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DC 3.5k on a level 2 10" time to build a new box finally

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2007 Chrysler Pt Cruiser

HU kenwood kvt-516

1 DC level 2 10" (goal is for 4)

1 dc 3.5k

1 crunch 1000.4 mids and highs

2 sets of crunch components

22sq ft. of hushmat

STOCK ELECTRICAL FTW LOL (Ill explain later here why)

This is my current setup some i kinda started with a budget after i got my first set of comps and 4 channel amp things kinda change not sure for better or worse.

new lil toys to come just waiting for them

This is the "el P.T." something simple but always clean


Head unit first ive ever bought had always ran from stock unit im glad i swithch the only bad thing for me was theirs no display when its close so i dont know where im at



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for bass i got the hifonics hfi2500d (soon too be a dc 3.5k waiting for it to arrive)


for sub i was origanaly was going to be using 2 15 inch re mx series sub



but went with an xponent tyranik a local brand ive used several models of amps from them so decided to try out theyere subs.

and thats why i have stock electric FTL i spent the money i was going to use for an alt and battry on this



a couple days in and i have some tecate beer lol


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got almost the trunk cover and alteast 1 sq ft. covered on the 4 doorsthe only thing that rattles is the wiper on the back window



trouble shooting what a b***ch it took me like 5 hours to find out i didnt have the ground connected the one that goes to the bass amp



this is the only place i could find a place to put the amp



some small spacer to its not completely sittting it the box


it barely clears it i dont have it one i just put it on to see how it looked


the mids and highs ampwith the rear seat folded


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