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Hey there, guys. Today I’d like to tell you about how one of our projects was created. In fact, this is the biggest and most important achievement of our team. It took us more than 2 years to complete it while we were working on it we changed the main concept and components a few times. Well, now I can say we finally did it. Proudly introducing - Infiniti QX56 Team DC Audio Russia!







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Team DC Audio Russia
QX56 - Team DC Russia

Fiat Panda #89 - Team DC Russia

The Loudest Cars from Russia Here

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that looks nice

12- DC Audio m2Lvl3 12's1- Hertz HSK3 way2- DC5K's2- ZX350.42- Stinger SP1500D batteries in rear3- runs of 1/0ga. to the rearTeam DC Audiodc-banner.jpgdcsoundlab.com

Quality is all in how you take pictures ;) I have plenty of projects that look WAY better on camera then in person :D

crazy to fit so many in so little. Reminds me of some of the porns I've seen?

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Very nice and clean build. I like the pods on the dash.

Headunit - Alpine 9857

Mids & Highs - T165,T1692

Mids & Highs Amp - T400-4

Subs - 2 12" DC Audio Level 3 M2s

Sub Amp - T1500-1bdcp

Alternator - MechMan 220a

Wiring - 1/0ga XS Power

Batteries - 2 Optima Yellow Tops

Read the fucking manual. Jesus Christ.

I dunno about that Steve...

Chuck Norris doesnt even do push-ups, he just pushes the earth down.

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