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TDH.......Jeff Lockhart Weekend

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I wish you all the best of luck this weekend and hope this weekend is successful. My plans were to come out there but I have only a week left of school (online) to get caught up and a wife that is working this weekend the two kiddos and the zoo here. Be safe and break some windows........or door seams. Whichever may occur first.

Nick, I need to get with you at some point before the show out in Claymont. I need some pointers since it will be my first.........told you I was coming for you (wont happen but mine as well talk some smack).

I'll try to get a hold of you at the shop next weekend since your work days are just crazy there lol.

Have a great weekend guys. Enjoy.


Pioneer DEH-80PRS
PRV 8MR400-NDY (eight)

PRV TW350Ti (6)
Sky High 1/0 OFC, 12 gauge and 8 gauge
TM Metalworkz battery terminals

120 sqft Hushmat
XS Power D3100 (6)
Singer 350 Amp Alt

Singer 320 (2)
American Bass SQL3200

JL Audio JX360/4

Crossfire XS 8K (2)

DC Audio XL 15s (6)


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