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  1. This weeks goodies! Items are getting fewer now. Another 10 sq ft of Second skin damplifier pro. Two boxes should be enough for rear doors & trunk. Sky High Multi - color 4 wire. Quality wire, OFC and very flexible, a couple 10' runs should come in handy. New plugs. Next weeks delivery is engine tune up parts. Couple weeks of work left, snows all the way down the mountains and it 25 degrees in the morning. I hate this time of year to work in!
  2. That is a good idea and i know i would like more black in the car. At this time though i am done with anything major to the car as it is my work car. I am putting a lot of effort into the Malibu this winter. I will repaint this car in a couple years for sale purposes to get as much out of it as i can.
  3. Both amp's tuned with track 4 on SMD DD-1 disk (SQ) I did a little tuning today. Had to turn the highs channel gains way down. Making a hissing sound. Reducing gains made it disappear. T2 6.5" mids where crossed over about 70 hz, sounded better at 125hz. P500-4 stereo bridged spec i 250 x 2 @ 4 ohm. Amp is seeing a 2 ohm load but i doubt its seeing more than 250 watts. The P38" in the kick panels are playing 60-150hz. 10's are playing 35-80 hz. The mids and high's are a bit louder, Punch @ 110 watts rms. Power was 75 watts rms. but other than that no real noticeable difference in sound imo. The VM is reading into the low 13's with these to amps vs the Power series staying in the high 13's - low 14's. Really happy with the swap and now all 3 Power amps can be cleaned up and used in the Malibu build. I already see an issue....
  4. I had a chance to put the 3/4" spacers on the amps. Removed front seat to get to the amps. Dirty after 4 years. Solid amps that i am putting in the Malibu build. 2 RF P500-4 amps. Front twt, rear T1 6.5 mid, Stereo bridged to run the T2 6.5" in the doors. All put back together. now i need to tune it all over.
  5. This weeks goodies... Loom! New relays. i like them better. Comparison. I like that the plug's attach to one another. It was a 6 pack. I think i will make 2 options and see which one i like better. This 6 input power fuse box will run the relays. All mounted on ABS or HDEP. Decent kit, has labels, fuses, mounting screws. I got a box of 30 amp fuses. More wire...
  6. I bought some 3/4" square aluminum tubing to make spacers to mount under the two RF 500-4 amps, i need to swap out the Power amps in the Lancer for the Malibu build. I got everything cut but ran out of time so hopefully next weekend i can pull the seats and amps out of the Lancer. Spent a few hours cleaning the garage to move the Malibu over. Cleanest its been in awhile. I will have to get the studded tires out real soon. Raining outside. Temperatures are dipping down into the mid 20's at night and we still have 3-4 weeks of work left to finish this job before winter hits and we are shut down. Nice to have them both inside. Ordered some of the last things i think i will need for this build... i think.... ya right! lol
  7. This weeks material's came in today: But first, while i had everything out i want to play with placement of the Limitless Lithium Battery. Low profile battery will make it easy to run wires. I will make a panel lid using trunk carpet as a template. I did the same thing with the Lancer and then cut it into 2 pieces. One for the sub enclosure to sit on & mount too. The other 2/3 panel for access & looks. This turned into.... THIS. 2 boxes of Luxury liner Pro. Damn this shit is thick and heavy! So my thoughts are to use the really good shit up front on doors, A-pillar panel & B-pillar panel. Then use the OverKill CCF For rear doors & panels. I would like another box of sound deadening, SoundSkins roll and i think that would cover most of what i need to finish the insulating and sound proofing. The Luxery liner pro was $150 on amazon. But well worth it! I need some ABS to work this for mounting of equipment. These are 1/16" x 12" x 12", 1/8" x 12" x 12". I bought this first. HDEP 1/4" x 12" x 24", and then i thought i need a variety of thickness's to work with. Shit is cheap but really glad i have it on hand. Relays for amps, back up camera and maybe some lighting but probable not. These are a bit overkill being water proof & 12 gauge but this is what i ended up ordering. Need nice Loom for interior and exterior. misc hardware & 100 other this that will pop up that i can't think of right now. lol
  8. I was boxing up and labeling equipment to reorganize the trunk better. This is what i have right now. Left to right. Morel 4" components, all SMD fusing & distribution blocks + VM, XS Power D3400, Limitless Lithium 25ah battery, box of 4 gauge grounds, assorted SHCA lugs. Alt and battery runs front to back, SHCA Big 3 & 4 gauge ofc power wiring, SHCA Premium RCA runs. More lugs/ heat shrink. Upgraded JL remote controller, JL Twk 88, Pioneer AVH 4300, auto wiring, tools, speaker labeling heat shrink. Licences plate back up camera, Second skin sound deadening, Overkill Pro ccf, Soundskin Pro. More coming! Plus this drawer of tools and electronics. Now its hard to start thinking of what i will need down the road that i need to buy up soon.
  9. Great thread. I have a 2012 Malibu, stock battery is a AC Delco 90-6YR. I searched and didn't find enough info on battery tray sizing so i wrote stock battery measurement down. Pulled the battery to measure tray and there was way more room for a bigger battery, just had to think outside the box to make it all work. I trimmed plastic on the bottom of the tray that wasn't allowing for a bigger battery. After everything was trimmed and measured i ordered a XS Power D3400. When it arrived i test fitted it and i had one issue with a corner. I grabbed the heat gun, got the plastic nice and soft to set the battery in to form the corner. Worked like a champ imo. Battery comparison. Another view. Battery tray had small vertical fins at both ends stopping a bigger battery to go in. Back left corner is where i heated it up to make the impression for it to fit. Even clamped it donw using stock hardware and it worked perfect. Front post for stock electrical and top copper plate for audio. I don't like the stock terminals at ALL! They ugly up what i am trying to do. I think i will loom up both power & negative stock runs real nice, cut off the ugliness and crimp on a SHCA 0 awg lug with heat shrink and call it a day. It will match the top terminals and look badass! Oh the battery box cover will not go back on because of the over sized battery but that's something i can like with. This is my car and i plan to keep it a long time. Been cleaning the engine bay & prepping engine panels for paint. Just because its a 4 banger doesn't mean it can't have swag under the hood! Rear battery in Trunk. Plenty of power for headroom and upgrading amps down the road.
  10. I returned the 2 cans of Gunk engine cleaner for some Super Clean. It worked really good imo. Winters coming in a hurry, termination dust on the mountains today so glad i got this chore done. Prep the garage for the Lancer. Second Skin OverKill Pro Closed Cell Foam – High Density Polyethylene Foam Decoupler and Barrier Sheet for Cars – Made in USA I think i will you this in the rear doors and get some Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro Mass vinyl closed cell foam for front doors and panels.
  11. Amazon goodies showed up today. Automobile detailing kit. Still need to finish the engine bay and wanted better tools. Kit was $30, at the local auto parts store some of the brushes can be $5-7 so i think this was a bargain imo. The tap is for interior, and i don't own any flush cutting pliers. Tool & tape drawer additions.
  12. Battery terminals showed up today, glad to have it complete. These posts showed up today too. I tried to get these shipped from a dozen dealers and the last place i expect was Summit Racing. Shipping was as much as the item. 5th busiest cargo hub in america and still hard as fuck to get stuff. This is what i had in mind. I am still not liking the stock wiring runs. I will have to think about it. SHCA Premium RCA cables arrived today too. It was a great week for goodies. I am happy with these rca's, they look & feel solid and can only hope they perform well.
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