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  1. Ya that looks nice. Good job, now lets get that equipment in there! lol
  2. bcbrassard

    will adding spiders change my qms?

    Can"t = Can & Not. lol
  3. bcbrassard

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Ya it might. Then change to -10 db and see if you like that better. Subs will handle it as long as it's clean. And you are comparing the set up to the vehicle it was in to what you put it in currently? Remember that there will be a acoustical change from say an SUV to a trunk set up. The subs will perform and sound different from vehicle to vehicle. Nature of the beast.
  4. bcbrassard

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Wire it down to 1 ohm before you change the gains. No Boost....
  5. bcbrassard

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Track # 3 on the SMD DD-1 40hz -5db for SQ.
  6. Damn... That clean as hell looking. Can't wait to see the video on how you made it. As always i hardly ever miss a video.
  7. Welcome to the forum. 12" subs? There are a lot of budget friendly gear out there you just have to research prices. Pick your subs and post for enclosure help to build to meet the specs of the sub and your tuning preference.
  8. bcbrassard

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    I have used the Faitalpro 3.5" and was very surprised at how well they sounded. Bench tested them against a jbl GTO 4" coax and Focal 4" components and it sounded just as good as both those. Tuned in to see where this goes...
  9. bcbrassard

    sub amp is blasting wide open/freaking out

    Welcome to the forum. Bummer its acting up, hopefully your warranty will cover any repairs. Strange that it is putting out a signal like that even with RCA's unplugged. Electronics do weird shit sometimes. I have had only one amp take a shit on me and it was in my brothers Ranger. Sub blew and took the P-300 with it. I have a lot of RF products and that the only failure. I am a firm believer in" you get what you pay for " and sometimes shit happens. What new amps you looking to get?
  10. Fridays weathers was the nicest day while we where there. BW SureStay, Nice rooms that where recently remodeled. Our rental car. I like my 2012 model way better. I just need to finish a-pillars and get excited about this build again. K-1 was closed Thursday due to the roof leaking onto the track. Only way we where able to race friday was because of the nicer weather. Track had one wet spot to make it interesting. Not use to seeing this. Anchorage has about 360,000 people and i would guess our homeless is around a couple thousand but it is hidden more having wooded areas for them to camp. Downtown was even worse. Sad.. We had fun hear for a few hours. Beautiful Casino.
  11. Well it wasn't that bad...and Cali's 27% weed helped make everything OK. lol
  12. Trip update: We went to Steve's shop Friday Nov 30th around 9 am. I caught Steve's son outside and he asked if we need help. I told him we came to check out the shop, once inside i said we had just come from Alaska to check it out and the Sacramento area. He went in back to get Steve. When we meet i told him we where from Anchorage and wanted to check out the shop for a few minutes. Steve was nice enough to show us around. He had all three routers running and needed to stay close by to monitor them. He was super nice to take time out of his morning to show us around. As where where rapping it up with Steve both my son's and i phones where ringing and i was like WTF I am meeting Steve Meade leave us alone.... Well it was the wives checking in after the 7.2 Earthquake that hit Anchorage. We ended up staying in the parking lot for about a half hour calling friends and family to make sure every was ok. Bummer timing.. but everyone back home was fine. Steve had recommended Thunder Valley Casino to check out and after our misfortunes on the trip we thought luck would be on our side. We went to K-1 Speed to rally the go karts, beat the son booth times and had a blast. Then off to the casino where i pulled out a $510 win on Wheel Of Fortune. My son didn't win but i made up for it. Then off to Dave N Busters to play video games. Sacramento was different, Hell everything is different in the states, We went to the automobile museum, Winter Wonderland Fair, Checked out a couple local car audio shops, eat some good food, hit a couple pot shops. It was fun being with my son no matter what, we took everything in stride and just stayed positive. In hind sight i wish i would have called his shop to give him a heads up that we were heading down. I have to admit i was a little Star Struck meeting him and i think he was thrown off a bit by us showing up unannounced. He was busy and focused with his business but still very nice to spend a few minutes with us. I didn't get any pics, would have loved a autograph, He was out of shirts/hats for sale and i did't get to buy any equipment but thats on me. I did get to walk by the "bone Yard" and drool at the equipment. I got back home and went back to work doing emergency repairs from the earthquake, it took 3 days of digging and de watering to find the water leak. Hydrant leg had shook out of the 6" valve because the installer in 1996 did not tighten and snap the mega lug bolts that hold the pipe in place. 45 minute fix and spent the next 2 days back filling and cleaning up. All T & M and waterline was 11' deep. Hot water heater took a shit while i was away so everything i made at work went to replacing it. Just my luck...$1200 could have bought a lot of stereo equipment.
  13. Ya man... The A pillar's should look good when your done. More importantly your happy with how they sound. Keep up the good work, we want to see pics of your door treatment.
  14. Nice father/ son project. Thank you for taking the time to meet me and my son last Friday. We enjoyed the tour.
  15. I think the speakers look kinda cool hanging out there in the air. That cool it sounds so good in the configuration you have now. The rest will come in time... Enjoy that good sound.