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  1. knockin the teeth out tha tooth fairy!

    1. Kyblack76


      How you doin man!? Where ya been?

  2. Well if it aint soo.. my boy was mentioning this to me not long ago. Asked if i knew about the humma.. he live out there in NM.. i think he live next door to your boy. I wanted to put somewhere around 30-8s in my car before the 12-12s but the 8s werent avail. At that time... ima have to shoot u a text for some ninja info/pics
  3. Bill loves to rip my car apart. She has a soft spot in his heart.... i actually sent him a pic the other day when it all started with the 10s
  4. Shit as a matter of fact you can come get her when ever you want
  5. Ive been marinating.. i just lurk.. when i moved i never plugged my comp in. So i just sign on from my phone n peep game. Im still around....
  6. Im in love! MariahB 1-18-2016 7lbs 2oz 20".. I Fuckin love it

  7. watching football in the labor room waiting for my lil princess to come out