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  1. Trying to get my build done. It's during the worst time in my life but hey... we all have it rough one way or another thru this shitty time. It's become a job, not much fun but i have a car in pieces than needs to be put back together. This site has changed some much i don't hardly recognize it. Back in the day post would last minutes on the main page, now they last for days.... Happy holidays SMD.
  2. I have had a HU in car for 1.5 yrs testing and tuning as i go. AC to DC converter for power. speakers are well broken in and sound good. Hopefully way better in sealed pods.
  3. 4" components for A-pillers. $600 They look like the are coax but they are called coincident speakers. Twt is build into the mid range and you have total control of both. Advantage is all that sound is coming from on location.
  4. I think your on the right path. Been on this forum for close to 10 yrs. Love it, learned so much. I have also learned from 5 Star Audio, Car Audio Fabrication, but the next level learning is Peter from PS Sounds in the UK. Guys funny and has a shit ton to offer.
  5. I found the picture of everything i bought summer 2019. At this point the car has been gutted since winter of 2018 for sound deadening treatment. spent close to $2500 on sound deadening materials. Only large areas let are rear door that can be done at any time. I love music and this what it takes to have a good system imo.
  6. I look thru your build log and wanted to say it's nice to see the process being done the way way you are. When your system comes together it will be very nice. It takes time, patients, research and most of all $$$. I spent one summer buying up $5k worth of stuff that still hasn't made it in. Soon though!!! Look forward to watching your progress.
  7. ..I believe the fuse is for the positive fan turn on. Your constant power to the tm-1 should be fused as well.
  8. Sorry my wire was white too I was just reading off the instructions. It's designed to run new wires to and from in order to hook everything up. I would think the yellow fuzed might be for the black and white heading to the fans so if something were to happen there it went short out the tm1. And then you add another fuse at the battery for the constant that could be a smaller wired fuse it wouldn't hurt to have both ends protected with using but that's just my opinion
  9. The Black & Grey are larger gauge to run fans up to 5 amps DC. Any larger and you would need a relay to run larger. 3 wires in the harness power to TM-1 and the grey and black power the fans. There is a temperature probe and turn on setting on the back of the face plate.
  10. TM-1 Instructions i have: B+ Power wire = RED ( Must use inline fuse) Turn on Trigger = White (ignition/ Acc) Ground = Black Fan + = Grey Fan - = Black Watch a Youtube video i am sure there are some out there.
  11. My Malibu stock battery was a b64 I think, I measured and stuck this d3400 big bitch in. You don't like what Xs has, buy something else!
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