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  1. Your links are broken my friend, at least the starter kit Start reading here http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/153439-electronic-cigarettes-vaping/page-1
  2. Okay, so my friend is trying to quit cigs, she smokes about 10 a day on average. Any sweet starter kits and some amazing e - juices out there???
  3. What do you guys think? its not 750 posts to able to sell something on SMD. i took a look at the memberships, and not even the gold membership gives the option to immediately post into the forum. I just think its a little much to ask. What do you guys think?
  4. best bet is to just add onto it. More wiring on top of the stock is always better!
  5. Honestly, its probably your ground, if it isnt. Well, what usually works for me is re grounding my ground. Like get some sand paper and wear it down, check for corrosion. And i usually re wire my amp and subs just to clear anything up.
  6. if anything do the big 3 upgrade, and if the lights still dim, get a XS3100 for the rear or something.
  7. When you are looking at subs, most of the time you will see D2 or D4. if you have D4 subwoofers you can whire your impedence (Ohms) to 1 ohm. Which most people do of course. Choosing an amp, is easy. For example, say you have 2 SA-12's ( 600RMS a piece) and they are D4's. you would look for an amp that is 1200 Watts @ 1 Ohm. If you have any more questions on Impedence just go to : http://www.The12Volt.com Then navigate to "Subwoofer Wiring" tab, and on the middle right i believe, you can choose the number of subs you want to wire and what impedence they are, and the website shows all the possible outcomes.
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