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UBL: Lbox88's 2009 Equinox

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I wasn't going to do this, but after I got thinking about it, maybe my build might help someone else out. Malibu was traded in for this 2009 Equinox LS AWD with the 3.4L engine that no Alternator company makes an aftermarket H.O. alt for at this time. Some of my old equipment is going to be recycled until I can afford to get new things, but I am trying to do this one a little bit better than the last.Yeah, yeah, I know, onto the pictures you pic-hungry whores :)2012-03-19_19-53-22_646.jpg2012-03-19_19-53-03_632.jpg2012-03-19_19-52-35_257.jpg2012-03-19_20-02-22_746.jpg2012-03-19_20-02-40_356.jpgIMG_2754.jpgIMG_2755.jpgIMG_2756.jpgIMG_2757.jpgIMG_2758.jpgIMG_2759.jpgNot much room under the back seat for anything since the rear seat slides forward and back for more passenger legroom.IMG_2760.jpgIMG_2761.jpgIMG_2763.jpgMight be able to squeeze something in at a later time in the sare tire well.IMG_2764.jpg

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I had a problem with my Cadence 1/0 kit last summer in that it seemed small. So when I ripped it out of the Malibu, I took some other wire to compare it to. From left to right, it goes: RF 1/0 OFC, Cadence 1/0 OFC bought by the foot, Cadence 1/0 OFC from the WK01 kit, some no name 2AWG battery cable, then Lightning Audio 4 AWG. See the difference in the 2 cadence wires?
Anyways, now comes the new stuff. Sonic, AudioSavings, and Darvex FTMFCSGDW
20 1/0 terminals
bitch needed to be able to integrate and aftermarket system into the Onstar and other computer systems
35' of red and 35' of black 8AWG to wire up to the sub
25' of red and black Cadence 1/0 for +/- from front to back and hopefully some of the big 3
17' 4-channel RCA's
couple of splitters
just have one order from Darvex left to get. The rca's above are going to be for spares, I will be using the Darvex ones 1st.

Sub amp will be my old BRZ2400, have a HC2400 for once I replace my front battery too, and using the POS T3 sub for now. I also have a JBL PX300.4 I am trying to repair or have repaired for my mids/highs later.

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Oh, Had to pick one of these up too, Always comes in handy.
About once a week I test my battery and toss it on the charger/maintainer to make sure it stays topped off.
The reason i bought Cadence again is that several people told me it was decent. I was more or less angry just because the variance between the wire that came in the kit vs the chunks by the foot. But at $49 for 25', it really is a decent deal.

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This kit is going to be shitty to fit behind the radio.
test fitted the HU in the dash kit to see how it'll look
Also got sick of looking at that ugly MDF-only, unfinished box. So I decided to paint it.
I have an idea, but not sure how it'll turn out. We'll see though.

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Last order from Darvex came in
So I started pulling trim panels off
Also took a look at what I have to work with as far as the front battery since it is supposed to be a sealed batt from factory. Also shows how GM went all tard mode and mounted the PCM directly on top of the batt.
I was surprised to find that they use a solid 4 Awg to the fuse panel and what looks like a decent 2 Awg or so from the Alt

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Took apart the whole center console and what a FUCKING pain in the ass. God damn wire everywhere, shit in the way, everything made of plastic and ready to break if you were to just look at it wrong.
Then, once I get the radio out, I figure out that I have the wrong damn antenna adapter :jon:
So I looked at what I had out
And decided to just go ahead and run my RCA's since I had the radio out already. GM was nice enough to leave me a nice little run to put my wires in :D
So now my RCA's sit in a lump in the back and I'm part way there. BTW, the RCA's I used are the one's from darvex that come with an integrated remote wire and LEDs.

Also have a video uploading, should be up in a little bit.

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