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  1. Kevin Ross of Juicebox has done some cold weather testing. Let a 40AH battery sit in 10 degree weather for 1 hour and then did load testing on it. Seemed to do well. There's multiple videos. Same chemistry as JY/Limitless/etc. Lifepo4. Different cells being used, though, which will probably make things differ slightly from battery to battery but gives you an idea.
  2. They will work in cold temperatures but prefer higher temperatures. The cells used in the JY's perform best around the 120*F range. As you draw current through the battery it will warm the cells up and will perform better. This is observed in my 2:00 bassline during the recharge tests where in the beginning I am dropping to 12.3 lowest and by the end of the 2:00 it's CLIMBED up to the 12.8 area.
  3. Yeah there is a lot of hearsay and misinformation in the lithium and battery game in general, hell just car audio as a whole. Lol. If it means anything to you, the alternator setup in my video is a Singer 300 and a stock Alt. So about 390A of revved output on tap. And about 260A of idle output on tap. And you see how little it was actually drawing. Alternators weren't being killed. That is after 2:00 of a sustained bassline dropping the battery into the low-mid 12's. The people I have seen say lithium killed their alts are the people who have ran XS Power... And coincidentally I have seen lots of cases of XS Power lithium batteries miserably failing to perform and dropping voltage bad. Which of course would cause the alternators to work harder. Food for thought.
  4. And that's another point. The JY's are shipped at 30% SOC. So they will take a while to charge up. No telling what SOC it was at before the test. I charged mine up on a charger before I even put it in my truck. They really aren't any harder on an alt than an AGM is. If anything, AGM is harder on alternators than lithium, since AGM really starts to kick in around 11.8V-12.0V, and even more so around 11.0V. Lithium will start to kick in around high 12's/low 13's. The system draws from the alternator first. Battery carries the remaining weight. And while there is no draw they don't draw a whole lot. If you look at the recharge tests in my video you will see the current being put into each battery and it will taper off as IR/SOC increases. Jump to 12:26 and watch current vs voltage.
  5. Limitless. Saw that video. The lack of clamp numbers, and the different number of cables going to each battery completely discredited it to me.
  6. 1. Depends on alternators, amplifiers and ohm load the amplifiers will be wired to. 2. Yes just like AGM they will increase in amperage output as voltage drops. But they start discharging from the ~14v range versus the mid 12 range like AGM, so they have the potential to hold high 12's/low 13's for a lot of people. 3. They will be fine to mix. The AGM's resting at a lower voltage will draw from the lithium, which is OK. Lithium prefers to be stored at lower SOC, contrary to AGM which basically higher = better. Any charger will suffice really. 4. Lithium is extremely worth it, and is actually the cheapest option (by a good margin) if you can afford the higher up-front cost. But with JY releasing their 8.55AH single module 12v cells in a few months at roughly $240 shipped each it will make it easier for people to break into the lithium market. People seem to be happy with JY and Limitless. Limitless does have some con's though. The non-modular design makes it impossible to switch to/from 12/16v without replacing the entire battery. The JY's you will only need to add/take away one cell. Limitless doesn't have passive cell balancing either. There is a .5A draw in each JY module that will bleed current until a certain voltage set-point. This indirectly balances all cells with each other without manually balancing them or using a BMS. Also a sidenote, not a single cell has failed since JY's inception. Have heard of numerous cases with people having issues with their XS batteries or being very let down by the performance. Scottie seemed super interested in sending me a lithium to include in my testing until I posted the Winston Vs JY video.... Odd.
  7. I see SMD is still stuck in the same mindset about wiring below 1 ohm lol. And yes, yes it was. 1 ohm reactive. It will do it all day. There is a difference between 1 ohm reactive and 1 ohm nominal. And you say 1500 watts, but he'll be lucky to see 800. Ohms law, quite a wonder, indeed.
  8. i really dont see what his trying to do.. comparing a 7k amp to a 5k amp and wired differently with different subs that might respond to impedance rise very differently Wasn't the point. Was just showing the differences, since most people don't want to believe they do power. Oh, and the subs were the same. Notice the rise is almost exactly the same (3x) for both. inb4: how do you wire like that
  9. Zack Metts' van fucked me up. I had diahhrea for 6 hours straight after that demo. Never again.

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  13. Yup. my window motors got completely ripped off the frame in both doors. Welded those right back on. I played full tilt with my panels off before, and the entire frame of the door was just heaving in and out a solid 2 inches. I'm gonna drive the truck into our lab on Tuesday when I have class so I can use the nice TIG machines.
  14. One thing after another with this truck.. Getting tired of it. Door bushings getting obliterated. Doors not opening from inside. Windshield ripping off frame. Passenger window motor completely ripped off door. Fun fun..

    1. moredbs


      if you start fixing stuff,something else will break lol..

    2. juan777


      My windows and doors are fucked too dude. Just gotta charge it to the game.

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  16. L2Post in right section doug. Lmao.
  17. Well, no more 10 volts daily. So that's nice.

    1. Kyblack76


      nice.. that spxI is a nice alt..... good to see you around homes.

    2. Karkov


      Good to see you Raptor. and yea, more than 10 volts on the daily is a good thing, lol

    3. Raptorman


      Hey buddy. Yeah, it's a lot louder now. Had my stripper pole get ripped out of the floor yesterday while going 90 down the highway. Was an interesting time.

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