Steve and his business practices as well. When the package came in, everything looked good until it was opened up, and then we noticed that something had been dropped on the box and the quad plexi cover had been broken. Being as i have contact info for Steve, i got a hold of him and got a phone call as a reply. We chit chatted for a bit about this and that and sent off an email as a reminder of the incident. Two working days later a new cover showed up. Now that's how you take care of a customer. batteries will be wired up Friday night and the amp wires made but not installed yet. still got a couple weeks before the amp goes in..
  8. Just curious, Are you cutting the threads by hand with a tap or will your CNC do that as well ?
  9. Got my adapters from Steve and finally put them to work today. Some speakers obviously fit better than others and i will tell you guys that a pair of Focal Access 2 ways fit kinda loose but as long as you center them, they work just fine. Only other issue was that the mounting slots didnt line up with the factory inserts totally but not a real surprise with this car. Its an damn 96 Acura Rl. Everything on that car likes to be difficult lol Enjoy the SMD products guys and thanks again Steve. I'll try to remember the time change next time so i dont text you at 5am lol
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