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NE Car Audio Team/Group. (North East Frequencies)

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Hello SMD!

My name is Eric, and Me and my good friend Fabio decided to make a team for the North East Bassheads/GearHeads. We aren't so much a team. We are more a club/group. We act like a team, but there are no commitments. We just want everyone to respect one another and have a good time. To get in, all you have to do is abide (accept and tolerate) the rules & send Me or Fabio a message saying "Saw the team post on SMD, I want to join." with a picture(s) of your setup/car and just like that you will be reviewed and possibly accepted.

Example - FB message : "Saw the team post on SMD, I want to join."

( image )


There are a few Rules, but nothing major.

1. Respect. No bullshit/headbashing with other members or competitors.

2. Represent the club with a decal/banner (soon to come)

3. Help other team mates and competitors.

4. Must try to attend NESPL/TNESPL events frequently

5. Attend yearly meet/cookout

And most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)

2003 Honda Element

Pioneer DEH-9400BT

Big 3

XS Power D5100

Sky High CCA (2 Runs 1/0 Gauge)

2 XS Power D3100s

1 DC Audio 3.5k @ 1ohm.

2 DC Level 4's w/ XL Softies

Custom Box tuned to 29hz

CT Sounds 125.4

2 Sets of CT sounds Meso Components

*North East Frequencies*

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