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  1. Welcome to the forum! It is cool to hear how the company started. I am looking forward to the new products from Incriminator!
  2. Did my first hairtrick today and I'm even sealed yet!

  3. Wow... I'm diggin my new setup. It gets down for sure.

  4. The only thing is the source I usually use is sd card. My cds play taille louder than the cd cards. If that makes sense.
  5. Recently bought a used dd1 and cc1 with no disc so I downloaded the files of the D'Amore website. Well it is only in a .wav file type. So my headunit will not play the tones. It shows up on my headunit but will not play I have a pioneer 3200dvd.
  6. Dang I haven't listened to aesop rock in awhile. His stuff is crazy though. It's funny how the more main stream rappers have smaller vocabularies lol.
  7. Wow... pwxs are out of stock again....

    1. Bump4life


      new dd vos are respectably priced and sound much better now with their new surround :) and are in stock.

    2. SlamminBeats


      Ill just say it. The vos can get ALOT louder

    3. Kyblack76


      not suprised in the least ...

  8. Found my noise.. It was the 4 channel amp.

  9. I got one of my doors playing but.... I have mad alt whine coming through the doors

    1. Casket


      Ground your RCA's on the back of the deck...

  10. Finally got around to watching Breaking Bad. Wow what a great show!

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Yes it is. I got on it late too, but atleast you could watch each episode when you ready instead of waiting a week

  11. The internet at home.... I'm trying to stream a tv show and it buffers every 2 seconds. If everyone is asleep it works fine but if one other person is using the wifi it slows down to a crawl....
  12. Strained my chest at work now I can't work for a few days. Plus this is a double points weekend and I need money....
  13. Well apparently I strained my chest at work... so now I can't work for a few days. This sucks I need money.

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    2. Kyblack76


      i would not have reported it in the first place....

    3. SMZ2


      I lift boxes all day at work. I cannot lift boxes all night with a jacked up chest lol. I didn't call in but the pain was to much once I started lifting. I have constant back pain but I learn to ignore it.. this was much worse than that. Oh well I'll shoot for extra hours next week.

  14. working my butt off for two weeks just to give about 1/4 of my paycheck to the government.... taxes
  15. People who think they are better than everyone else because they are in a certain group. I know this guy who is in a branch of the armed forces and he came back to town this week and know he acts like he is better than everyone else whatever... but then he is going to talk crap about other branches of the military. I know people in every branch or that have served in different branches. Have some respect. I can't stand arrogant people...
  16. Is there a gallery for these somewhere? They crack me up lol.
  17. I knew you were going to put something in the RZR just wasn't sure when lol. As always the placement and installation looks super clean. Jeez those amps are tiny.
  18. I'll raise you a 4am twin charlie horses, left and right. I turned on the light and could see the lump in my calves move around. wtf?Those beetles from the Mummy are real.That made me cringe just thinking about that... that is the nastiest part of the movie.
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