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So a buddy of mine wanted to put a smaller system in his car, and I told him I would get it all hooked up for him (with the help of revoracing247). He ended up getting a Rockford Prime 600.5 to power his whole system. He has some Alpine Type S components in the front, and the stockers in the rear. The amp puts out 300 watts at 2 ohms for the sub channel, so he went with a Sundown E15. It'll be slightly underpowered, but I'm building the box slightly on the larger side to help compensate for that. Anyways, this is just gonna be a little build log of the box so he can follow along with what I'm doing, and also so I can get tips and pointers from you guys. Now for pictures!

The sub



I got this table saw last night and it made cutting all the boards incredibly easy!


Folds up really easily for storage


We were cutting the wood right next to my truck...


And here's the wood all cut out!


Mockup of the box



I used a circle jig I made for my router out of plexiglass to cut the holes in the baffles


Fits in there nice and snug



Top baffle cut out



Then I put a small round over on the outside baffle


I LOVE flush mounted subs...


Then it was time to glue the baffles together



And then I added some weight!


Once I did that, I went and rounded out all the corners in the port


That's as far as I am for now. I'm hoping to get all the predrilling and countersinking done tomorrow, and then I can get it glued up by tomorrow night and it should be good to go on Sunday!

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Last night before I went to sleep, I started getting some of the pre-drilling and countersinking out of the way. I like to put the whole box together with screws beofre I bring out the glue, just to make sure everything is fitting as well as it should.

So here's where I ended last night



I also glued the port pieces together and let them dry overnight


Corner clamps are the best!


And then I got the front piece on this morning


Port went in



And then it was time for glue! I also had a terminal cup lying around that I decided to throw on there for ease of taking the box out if needed.


And then the top went on!



Once I get off work at 4 tomorrow, I'm gonna take the palm sander to it to get the glue off that got smeared around on the surface. I'm also gonna put a 3/8 inch roundover on the mouth of the port. That's all for now!

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I got it all finished tonight!


Rounded over the port


We're gonna put it in his car (it's a 2002 Pathfinder) tomorrow morning, so I may be able to get some videos up of how it does. Let me know what you guys think!

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Well just in case anyone is actually interested in this... we got it in his car today!

Mounted the amp on the back of the seat. The wiring is a bit messy, but it can be cleaned up. All the connections are good, which is what matters most.


And then the box went in!


It sounds pretty good! It definitely comes alive in the upper 30 to lower 40 hz range. I did think it would have a bit more authority on the lows (down to around 30 hz), seeing as it's tuned to 32 hz, but I also think I've been a bit spoiled by the lows from my Q12. The nice thing is that he does have a bit of room to upgrade to a nice monoblock amp if he ever wants to.

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