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  1. Last time I looked at the themes I didn't see it i was about to give up trying to use this thanks again reedal
  2. What that theme? i hate having to zoom in and out for everything, that's the only reason why I use mobile
  3. And also my dads bank started charging to if you go inside if you deposit it from the atm outside theirs no fee
  4. I had to wait 24 hours which usually after midnight it was ready to get cash unless I had enough funds then they would get it from it. Which I never did it it was only for a short while though
  5. Is their a way to switch to mobile version? with the new update I can only view it as the desktop version also on the home page theirs nothing. I know if you go to the forum section theirs the top 5 recent topics but I usually stayed on the homepage and I their was a bigger recent topics %5BURL=http://s896.photobucket.com/user/corrchav/media/40F828FB-EABD-4EBC-A351-1877D93A8D19_zpsz3jak73p.png.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac163/corrchav/40F828FB-EABD-4EBC-A351-1877D93A8D19_zpsz3jak73p.png%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D any other mobile users having these issues?
  6. I like Denzel curry. It's sucks that he got put in this years xxl. He was suppose to be in last years. Which wasn't that much better. I hope he's able make a name for himself and not just being part of the worst year (hopefully) I recognize the other 3 except the green
  7. I don't know you guys survive in the cold it's 50 where I'm at and I'm freezing
  8. usps needs to get their shit together.. lady who dropped off my upper told me she brought a phone the other day.. i had to take letters back to post office cause they keep leaving shit thats not mine on my mailbox.. this is not a problem in one office but a national problem Since I don't work I've literally waited for packages. Ive made them get off and check the back when I don't get the package. The face they make when I bring out the tracking info lol after they tell me they don't see anything. Only once they didn't find it (from ups) but amazon gave me my money back
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