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2012 Malibu system upgrades: wiring & prep.

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Since my build is on hold i decided to finally get things going in the wife's Malibu. She bought it new and i did a few things to make it look nicer so now its time for a sub stage, then speaker and amp upgrades later.

I had a 2012 RF T1D4 12 and a RF 1000a1 amp lying around so those will be used in her system. I got a Joe X box design that i finished all the cuts on today.

I had bigger plans for this system but with mine taking so much time & $ I start with a nice sub stage and then add amplified mids & highs keeping the stock HU for awhile.

Anyway, here are some pics of what i got going on. Nothing to exciting but will try to keep it clean and interesting.

Its a clean car, Needs rims & tires. Performance Chip,and maybe tuned exhaust.

Trunk space i am working with. Keeping the box small to save room. 38 x 14 x 14 tuned to 34hz. Leave room for groceries and other goodies.


IMG_2191_zps5mizmj5x.jpgHere is the design. I didn't have a working printer to i taped a piece of paper over my lap top screen and traced it out. Low tech always works for me! lol

IMG_2188_zpsfw9flntt.jpgDesign and screw layout.

IMG_2192_zpshyj4gsph.jpgIt was a great way to spend the day. I have been wanting to get a start on this for about 6 weeks now but with work not a lot of time to get it going.

IMG_2193_zpstn2kur1u.jpgAll pieces cut and inside. Tomorrow i would like to round all port edges with my router and maybe pre drill holes and counter sunk.

IMG_2194_zps9se4apyx.jpgGoodies to go into the trunk. I of course want to sound deaden the whole trunk( one weekend ). The box will have all rounded edges, body filler all screw holes, primer and painted gloss black with clear coats... I think.

bought the FR amp kit & 3Sixty. I will tap into the rear deck 6x9 speakers for a full range signal. All gains will be set with my DD-1. 1999 RF amp ran that sub well before in my system, sub has low hours on it. Amp...probably not so much! Sound deadener i got off Amazon for $99, should be more than enough.

Should be a nice little set up. I have been thinking about upgrading my T1500 on my 2 HDS310s for something bigger and would use the T1500 in this set up. 
Thanks for checking it out and commenting. More to come hopefully soon!

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I was able to round over port pieces this morning. Turned out good. Used 1/2" router bit.



All port pieces done.


Front of enclosure - the port and side of box.


As you can see i pre-drilled all screw holes and counter sunk holes for filler.


Doubled baffled front so i will be screwing and glueing the two sheets together.


I went to Lowes to get a oak rod for port support and 1 1/4" screws for double baffled front. Now everything is neatly piled up in the living room waiting to be assembled.

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Nice! I have had this equipment lying around for a while and was thinking of making her car a nice SQ set up. For now just adding sub and later putting some T3 mids in the front amplified off a T400-4 active. Just something to sound good and keep a low budget. She is over 40 and doesn't want anything crazy. Hell she really doesn't want anything but i cant do that. lol

Still working on my Lancer and hope to finish it this fall.

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im in for a malibu build! :P

Thanks man, seen your Malibu build log and you have put a shit ton of work into it. I do slow work but try to do it clean and right the first time.

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looks great...as usual...excited for more progress!

2007 Chevy Aveo Ls sedan

2 Sundown Xv2 on scv4k @ .5 ohm

2 pair RE XXX 6.5 components on sax200.4 @ 2 ohm

Big Three, Three runs 1/0 power from front to back, 1 ground front to back

Two runs ground from rear bank to chassis

XS power d3100 upfront, 3 Odyssey 2150s in bank

Singer 220 amp alt

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thanks man! :P ... noting wrong with slow work along as you get it done :)

Thanks, i am working 13+ hrs a day and i am old. So progress is what it is!

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I caught a horrible case of the flu a couple days ago. Missed 2 days of work and was in bed for 38 hours straight but had to get up today to salvage something. So enclosure build went from this.....



It took about 4 1/2 hours and all my energy i had but its built.

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