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  1. Got the speakers all installed, but didn't snap any pics. Whoops, nothing special anyways. Just using the stock locations. Right now my car is in the shop, had the brakes go out on me. Luckily I was in the parking lot and not on the road. Still got amps, and subs to purchase and install. Maybe I'll remember to snap pics of that lol.
  2. Finally got more of my system today.
  3. That is true, didn't think about that. I had some Hifonics subs in a prefabbed sealed enclosure. This time however I'm going to do some research and build my own enclosures. I'm wanting to keep everything to the sides. That way I have the center for everything else.
  4. On second thought I think I may go with 15's instead of 12's. I remember a few years ago I had a pair of 12's in the trunk of my old car which was smaller than my current car and thinking that it wasn't loud enough. I want to keep the trunk use able since it is a daily driver.
  5. According to sonic electronix those items are discontinued
  6. I think I'm only going with 2 12" subs. Really just going for full sound. I do plan on doing the big three, as far as other upgrades for electrical I think the stock 135amp alt should be fine. Don't know if anyone makes an upgraded one for my car, I'll have to look into that.
  7. Yeah that would work, gonna wait a couple of months though. Just til I can figure out what subs I want. I have an idea where I want to mount them.
  8. Small car+big sub= the best thing ever.
  9. That does look like a good amp for the mids and highs except they can only handle about 50w rms.
  10. Hmmm, that does worry me. I have come out to my car a couple times to find it dead. I thought it was just the cold doing it, cause we have been having temps in the single digits over night for a while. Happened yesterday, so I went and bought a new battery. When I pulled the old one out I saw a sticker that said 3/12 on it. So it was probably time for a new one anyway. So far I like the Boss HU, but haven't really spent much time with it though. Still learning about it, been to cold to really sit out there and get familiar with the controls other than tuning the stations and adjusting the volume.
  11. Just ordered the speakers to replace the ones in the front doors and rear deck. Set of Sound Ordnance P-52CB 5.25" component set speakers up front and a pair of Sound Ordnance P-69B 6"x9" speakers for the rear. As of right now I don't know what amps and subs I'll be running yet. All I know is I just want something that sounds clean, not looking to get high spl numbers. If I wanted that, I'd get rid of the backseat lol. Recommendations are always welcome.
  12. Nice lookin truck, but the factory air dam does kinda kill it for me. Still nicer than my ride, so what do I know.
  13. I'll keep an eye for the build. Going to be starting my own soon as well.
  14. No harbor freight around and no 2x4 laying around either. Yeah I have to "modify" the heater vent tube. It will stick out some, but not by much.