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  1. Have had my og XL since almost release, only bugs I've ever noticed were app related. If your friend is a super phone nerd, literally no phone will be ok longer than a week, got a friend like that and he's got a new phone almost every 6 months lol.
  2. Clearly someone accidentally mistook grape jelly for motor oil when they did the last oil change.
  3. I want to know what happened before the vid started. The biker took off after the accident and hasn't been found, guy in the truck ended up in the hospital because of those two assholes.
  4. Woo, Grand Rapids. Dude was a domestic violence suspect, more cops came and surrounded the house and they did catch him.
  5. T-Nuts have been known to rip out and then you have a sub hung up on 1-8 bolts depending on how many ripped out. Not the worst deal if you have access to the back from another sub cutout, but if you only have one sub per chamber there's not a lot of options to how to fix it.
  6. Was thinking about this, it would either a. Have to not be 1 solid piece, like have one section between studs cut out or come in more then one piece and be assembled in the box. b. Have the box built around it/have a partially removable baffle that this mounts to. Otherwise you have a man-hole cover problem.
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