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  1. I spent most of the weekend cleaning and detailing the wifes car. Here i removed carpet and cardboard trunk floor. Notice where the power wire is running. removed second trunk panel to get to a fuse box and Amp. All this was taped together, didn't look that good imo. I crimped ferules on the positive and negative, heat shrink-ed them and finished it off with loom and moer heat shrink. I re-taped the high level speaker signal and i will zip tie it to the power loom when the sub gets here. Which i must say living here sucks! amazon takes forever and even the car audio shop i ordered it from 2 weeks ago doesn't have it yet. i did not have any 3/8 loom for the signal wire which bummed me out. This is what it looked like before. Trunk back together without wiring stick out everywhere. I did chase it to the battery and it is done up right. Happy forth of July
  2. I installed tail lights and temp mounted the licence plate back up camera. I am a dumb shit and didn't renew the tags today so i could button it up. Next week i guess. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. Rear end will look killer imo. Happy 4th SMD.
  3. We bought new tires Friday to save the winter tires that it came with. Mercedes design is smaller tires in the rear than the front, height wise. 225/45/18 on the front 245/40/18 on the rear. we went 100 miles out of town this weekend and it drove like a dream. The faster you go the easier it is to drive. still working on detailing the car every time i wash it. Still waiting on the sub to show up.
  4. I was able to get the tail lights tinted Friday. Temp mounted. Turned out good imo. With the Black framed back up camera and smoked lens the rear end should look nice.
  5. The mids in the door up high but as long as you like it that's what matters
  6. Solid build, clean looking, nice to see you doing it right and putting the time in. Love every thing but the doors, but everyone does it differently. Video of it shaking the cab please!
  7. I bought goodies to help clean the Benz. Wipers are special and was lucky O'riely's auto had them.
  8. Side markers with led's in them. Lenses installed. I am happy with how these turned out. Trunk lenses with reverse light installed. Bow Tie needs some love but that's later. One piece of Soundshield installed. Factory wiring Tesa taped up and Led's for reverse light's. It wasn't easy by myself and tried to make it as even and nice as possible. Far from perfect, good thing it gets covered up. Factory lid panel back on. Been a few weeks since i took it off. There is a possibility i won't go back to work until after July forth, which would be great for getting some progress made. Back up camera and wiring so i can start filling that space at the bottom. Everything is really close just need the time. Tail lights are next to be tinted & installed. More work tomorrow....
  9. It was a pleasure to drive and that car wants to cruz at 80+, hard to keep it at the speed limit. Way impressed for a 2.0 turbo.
  10. The wife bought it new in 2012, paid it off a few years ago and gave it to me. Has 50K on it with good servicing throughout its life. Its just a project car, if it takes a shit oh well. This Benz is bad ass, the only downfall i see is it teeny tiny 15 gallon tank that will need to be filled weekly. $42 now but when fuel goes up and it will, probably closer to $60. She loves it thought and that's what matters. Thanks for chiming in.
  11. Trying to get trunk lid work done so i can move on to the battery tray. It was the right time to pop the side markers out to tint and put LEDs in. These were a pain in the ass to get out. Cleaned up and prepped to tint. A bit more sound treatment to the trunk lid and then i can start putting it all back together. Boring update but its something. I have the rest of the week off so i will get more done.
  12. It has the Burmester system in it and once i tuned it i was a bit impressed with the sound. I have done some research and it could be better with a little love but there will be no plans to do that. 3.5" in the doors & 1" tweeters in the sail panel. Sound stage is nice and high on the dash. Rear doors are the same set up. 4" drivers under the dash.... ? The C-Class gets 13 speaker, a nine channel amplifier for a total of 590 watts. (7x50w) & (2x120w) for 8" bass driver that i might switch out at some point. The lowest frequencies are aided by Mercedes’ ‘frontbass’ technology, where the woofers are built into the front of the car body instead of the doors. The tech uses the driver and passenger footwells as acoustic horns to boost sound pressure. So the floor speakers sound like the could use upgraded. I found this wiring in the trunk and i knew it was a RF power & signal plugs. Wires were soldered they just put electrical tape on instead of heat shrink. Wires are coming from pre-amp side and power and ground seem to be run properly which tells me a shop did the work. I will clean it up some when the time comes. So since the wiring is there and i want to surprise the wife with a little bass but not take up to much of the trunk. I ordered this set up yesterday and got a smoking deal for it. Be here in about a week, i will have to sneak it in and not tell her about it, taking the car to the car wash dear... lol I thought about the 10" but the 12" was really close to the same cost and i know she likes her beats!
  13. The wife traded the Jeep TrailHawk in a week ago for a more affordable payment. To my surprise she came home in this: Nicest car i have ever had the privileged to dry off. I drove this all last weekend and wow what a car. Monday was hard to drive the Lancer because its just not a Benz. lol It is lighting a fire under my ass to work on the Malibu. Floating screen with all the integration to the car and its systems is really nice. A bit complex to navigate thru but once you read the manual it is easier.
  14. I filled these holes with luxury liner pro. The oval holes took 2 layers. I will put some inside the trunk next time i work on it. Made the SoundShield cover for the trunk lid. The wife turned the Jeep in for a 2015 C300. payments went from $640 to $385. Nicely styled car. She is in love with this car. 250 hp turbo 2.0 gets up and goes. Now for the interior & audio. Floating screen. The interface with the car and its systems is badass. the Burmester system. 3.5" mid & 1" twt in the front doors. Same in the rear doors. 4" drivers under the dash on each side. 6" mid-subs in the fire wall on each side. 1 4" in the dash & 1 4" in the rear deck for surround sound. And i found this wiring in the trunk. I think it might be RF plug in play system but not sure. I think i know who did the work and will be easy to ask the shop. so maybe some subs in the future since it hear all ready. Once i tuned the system it is the best stock system i have ever heard but thats not saying much. Really nice car and i am glad she is happy with it.
  15. Updates on trunk lid sound deadening: received my damplifier last week. I finished the inside of the lid everywhere i could reach. installed here for for mass. inside where i could reach. Making template for new product of sound shield to cover trunk panel. Now to cut it out and apply to sound shield. I will fill holes in lid with acoustic foam to help with deadening before covering.
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