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  1. I am eventually going to do 100% cover on the doors and the whole cab, but for right now I had acquired a few sheets and wanted to hit some key areas. I thought the inner skin would yield better results than the outer skin...maybe I was wrong?
  2. Deadened the inner skin only so far and just on the passenger door (got lazy after the one door lol) and there isn't really much back wall left due to the cut out...I really need to add some bracing to that though, it flexes like crazy.
  3. I noticed a difference when I did the passenger door, so I'm looking forward to getting some more bracing and deadener done. I haven't even done any sealing around where the box meets the cutout so I kinda expect that to make pretty good difference.
  4. Any suggestions on the next best place to lay some sound deadener after the doors? Maybe the ceiling?
  5. Ok well I shot a quick video...it turned out kinda weak imo but I'll post it anyways. Like I said before, video doesn't really do justice for it. Anyway here is the video, let me know what you guys think...
  6. Thanks for taking the time to go through it all. I'm hoping to get a vid today maybe, but video just doesn't do this thing justice.
  7. Well I went to go get the truck smogged today and was a little nervous that it wouldn't pass due to the fact that it hasn't ran much at all in the last 6 months, but she passed with flying colors! A few weeks ago, I got some second skin applied to the passenger door and have been too busy to get around to the drivers door lol. After I get the drivers door done I should have one sheet left over and was wondering what would be the next best place to deaden? Also got my hands on a AQ 200.2 (thanks Ken!) so I'm gonna need to figure out what I want to run for a front stage. Hopefully some funds will become available soon and I will be able to get some shit done on this turd.
  8. I hate the fact that my internet cost me $60/mo and the fastest speeds over seen have been around 3mbs. It's a local satellite internet provider and I'm stuck with them because they are the best that are available to me. Verizon fios and charter cable are available about 1000 feet from me and they won't extend their line that little bit to my house.
  9. Shit we left right when the credits started...can you PM me what happened? After all the previous post-credit scenes you didn't say? lol Like every single marvel movie has them. Well I'm not a big superhero movie fan so I guess I didn't realize there would be. Plus the theater was crowded and I wanted to get out before the big crowd lol.
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