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  1. its definitely a cool process, and a lot cheaper than custom paint.
  2. wow, makes me want to get a video of my lvl 4 on the 3-4 channel of my 120.4.
  3. lets see if this works. i just saw it on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=401154079941693
  4. eventually i want to do a cam swap in my 98. check out this site/thread for info on cam swaps for the 96-98 vortecs. http://www.gmt400.com/forum/showthread.php?9901-heads-and-cam
  5. i would look into a mid length or full length header,the biggest issue with these trucks is the 1 7/8" down pipes off the manifolds. i tried shorties on mine and noticied a little better performance. i now have doug thorely tri-y's,with 2.5" downpipes into a universal y-pipe(2.5" in/3" single out) into a highflow cat with a 14" magnaflow muffler with it dumped right after the cab. the performance now is quite noticable down low(torque).
  6. when i painted mine, i used 220 grit on an orbital sander,filled in the seams with some bondo,sanded again with 220, 5 coats of primer,sanded again to smooth it out,then the base coat,sanded again with some 320 and cleared it.thats with a rattle can.
  7. i have 2 myself, my youngest one will follow around and stay right beside my wifes almost 2 year old nephew,also had our friends over who just had a baby and she laid right next to it the whole time watching over the kid. heres some pics.
  8. prius owners, and their holier- than- though attitudes. the pussifacation of america.
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