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bagged and bodied burban

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Hi all, new to this site. Stumbled on it looking for info on designing a sub box and it seemed like a pretty cool forum so here I am. Figured i'd do a build thread to show you what i'm working on. Its a 95 gmc suburban with an escalade front clip. it is bagged and body dropped on 22" rims. On with the pics, here is what it looked like when I first got it






the front was already bagged but the rear was stock, still sitting on leaf springs. I didn't like the way the front was done and it wasn't close to laying out, so I decided to redo the front and bag the rear

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after I got the notches in and the leaf springs out I couldn't resist tryin to see what it was gonna look like. I also wanted to see much clearance I had when the wheels were tucked up in between the fenders. I swapped out the axle for a 10 bolt out of a caprice. it used the same 5x5" bolt pattern but was 3" narrower than the 10bolt that came in the burban




the front wasn't laying out yet in these pics and it was before the body drop, but I got me excited about the build because I liked how it was looking so far

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I love me a big bagged suv. I'm looking forward to seeing this.

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had to raise some other things up to make sure they didn't hit when laying frame. the y pipe for the exhaust hung to low so I sectioned it and tucked it up a little tighter


another issue was the tranny cross member. it was between the frame rails up out of the way, but it was bolted to the frame from the bottom side of the frame. I ended up reaming out the bolt holes large enough so that the heads of the bolts would pass through. then I welded a plate with spacers on topside of the frame so that the bolts could pass through the frame and are now flush with the frame.


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The look of a bagged and boddied burban is sick, the paint on the hood is frickin nice. Any more plans for it? Oh and welcome to the forum.

the paint looks nice in the pics but it needs redone. there is some hail damage on the hood and roof, and the paint job is not the best. I'd like to do something different with the paint other than just all black. probably gonna start to redo the interior next. Im gonna build a sub box and maybe try to build a custom dash, but progress on that will probably be pretty slow till I can get some more free time to work on it

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