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  1. The people who make those don't understand how Wheel of Fortune works lol
  2. Shameless plug time lol. I know we have a couple mountain bikers on here. This is a video I made of the NW Cup finals from a few weeks. It's the local downhill race series. Couple of my buddies went pro this season which is pretty rad!
  3. Crawlers are a ton of fun. The run time is so much longer compared to the other stuff and I also break way less on my crawler than I do with my bashers. I say get one, and wait for everyone to get jealous and then they'll pick one up for themselves too
  4. Yep. All Axials. Mine's an AX-10, the black Jeep is an SCX-10, and the red Yota is an SCX-10 with Wraith axles. He's put a lot of work into that thing. Even put some realistic looking body damage on it by melting the body in certain spots haha
  5. Went out and did some RC Crawling. Mine is the crappy looking red cherokee lol
  6. Sad indeed I think Koenigsegg takes the spot for my favorite car company. Christian Von Koenigsegg is a gear head like no other, and they're constantly coming up with innovative new ideas. Bummer to see the One:1 wrecked, but you know they're learning from it.
  7. Fair enough lol. I think there's a couple pictures of me floating around here if you look hard enough
  8. All good, man! I've been out mountain biking all day so I havent had a chance to put anything else up
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