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Videos Of Dc Audio Subs!

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heres some vids of my lvl 4 12.

2 cu ft tuned to 32 htz with 33 sq" of port.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

i'm actually rebuilding my console as we speak.

the new one will be 2.25cu ft with 36 sq" of port tuned to 32 htz.

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DC Audio Level 4 15" 4ft^3 @ 33hz with 58in^2 of port(14.5in^2 per cubic foot)

This setup did a 143.3db TL in a Chevy Blazer with "stock" electricals on a US Amps MD2D playing music. It also did a 144db with no tuning in a Toyota Matrix with two batts on a RF T20001bd playing a sweep. Hopefully we'll break 145db with a higher tuned box sometime in January.

Posted Image



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