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98' Ford Escort Zx2 - Beginning of a Rebuild

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Last summer I got the Zx2 and I removed the factory radio and speakers. I had a budget so I got all my equipment used and unfortunately went with a 50watt 8 inch Bazooka Tube subwoofer... worst decision I have ever made. Anyway I've got more resources this summer, and I am in the middle of designing a box tuned to 35Hz. I plan on using a 12" sub (brand undecided) and a Kicker 11DX500.1 amp so far. Current pictures will be coming soon, I will post more pictures as the build progresses. I will take any suggestions or criticism (be nice, this is my first build log).

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I just picked up this little amp the other day, I haven't hooked it up to anything yet, but I might test it on my current system until I get the prefered box and sub for my car.






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It has been difficult getting pictures together and everything because it's finals week and all, but here is the car that I have to deal with. It is a 1998 ford escort Zx2 sport.

I also included some pictures of my current setup, the bazooka tube NEEDS to go





There was no front input for the usb or aux, so I made my own mount. The empty hole had a toggle switch for LED accent light strips but I decided to de-ricify the car and get a different colored toggle switch to use for the sub in my build




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Just picked up real remote wire and 12ga speaker wire to run from the amp to the sub. I'm awaiting 4ga wire and stinger RCAs to arrive this week. Once it comes in I want to mount and wire the amp in my car until I can get a sub switch, bass knob, and gauge reducers to make setup clean and easy. Any recommendations are welcome and wanted. This is my first build log.

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I'm almost done with finals so I had a little time on my hands to mess around with Torres Box Calculator. Here's what I've got in mind so far.


It's difficult to read, but it says:

net volume: 1.74 ft^3

frequency: 34.99 Hz

port area: 13 in^2

physical port length: 12.25 in

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I have my eyes set on a Fosgate P2D4-12 and the site says that the sub displacement is .194 ft^3 so I went ahead and plugged it into the program. I'm starting to change my mind and I'm thinking about going with a Skar VVX-12 dual 4 sub :/ I've got 2 SA-12's in my house and I want to try something else out. Thanks for the input, I'm new to box building.

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I may be mistaken, but I think you will need more port area per foot. You only have 7.5, and I think it is recommended to have at least 15 (or around that)

2000 Jeep Cherokee

15" Alpine Type R box build coming soon!

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