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  1. When you are looking at subs, most of the time you will see D2 or D4. if you have D4 subwoofers you can whire your impedence (Ohms) to 1 ohm. Which most people do of course. Choosing an amp, is easy. For example, say you have 2 SA-12's ( 600RMS a piece) and they are D4's. you would look for an amp that is 1200 Watts @ 1 Ohm. If you have any more questions on Impedence just go to : http://www.The12Volt.com Then navigate to "Subwoofer Wiring" tab, and on the middle right i believe, you can choose the number of subs you want to wire and what impedence they are, and the website shows all the possible outcomes.
  2. its always worth it my friend, you can never get enough of it. if i could fit it on the bolt, id have 3 runs of 0g lol.
  3. your speakers are probably blown, if i were you. This is me talking, i would make his life hell till he coughed up money
  4. Hmm, check your speakers in your doors( if you touched them at all ), sometimes if you mess around with the speakers, and the wire from the speakers comes loose and touches the frame of the door it wont turn on. My buddy had the same problem. One wire slipped off of one speaker and touched the door. If not, check the fuse behind the HU.
  5. Yea, right here. Ran by a buddy of mine, and if the sticker you want isnt up there. just go to the "Contact" tab and request the decal you would like Very cheap too.
  6. Well if you plan on getting two subs, deffinitly get D4's. Why? Well, if you were to get D2's you would only be able to wire at 2 ohms, which wont be getting your full amplifiers potential. i'm not saying 2 ohms is bad, im just saying, to power those SA-12's (which i have) you are going to need an amp that runs at least 1200 @ 2 ohm. And thats going to be more expensive than buying an amp thats stable at one ohm. If you were to buy the D4's you can wire your subs at 1 ohm and decreasing the money you will spend on an amp. Personally i have 2 SA-12 D4's on a Hifonics BRZ 2100. Let me tell you, it gets the job done.
  7. all you really need to do is sculpt some kind of dash mount, or shelf type deal for your ipad, then have your headunit someone in the center console or wherever preferred, and run through external usb to ipad, or Bluetooth.
  8. check all the grounds, see if there is any bad connections or corrosion.
  9. it can, but it takes time. what your alt does is charges your batt(s). And of course, the batt being charged (up front) has to charge the back ones, and before that is done it has to be fully charged. your best bet is getting a new alt if you plan on running that much power. I recommend excessive amperage alts.
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