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Polaris RZR-4 Turbo 900 Rockford Fosgate Sound System install (UBL) - 1500 Watts - Ipad Mini - Update - New Seats 4 Point Harnesses, RF I-Beam Bracket

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This is the official, uninterrupted build log (UBL) for my 2014 Polaris RZR. Just pictures and videos, no talk...except my own descriptions. Here goes.

Today, after building the bus bars for the DGAF Tercel project, i was ready to head home. I grabbed a drink of water and looked to the left at the new RZR i just bought 3 days ago..... and to the right at the new System of the Month prize that just came in (Rockford Fosgate T400.4ad and RFT500.1br). I couldn't help it!! i decided to snatch them up. Don't worry, I already have the exact same stuff on the way and hopefully should be here by Monday :D
Anyway, these things have such a small foot print i couldn't resist just "seeing" where i could put them...well seeing turned into doing.
I plan on one set of RF T3's in the kick panels and 2 Rockford P2 10's in a bandpass box aiming forward. I realize it won't slam super hard being outside but it should slam hard enough AND sound good. I plan on making the box somehow part of the back so i still have some sort of bed. Like the box will drop into the bed and still look like there is a bed. I will probably bedline it. Also, before you ask, the placement on the amps that i chose has a chance to be exposed to the elements. I am getting the roof soon, so the sun won't bake on them. I will end up making a cover for days when i have to hose out the inside. I fully understand the amps might get dirt or a little mud on them over the years. Not worried about it. I should have it all playing by tomorrow with the exception of the box being done or the kick pods being built. I will run all the wires and have it all prepped for the box, woofers and mids/highs. More pics to come of course! Here it is so far.

So far, this is what is in it currently...except the SMD Meters which will come soon.

1 Apple Ipad Mini
Pure i20 (Optical out to 3sixty.3)
1 Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Processor
1 Rockford Fosgate T500.1br (powering the I-Beams)
1 Rockford Fosgate T500.1br (powering the subs)
1 Rockford Fosgate T400.4ad (powering mids/tweets)
1 Set Rockford Fosgate T3 Separates
2 Rockford Fosgate p2 10" Subwoofers
4 Rockford Fosgate I-Beam Transducers
SMD D'Amore Engineering RCA Cables
SMD TM-1 Temperature Monitor (coming soon)
SMD VM-1 Volt Meter (coming soon)
SMD OM-1 Output Meter (coming soon)
1 XS Power D925 AGM Battery
2 XS Power D975 AGM Batteries
Sky High Fusing
Custom Amp Cover with built in fans (future, subject to change)
NOTE: the pics above changed a little during the i installed an ADDITIONAL Rockford Fosgate T500.1 to run the Ibeams (dedicated).

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So i decided on 2 XS Power D975's because they fit so perfect on the passenger side. YES, i plan on fabbing a hold down for those. I haven't got to it yet.

anyhow, i just couldn't leave the factory Polaris battery in there, it was way to stock. I dropped a XS Power D925 in it's spot. Tied all the batts together, out to a 200a ANL Fuse and Skyhigh fuse holder



XS Power OFC 4ga Wire tying the batteries together.


Oh, i am a new believer in this thing haha....i love it! Soldering is nice but this aint bad :D





Once i make sure all my RCA's are where they need to be and confirm its all working, i am planning on wrapping the RCA's in heat shrink to keep any mud off them. It's an ATV though i am prepared for that and i don't care. It SHOULD be fine. Ill find out :D











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The plan is Rockford Fosgate T3 Separates. The reason, they are AWESOME speakers AND the material they are made of will not be damaged by a little bit of water, if they get wet. I was going to use the RF Pro's but i wasn't sure about the paper cone. Either way, before you ask, there WILL be a protective grill over these. You will see in future pics when i get to that point. I plan on doing the outside in a bedliner to match the ABS plastic on the RZR. Then, i am thinking an orange grill insert to give it some contrast. I also plan on fabbing a removable slip-cover for these so if i know they are getting wet, from riding or washing out, they will be protected. For the most part, i don't plan on getting wet. This is going to the SAND. A little water won't hurt as i don't plan on being deep enough to ever do damage.

so here is the pics SO FAR.

It always starts out on cardboard. Fedex boxes make nice templates :D

oh, my RF T3's aren't here yet so i have to use my spare T5's for reference till they get here. Probably tomorrow, i hope!




With the glove box on the passenger side, i couldn't put the pods up as high as i wanted to. I could do the driver side a lot higher but it wouldn't be even and that would drive me NUTS.














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Of course i got these to this point in about a 10th of the time anyone else with standard resin would. It statyed nice and wet inside the shop and took under a minute for them to set up once i took them outside in the sun. SMD SUNFLASH ftw! available now @ and amazon. (cheap plug haha)


i had a long day today....tomorrow i will grind off the excess and then pull some fleece over these. The Sun Flash is so fast these will be ready for bedliner same day.




that's it for today!! more tomorrow!

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Kick pods are just about done. Tomorrow, i bedline the outside (Upol "Raptor") to match the ABS interior of the RZR. I am hoping to do the metal grill insert in orange. Also, the RF T3's should be here tomorrow! Just in time to ride on Saturday :) My sub enclosure won't be done but all i need is my kicks and i'm good to go. Ill work on the box next week.

Also, before you ask me about foot me, there is plenty. These are up off the floor a few inches and the part that does stick out only sticks out enough to clear the magnet on the T3. It aint bad at all.

Here is today's progress.

There is no better feeling then when your mold pops right back in just like it came out. SMD Sunflash doesn't warp because you CAN'T mix it too hot and it LOVES the sun. :)


Time to trim off all the excess.



Trim, grind, trim grind.


Starting to take shape!


Fleece for form, glass for strength.


The glue is just temporary...holds the fleece in place while i soak it in resin. I avoid the area's with glue at first and bring the resin right to the edge. This way the glue doesn't get eaten and this thing doesnt fall apart. Once in the sun it locks up so quick it doesn't have time to fall apart :)




I love this part, when it actually starts to look like something :)


SMD Sunflash stays wet as long as it's not in the sun. You got all day to work...until you bring it outside the door.


1 minute tops in direct summer sunlight...done.



Fleece first, then a few layers of glass.


Puttin in work.


Grinding off the fleece on the outside edge so it doesn't affect the original fit.


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Bedlined them up and started working on the grill. Send the ring next door to my friend Jay to shoot it orange.


Ok, i was all excited about the Rockford T3's that i was supposed to get today...well they aren't coming till monday FTL.

BUT, i had a spare set of T5's i was saving for something else. Now they are going in here, at least for the weekend. They sound so amazing, they might be staying :D I just don't like that dust and dirt can get in the coil. The T3 is a closed cone unlike this one that rides on the phase plug and has an exposed gap. So they will be ok for the weekend but monday i gotta take them out.

No sweat though the T3's are also amazing speakers!



Since it is so hard to get solid bass in an open air environment, i am going to use these to enhance the bass response for the driver and passenger. I have had these for years and was waiting on the right time to use them. They are pretty fucking awesome! Now when you see wires, don't give them a thought, i am going to clean those up. This was a last minute thing. They will be cleaned up during the box build starting next week.



JUST mids and highs along with these feels like a complete system from the seat. It gives it a great sense of authority!




Here is the grill mesh yet. I wish this wasn't an ATV i would leave it like this :D



Grills in.



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Like i said, pay no attention to the wires on the Ibeams....i hooked those up at the last minute just to see if i would like em. I DO! When i build the enclosure next week all that will be handled....


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