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  1. What's up guys?

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    2. Karkov


      Still don't know what happened there Kyle...

      Glad to see you around here and there Purplehaze

    3. Purplehaze


      Dang Ky hate to hear that.. rad it is, for sure.

      Figured out who robbed me.. it was the boy's mother after all, just as suspected. What's up with these girls in this generation? (Drugs was the downfall for her)

    4. Borris The Blade

      Borris The Blade

      Welcome back! Hows the kicking cruiser?

  2. Anyone know what is going on with PSi? (my antivirus blocks it from opening...)

    1. Miguels


      cant you add it to trusted sites? mine lets me view the site

    2. Purplehaze


      I tried, I thought...

      Okay so it must be on my end. Thanks man!

  3. From now on if anyone wants drop-ins or subs rebuilt, I will need 1/2 down before I get started. I simply cannot afford to order parts for people, pay for them, only for the other person to bail at the last min. Hope you all understand, I am not a big company, just a guy like you, and I can't afford to buy parts and let them set around my closet. Thanks - Purplehaze

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    2. Purplehaze


      Yeah I think it's fair... unless someone is making a big order, then I'll just make it be the price of parts.

      You know how much time I spend talking to people who act serious, then disappear? A LOT....

    3. thefourth


      It's the nature of the business. LOL

    4. Jskiles


      That sounds reasonable.

  4. I have several other feedbacks that have been misplaced by accident. Thanks man, I'm really glad you like it! Remember if you ever wanna sell it... even if it's all beat up and both coils are toast... I want it back!! Edit: Anyone else I've dealt with please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks!
  5. Just go get a $30 digitally controlled battery charger from walmart. It will charge your bank and not hurt anything, guaranteed. May not be as nice as the XS Power charger, but it will get the job done safely. They actually say on them they are AGM safe. I'd do that before I let them go dead. Plus you'd have a good back-up charger.
  6. Really need to find a Solo X 18 motor boot...

  7. Its taller so there's more usable throw potential, It also uses 10 inch spiders, Its Super Strong and umm o yea, as you said, looks super bad ass =] Just read back.. hmmmmm..... killer nab on the 10" spider... cool.... nice work. EDIT- does that change the 4" coil? i would think it would..?? Its the same 4 inch coil we currently use in the Level 6 Is the current lvl 6 coil different than the previous one? (taller former?)
  8. I have done a couple of different deals with CleasSierra, one recently, and he is straight up as it gets.
  9. Thanks guys for your concern! Nope not fishy at all. People have problems sometimes. I would never cheat anyone. Never. They are just built off of DC motors and baskets. Custom woofers with changes to coil and spiders, so contacting a DC rep would not get me what I need. Man I had those specs for you, but unfortunately they were on the computer that my girl spilled coffee on. I do remember that the fs was 47hz if that helps you any? Edit: Might as well post my actual contact info, since that was the actual purpose of this thread. (and the stuff posted was way old) Trent Stover (pm for cell) Bidwell, Ohio [email protected] facebook.com/TrentStover facebook.com/KickinCruiser
  10. Very cool! You guys are always doing cool stuff like this! Hey is there a limit on how many times one can enter? EDIT: Only one entry per email address
  11. Hey guys my computer is down, but i can still get on and chech my messages. I am now entertaining trades on a laptop on my subs forsale.

  12. Cool Project! Can't believe I just now seen it. Those are beautiful subs! They remind me of my Solo X 15 for some reason At least the top of them. This should be cool for sure! I'm tuned in!
  13. So where is the best place to buy areo-port kits these days?

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    2. Dwn4BassAlan


      Cut the old chimney off a train engine?

    3. Purplehaze


      Thanks Krakin, that is a good write-up.

      @Smoove- How much are you trying to get?

  14. its the extended pole piece, my recollection is that's its there to keep the coil centered when the coil leaves the gap because these are super high xmax motors, and also stop the coil from bottoming out , the dustcap will hit this before the coil hits the backplate. im sure Jacob will chime in to correct me where needed or if im way out I could be wrong, but I believe the main purpose is cooling. It helps dissipate more heat. Also the dust cap is not gonna stop anything, if it hits it then you will likely need a new dust cap. And I don't think that's even capable of happening, even with the extreme amount of travel those subs have, b/c of the design of the frame. Hopefully Jacob will clear this up, cause I could be dead wrong. But I don't think so.
  15. I agree with everything CJ and Sierra said. If you happen to blow them, and want to build them different than original, I may know a guy who can fix you up!
  16. Why does everyone have to see the TDH thread updates on our "recent topics" when we can't enter the "protected forum"? Just seems if you want to be secretive you wouldn't let everyone see every time someone posts in that section? Honestly I'ts kinda annoying to constantly see updates to threads that we are not able to be a part of. I'd rather not see it.

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    2. Kyblack76


      Lol. Man,... Lol.

    3. kraz1021


      Did you try going into your settings and blocking the forum.That should stop those topics from showing up in you recent topics

  17. Thanks for the clarification. And that is a very good idea. So do each come in various stiffness's, or does each additional layer simply add to the stiffness? (Hope that made sense)
  18. It's the same material as the stock Zv3 (black) spider but with an additional layer iirc... Ahh, I see. So is it just a Sundown thing?
  19. When you say "yellow" are you talking about poly-cotton spiders? And black being nomex?
  20. I think we said the same thing (pretty much) so I think we are right. He will tell us if it's not. (I think)
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