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  1. i love kicker 

    1. Wishuponasub


      Did they give you a bunch of free stuff?

    2. WalledSonic


      I did in 1997. Not sure how i feel about their products these days. 

  2. .BooM. .BooM. .bOOm. 

    I like bass.

    1. Kyblack76


      Damn dude. Where you been? Good to see of ya again...

    2. MarioB


      Been chasing a deerbra. Half deer half zebra...


      Just been busy bro. Been a while.

  3. knockin the teeth out tha tooth fairy!

    1. Kyblack76


      How you doin man!? Where ya been?

  4. Im in love! MariahB 1-18-2016 7lbs 2oz 20".. I Fuckin love it

  5. watching football in the labor room waiting for my lil princess to come out

  6. https://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/docket/CriminalCourtCases/caseInfo.asp?caseNumber=CR1993-093579
  7. i see some interesting stuff 13-1105 (F3) MURDER 1ST DEGREE 11/1/1993 Pled to Reduced Charge Pled Guilty To Reduced Charge 8/5/1994
  8. You ever see a wack on someones face.. Thats a no fly zone They gonna love his long hair.. he gonna be like FUCK THAT PUTO..
  9. if your gonna shoot the paper work dont forget any files... shoot em. wanna put him on blast. whats the charges you brought it up...
  10. well fuck!!!!!..... who eles is gonna point fingers???? the title is absoulty rite.. careful who you trust... Word of advise.. Trust no Man.. This thread is a perfect example... and I dont know a damn thing ///thread PC = "Protective Custosy" fake ass niggas running they mouth dont ever point
  11. best deal on a D3400 "new"

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    2. ShowtimeElectronics


      Welcome back. You can use the code SMD10 and get 10% off your entire order from us. :)

    3. MarioB
    4. will77530


      or just text me whatever

  12. Best deal on a 3400 & some terminals ASAP

    1. ShowtimeElectronics


      PM, we can take care of you and have it shipped today. Thanks.

  13. Damn. Ive had the love for as long as I can remember. My step dad had a 69 chevelle wagon with 4-10s in it. Fucker pounded. I used to use a little lanzar amp he had throughout high school. Bad little fucker. Cant remember my age but maybe 8-10.
  14. why not? you are missing out. no fun with no toys or any friends with one. Do alot of people pimp thers out like yours? audio/turbo/shittin on fools.
  15. WOW! What a game it is.

    1. tdsa23



    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      It was a great game.

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