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  1. Bumping. Hear Craig butler, Neill barber Beau Boren, step harris and a few other heavy hitters will be here on Saturday.
  2. Wow really? I hear THEEEEEEE JAY STAUB will b there
  3. Street max is limited to one battery so that's ubderstandable.
  4. I'm gonna try and make this as well. Is it just USACI? Maybe get some IASCA or DB Drag?
  5. Having some issues with the verified by visa. Can I call and place the order with the promo discount?
  6. Did you not read the last two pages? Or look on the website? Cmon. I expect that out of noobs. Not someone like you. I did. Went to the site, clicked the banner and looked through both pages of products. Saw no XP3000s so figured they sold out again and asked.
  7. He couldn't turn it up because once its playing he can't go back inside it
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