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  1. Yesterday my mom picked up a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with the factory Pioneer system in it, but the previous owner put a Sony head unit in it. So now the only sound the we hear comes from the speakers in the rear doors. From I've found out is the wiring harness does not have any wires for the front speakers. According to crutchfield I'd have to run new ones. I understand about running them from the doors to behind the dash, but after that I'm lost. If anyone could help out she'd appreciate it. On a side note, I'd love to steal the amp and sub from the Sport Trac and put it in my Crown Vic, but I'm 99% positive that can't be done since my car is older.
  2. Looks good, bet it sounds good too.
  3. There aren't too many places around here that deal with a transmission, as far as internals. Most will put a transmission in, but leave the internal work to others. Right now it's at AAMCO.
  4. She ended up taking it to a transmission shop, and found out what it would take to get fixed. The guy said something about the valve bodies and a new tune for the transmission. Apparently it's a common issue for these vehicles, he had done 2 last week. Same year make and model as my mom's Acadia. About a 4 hour job and expensive, around $1200. So it's at the shop now, will probably will get it back tomorrow.
  5. I'm asking for my mom who is having this problem. She has a 2007 Acadia that the transmission is starting to slip. She'll be driving down the road and the RPMs will suddenly jump up to 4500-5000 and the vehicle speed won't increase. If she pulls over and turns it off, waits about a minute and turns it back on again, it will drive normally. This is starting to be a daily thing almost. The Acadia has about 140k miles on it. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Thanks for the help.
  6. Got the speakers all installed, but didn't snap any pics. Whoops, nothing special anyways. Just using the stock locations. Right now my car is in the shop, had the brakes go out on me. Luckily I was in the parking lot and not on the road. Still got amps, and subs to purchase and install. Maybe I'll remember to snap pics of that lol.
  7. That is true, didn't think about that. I had some Hifonics subs in a prefabbed sealed enclosure. This time however I'm going to do some research and build my own enclosures. I'm wanting to keep everything to the sides. That way I have the center for everything else.
  8. On second thought I think I may go with 15's instead of 12's. I remember a few years ago I had a pair of 12's in the trunk of my old car which was smaller than my current car and thinking that it wasn't loud enough. I want to keep the trunk use able since it is a daily driver.
  9. According to sonic electronix those items are discontinued
  10. I think I'm only going with 2 12" subs. Really just going for full sound. I do plan on doing the big three, as far as other upgrades for electrical I think the stock 135amp alt should be fine. Don't know if anyone makes an upgraded one for my car, I'll have to look into that.
  11. Yeah that would work, gonna wait a couple of months though. Just til I can figure out what subs I want. I have an idea where I want to mount them.
  12. Small car+big sub= the best thing ever.