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2012 Malibu system upgrades: wiring & prep.

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I have been working on sound deadening the trunk. It's been a slow process but almost done. Here some pics.


Stripped and clean.


Factory deadening ok so i will work around it. I have noticed the rear deck is the weakest and will make the most rattles so i will have to put the most effort into deaden that area.

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Sound deadening with seam tape so the interior panels don't stick to the rubber. It's just something i like to do. Not going crazy on the deadener like i did in the Lancer but it will help.


Not done with the Seam tape, will take pics of it done.

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Pic of rear deck and stock 8 ohm 6x9's. sounded ok off stock HU.


Sad mounting system, two tabs & 1 screw! oh an glue! lol Thats alright, they are coming out.


My son let me have these to put in. We had them in the Tahoe. RF T16x9s for rear fill. Build is turning into whatever i have in extra equipment to go in but sound good.


I know most dont like rear speaker, but nice to have something back there. I will put my T365 comps up front, these in the rear run off a T400-4. Stock HU with a Audio control LC7 i have. Used it twice in builds until i upgraded and it worked well.


These will see 75 rms as well as the T3 6.5's. I was thinking about running the tweeters off the HU in the A Pillars where the stock ones are now. Otherwise use crossovers. Not sure how the stock speakers are wired up.

Anyway more to come and lots to do. Ordered new batteries for the Lancer so hopefully get some work done on that system as well. Thanks for tuning in. 85 degrees here in Anchorage today.

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So kind of a funny update.... The enclosure fits but its so tight to get into the trunk its like magic to get it out. And it wont slide back all the way. So the easiest thing to do was cut it down 1.25". Make a new end piece to be glued, nailed and routered over again. Pics of why i did what i did.


Box in with all the trunk panels out.


To get it in i have to remove the trunk latch. Oh well, what ever it takes!



So in these two pics the enclosure was only a half in short of sliding all the way back against the back seats. That space is close to 4" and the wife wanted some trunk space. Well that was her bitch about me doing this and i told her she would still have a trunk. LOL


And this is one option for equipment layout but still playing with idea's.

Does anyone know which side is better for the port to be on? Driver or Passenger ?

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So cut down some i am not sure how much it will change tuning but it cant be that much. Marked it out and free hand cut it with skill saw.


Back together and ready for filler. I hope to have it primer and painted by next weekend so build cant be wrapped up by July 4th. So i can continue my Lancer build. I got my new Battery's this week. I ordered baffles and speaker wire harness adapters for the Malibu today. So hopefully it all comes together fast.

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So ya, this project went from adding a sub stage to replacing all speakers, installing the LC7 & amps for mids & highs. Plus Sub stage. Still a budget build since i have most of the items lying around. Since the stock HU will remain it wont be a SQ build but i have used all this equipment before and i know it will sound alot better than whats in the car now!

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