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  1. This showed up today.... It was $178 on amazon, i bit spendy but one of the better license plate back up camera. Comes with all the wiring and is service able if i ever had to replace ore work on it. The wiring is some of the best that i seen in other products. All metal w/ mounting hardware, camera is small as hell, resolution is 768(H0) x 494(V), not 4K by any means but clear. It is smaller than a dime. The whole frame is metal, the finish is really nice, and its very small looks great IMO. These came in last week to replace the power amps i will use in the Malibu. Budget friendly amp $365 for both. SQ SI-850 (900 watts) to power the FR 8" subs in the Kick panel. And the SQ SI-2250(2300 watts rms and 2700 dynamic) to run 2 HDS310's , should be perfect match. Gut shot of both. I hope to install these in the Lancer over 4th of July. Now to save up for front stage speakers, I want to get the Morel Hybrid Integra 402 to try. I have 2 set of a pillars and can always make a component set of A-pillars down the road.Those run about $500 for a pair.
  2. Thank you, they are very budget friendly. I showed the wife and she thought i was trying to pimp out both vehicles. i explained to her that i was taking the best amps i had for the Malibu and the lancer needed these to replace them. I said i was taking $950 worth of amps out and replacing them w/ $370 amps. I thought that was pretty budget friendly. Probably won't show her the A-pillar speakers since they will be $500 or more! lol My $, I just don't want to hear any bitching. lol
  3. Trying to figure out what will look & work best for amp layout. The taped area is the size of my enclosure. I was kind of diggin this layout but it is a bit tight stacked. I like this look better. Just trying to figure it all out before the fourth of July.
  4. How does the JBL perform? I think most people who run them say they sound really good, it would be interesting t hear most variations of subs, all i hear are mine!
  5. These came in today. I am surprised of the build quality, hopefully the perform good. SQ SI-2250 SQ-SI 850 Guts shot of both. planning to replace the RF amp in the Lancer for these over July 4th.
  6. I said it in the last sentence. I like the look, its a cleaner A-Pillar and probably no one up here has a set-up like it. I want smaller driver i the A-Pillars. Too big doesn't look good to me. May i ask why not?
  7. I think i might have found another option since trying to find the Illusion Audio c3cx speakers are slim. The Morel Hybrid Integra 402 look like a good option, it has the tweeter in the center of the mid-range speaker. Both can be run active independent from one anther. They run about $550 that not to back. My other choice was Hertz ML 280.3 1 3/8" tweeter paired with the Hertz ML 700.3 which is a 3" driver. They are a component set. Both together would be over $700, a bit steep, i was willing to pay $600 for the Illusion Audio for $600 though just because i thought they were kick ass. I hope to have something picked out by 4th of July week to make the order. I have noticed there are few coincident style speakers out there and it is something i want to do. I think it keeps the pillars clean looking without sacrificing much SQ imo.
  8. So with racking up parts for the Malibu, Plus eventually robbing 3 of the 4 RF Power Amp to run in. The T400-2, T400-4, T1500-1. I have been thinking of what to replace them with so i started looking at budgets amp with high output and came up with Sound Qubed. I bought this to replace the T400-4 i have stereo bridged to run the P3D4 8" i have in the kick panels. SQ claims it can put out 1000 watts, i believe i will run these at 2 ohm and turn the amp way down. They currently see about 250 watts now & 300 watts is there peak. May try 8 ohms. The price is awesome at $103 with free shipping. I went with the Sound Qubed SI-2250 to run the HDS310's i have. This amp was on the dyno w/ 2743 Watts dynamic in 1 ohm. The T1500.1 put out about [email protected] 1 ohm. I always knew i was underpowering the HDS310's which are rated 1200/2400 watts so if they see 1400 watts each now from the 900 watts each on the T1500.1 that will be a better match for these subs. I wanted the trunk amps to be the same ans wasn't looking to break the bank. It is mid-bass & Bass, the mids & highs will be ran of 2012 generation RF Punch amps since i am pulling all Power amps out. I have 2 RF Punch 500-4 amps that will play nicely. they have been in a couple of builds. They sounded great in the Malibu. I might swap them out over 4th of july, i would like to meter me system now to have some comparison #'s. Any recommended cheap SPL meter's you guys can offer idea's too.
  9. Yes, i have done 99% of all the work on my Lancer & 2012 Malibu. I try not to let anyone work on my vehicles.
  10. I just ordered the JL Audio DRC-205. It is a nicer controller than the one that comes w/ the TWK 88. I think they should up the price $30 and throw the DRC-205 in the TWK as a option because now what do i do with a controller i will never use?. Anyway it was $89 thru Crutchfield which was a good price, most places want $99 or $89 plus shipping.
  11. Not a SQ set up but it sounds good and gets loud as hell. Keeps up with 2 SQ 10's on 2k. Malibu i am building will be the SQ ride.
  12. thank you sir! Happy to have another piece of equipment ready to go in.
  13. Haven't thought that far ahead. Vehicle is sound deadened for the most part, rear fill & mid-bass speakers in doors. I would like to try the Illusion audio component set in a-pillars. Use lasers or the ear O meter to find the best sounding position for speakers. Again not at that step.
  14. Been a minute since i have updated, this showed up yesterday. Super happy i have this piece, now for a-pillar speakers. This comes with a lot of goodies and i plan to upgrade the function knob to the newer DCR-205. I paid $455 off Crutchfield with free shipping to AK and received it in 5 days. Now ti find the mounting location to figure out how long of rca cables to get. Lots to buy by October to have to finish the build this winter.
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