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Single SA-15 D4 on ZX2500.1 (gain pulled down obv)

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Hi, I'm building a system for a friend I've posted about it before on here.

Instead of a 10" in a medium hatch back - we've now decided on a 15" for his BMW 520D E60.

HUGE TRUNK in this so plenty of space - we'll workout ways to get max bass into the cabin- ski hatch, cut out access ports on the solid metal shelf etc...

Ok, here is the problem he bought a used kicker ZX2500.1 for like £80 which is Around 120 dollars. Can I use this on this sub with a correct box - clean signal and Ofcourse pull down the gain and measure till its putting out a reasonable amount of power for the sub to not overload?

Basically SQL SPL type of guy just loud bass not competing!

He can't afford to bump up to a 15" Zv3 so stuck really!

Also I am willing to pay for a solid enough design that would work.


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It'll work. You can DMM it to a general wattage output. Always good to have head room. Just be easy on the gain.

1996 GMC Sonoma
Four Fi BTL Neo 18's In 2:1 6th Order Bandpass
2 Ampere 5k's @ .5



On 10/20/2013 at 0:37 AM, KillaCam said:

Fucking with a Prius driver is like making fun of a disabled kid. Pussies.

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Yeah as long as he's not one of those guys who likes to get back there and screw around with the gains after someone who actually knows what they're doing sets them right. Have had this happen to me before with a friend.

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What head unit will he be using?

It'll work. You can DMM it to a general wattage output. Always good to have head room. Just be easy on the gain.

Can you tell me how to use a DMM to set the wattage output?

Basic terms;

Turn the gain down on the amp, raise the LPF, disconnect the sub wires.

Set the head unit EQ to flat, turn up to the user decided max volume.

Take a DMM and set to VAC.

Put the red lead in the +ve speaker terminal and the black in the -ve terminal

Play a test tone, 40hz will do fine.

Slowly increase the gain until you hit the magic number; personally I'd choose 60v AC or at least to start with, but that's up to you.

Turn the track down!

Disconnect leads

Hook up speaker/woofer


Periodically check the temp of the dust cap whilst testing (your hand will do)

repeat process until you and SA15 happy



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Forgot to add.

This method is by no means accurate as there are too many variables to take into account like; box rise, voltage, temperature etc etc

So use with caution.

Make sure he does NOT use the EQ within the sub range or turn on loud/loudness/MX or anything else that gives nasty peaks as this will most likely result in a melted VC.

What headunit is he using?

What car and boot dimensions is there?

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