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  1. HE would like to remove emblems and decals and work on removing some of the chrome, door handles, mirrors and trim possible.
  2. Son came over to wok on his truck this weekend. Bought lights that installed better positioning of the LED bulbs. ? I removed the running boards. He hated them and his wife is pist because she used them. With running boards.... Yuck! much better now IMO. Now he can clean them up and craigslist them. Hopefully he keeps buying up goodies every week and comes over to work on it every weekend.
  3. Ya the boy is all about his lights and tinting. LOL If only he was as motivated with the audio! he knows i will help buy shit just to have it done part way/
  4. Look killer man! I just spent 5 hrs with the son working on his 2011 Sierra saturday. I really enjoy working on projects with my son.
  5. Thanks man, my son likes it and i look forward to working on it with him. Especially the audio system.
  6. He's a good kid, mid 20's and married. Just bought a house and now this truck. He loved the 94 but it needed work that he didn't want to put into so getting the 2011 is a sure step up for him. Now that he has his LED's in he want a Denali grille, new GMC emblem, Take the running boards off and put some mud flaps on. Remove the 4x4 decal and maybe some badges. HU he want the Pioneer Apple play. We installed one in his wife's Mariner and it is a solid HU. I would like to make the doors solid and put some great SQ speakers and amp and down the road some subs. He will have this truck a long time and i think will be motivated to make a nice build over time. The 94 got about 12 mpg he is currently getting around 16+.
  7. My Son just sold his 94 truck for something newer. Trail Master package. Sold it for $3700, He was the second owner and everything is original. Bummer he let it go. TO This....2011 GMC Sierra. He did most of the work, i tinted and cleaned up wiring. He pretty much did the rest. I was impressed. 1st coat, i put 2 on and then cleared them. Trucks dirty, been raining for week straight so hard to keep the rigs cleaned. My Lancer is to the left and the wifes Trail Hawk to the right. Malibu is in the garage. Stock lights. My wiring clean up, son doesn't have the patients and always makes the electrical look like shit. New light in, i have no idea what he bought. I know the LED's are Opti7's. New head light and fog light assembles with all LED's. He wants the Denali grille and black out the GMC. 8 percent tint. He has tinted the windows and upgraded his lights. It will be a slow build for him.
  8. Looks good> Build it and give us a review.
  9. Lot of $ for such little power. My RF Power T1500 was $550 and does better rated than that amp. Half the foot print too. Love it! Thanks for the test results and always giving out good info.
  10. One step closer man! Tuned in!!!
  11. Fuck ya.. Looks good man!
  12. Fuck Ya man!!! Looks good!
  13. So i researched a little to see if i was full of shit. turns out most articles so you can but here is the affects and down sided. Resting voltage is one. charging rate and type of charge is another. I don't chase numbers but i like to do shit right. But everyone can build there systems how they see fit. Kenetic HC 600 up front. Front Started Battery. Lancer rear Battery's. This is what i put in my daughters 94 Suzuki SideKick. More than enough power to start her 4 banger and run a 700 watt system. Wife's Malibu which is mine now. Pretty stealth, some wire loom would have hidden the RF OFC 4 gauge wire.
  14. Mixing wet celled batterys with AGM's isn't the best practice IMO. From what i understand, and i could be wrong but AGM usually have a higher resting voltage than a wet cell and can lower the AGM and weaken it over time. Others may chime in to correct me, but if your stock battert isn't a AGM i would go with a new big AGM under the hood and you can always add a second smaller one down the road. I was just looking at my son's 2011 GMC Sierra he just got. It has stock battery and a second battery tray. I told him i wouldn't mix the two and the stock one needs replaced any how. Auto parts stores carry good AGM battery's at a decent price. When i did my daughters system (700 watts) i made her buy a big AGM for under the hood, ran her $200 but well worth it. It all starts with the electrical system.
  15. Anything new on the system? Still lovin it?