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96 Ranger Stepside DC build *updated* Now with more TL :)

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Okay yall, let me first start by saying that I am amazed at some of the setups a lot of you have on here. Mine is nothing super fancy. It's just clean and loud. The truck is my daily driver, and my work horse too. It has its dents and dings, scratches and chips, and it may not be the biggest baddest setup I could've done, but I did all this on a really limited budget, and I still need to use the truck for a truck everyday. So, that being said, i hope yall can appreciate the time and effort i've put into my baby as much as i appreciate it.

yall can skip this part if u want, just a little back history on the truck:

i had a green 95 ranger my wife wrecked, with ym 2 15" type r's, on an audiopipe ap30001d amp, custom proted box. When she wrecked my truck, the box got broken along on of the seams. Rather than fix it, I sold my entire system to get my new truck. At MWSPL comp in Grand Island, in local class, I clamped 2200 rms, and hit 145.25 db. The box was broken during the comp and i didnt know it yet, and later i found out my redtop in the back was no good either. So i could've done better. Then, i decided after i got my 96 ranger, that i wanted to start over, and make this truck my baby. So here's the build.... enjoy!!

1996 Ford Ranger Stepside. Black. 3.0 V6, 5 speed manual, 2wd.


Alpine CDA-105

Audiopipe AP30001d

2- 15" DC Audio Level 4 m2 subs

Custom ported box, tuned to 29 hz

ebay special 250 amp Alternator

Optima Yellowtop under hood

Shuriken bt-120 in cab whwere jump seat used to be

Stinger 1/0 wiring

Big 3 upgrade and then some lol. Tons of grounds.

Sony xplod 4x6's in doors and rear

Crimegaurd Alarm System with tilt, shock, and microwave sensors.

Future equipment:

Component Set for doors and rear

In dash equalizer

4 channel amp for components

Exterior Mods:

Ebay Black Projector Headlight Housings and matching corners

8000k HID Headlamps

Modified stock wiring and projector lenses to use projector as low beams.

Focal 16" Black And red rims

215/70/R16 Cooper discoverer ATR tires

Black painted grille with red mesh

Red DC Audio logos under badges

Red Flame pinstriping

Red Neon underbody

Red Calipers Rotors and Drums

VHT Nightshades Taillights and 3rd brake light

20% Window Tint

DTP Disturbin' Tha Peace Vinyl on back window

Interior Mods:

Custom embossed Red Headliner, RANGER XLT

Full length center console from a Ford Explorer,painted black with red trim

Bucket seats from cavalier modified for the ranger rails, and to gain more leg room

Red Instrument cluster trim, and red gauge needles.

Luan plywood adhered to roof to prevent rattles and flex.

2x4 cut down slightly and bolted under rear window to help with flex,

Removed jump seats, and repalced with 2nd battery box, and "amp rack" for future 4 channel amp

Pics will be coming up soon. am waiting for uploads to finish on photobucket. Sorry for the wall of text btw LOL

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In for pics! :drinks:

But one question, why tune the box so low? 29 is pretty damn low!

Personal Preference. I absolutely love the lows, I lvoe getting that take ur breath away, dont know if ur drink is going up or down feeling lol!

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Right on man, nice lookin truck. I used to have a 94 and then also had a 01 4x4. Very good trucks.

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Right off the bat, i had to fix several things on the ranger. I ended up cracking a rib in the middle of the work, and it took me a month to get it all done. It needed a new slave cylinder and clutch right away, lost my clutch a day after driving. Typical ranger thing tho, no biggie. Needed a new belt, coolant flush, tranny fluid change, oil change, spark plugs and wires, Diff oil change, Driveshaft carrier bearing, Front and rear brakes, and of course, chop the exhaust off just after the cat to make it sound mean lol!

Some pics of the work:

Put red neon on while waiting for parts on day.




Painting calipers and their brackets


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Painted Grille, and red mesh behind it. Dont laugh at headlights, they were temporary lol


HID Housings installed. Im not worried bout my license plate lol, youll know its my truck even if i didnt show my plates rofl



The large reflector used to be the high and low beam. i have since rewired it to be high beam only, and the smaller projector is my low beams, with the HID in them.


High Beams. i cheaped out, and didnt get a 2nd HID kit for the high beams LOL, i figure why? when my low beams are brighter than my brights LOL


Low beams, 8000k HID



HID's at night.



The truck before I got my focal rims on it. These were cragar soft 8's with the stock ranger center caps, and my new cooper tires.


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The New Focal rims




All these pics were taken before i had the spacers painted and the center of the rotors




Paint is really faded in this photo. this was after a good wax too. There will be more on that later tho :)


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Starting the headliner.

Had to pull off all the fabric that was falling down or loose


Drawing up the flames


Test fitting all the pieces



My scrawny butt lining everything up lol :)



I really wish i had some pics of me and the wife putting the fabric on. Weldwood contact cement, cheapo walmart paintbrushes, and a hairdryer to cure the cement faster. Use a small wallpaper roller to make the fabric adhere well. I use fleece for my headliners cuz it is cheap, easy to work with, stretches easily, and comes in many many colors and patterns.


2012-03-20_13-05-13_803.jpgMMANY MANY More pics will be coming tomorrow. Time for bed, and I am waiting for photobucket to finish more uploads.

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Just some of the equipment :)


250 Alternator. first one LOL. more on that in a sec


Shuriken BT-120 Battery


My oops moment. $200 down the drain lol

HAd to remove transmission again for a second time to replace the damn oil pan gasket. Shoulda done it while i had tranny out first time, but anyways, apparently battery went dead when the tranny was out somehow, and When we went to start it, it seemed like a wiring problem not a dead battery, so we started undoing all the wiring, and my alternator wire fell down next to the battery, I didnt see it there, it wasnt shorting, but just wasnt connected to anything. Started the truck,a nd smoke just started pouring out the engine bay like a mofo lol. Lesson learned, always have a power wire connected on the alternator when the motor is running, especially with an HO alt :)


Fried the stator. Smoke rollin out the engine bay like u wouldnt believe.


Rectifier Completely toast.


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