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  1. SHCA 1/0 AWG OFC Big 3 showed up this week. Just another small piece of the puzzle. SHCA Heat shrink label kit. Sub label is a nice touch. And of course enough to do the job and then some. So i have been hunting down a company to sell and ship a XS Power D3400 Battery to ALASKA and fuck has it been tough. Only place i found was SSA Store and i paid a shit ton for shipping but what else was i to do. I really didn't want to run another brand. Anyway hope to get that by the end of the week. I am thinking about limitless lithium cell in the trunk. Ordering this battery was a big one to cross off the list. Just wish we had a dealer up here to have cut the cost down some. Oh well it's done, now to wait for arrival!
  2. I picked up a roll of SoundSkins this week. Also ordered 10 sq ft Second Skin for the rear doors. I would like to have a couple rolls of SoundSkins lying around when build time comes. Rear doors, Trunk Lid, plus lots of interior panels to do to make this as deadened as possible. This is roll 13 i think? I would have to look back for the exact account.
  3. out with the old. Baby steps to this... Next level. First set up was around 1K, this will be closer to 2K. Fun to build, wish i could have finished it. Nice to see what i am learning and applying it. Always trying to make it better.
  4. Starting a materials list. I don't have any 8 awg ferrules for sub and amp inputs. Speaker wire in enclosure will get the Tesa treatment and some foam to keep it from vibrating. This is a s much as i can do this weekend. I ordered $300 worth of wiring from SHCA, and $150 from amazon, tools and misc shit. Ordering today means usually everything's here by Thursday. Baby steps for the next 14 weeks, got to get everything i need before then! Every week it has to be something!!!!
  5. This lug crimp er goes down to 4 awg so i couldn't use it. So i soldered them. Turned out solid as fuck! looks good on the SMD set up. Now to enlarge that hole. Rotozip and dremel to make it a good fit. Nice upgrade IMO. Need to solder up wires going to the sub, pull sub down to look for inputs into it. Just put--in around. Getting ready to order wiring & tools.
  6. Working on sub enclosure speaker terminals. I need to find my lug crimper , need to buy a new one. Now to rotozip enclosure for terminal cup.
  7. I grabbed the amp to see what the difference was. SHCA 0-4 AWG reducers. Its better than i thought. Not sure why i didn't like them. huh? I don't know much about amplifiers, i have limited experiences with different brands but have had a few generation RF equipment and always be happy with it. This amp was $600 and the most i have spent on a amp to date. When i swapped this amp with the SQ SI-2250 it was night and day. SQ amps moves the subs but i can not tune it to save my life. HU same just new amp, the T1500 was dynamic & musical. The SQ amp is pretty flat sounded. I think after i get this system set up i would be interested in replacing all the amps for better one but i need to finish this upgrade before i start planning the next! Fuck!!! I'm a audio junky!!!
  8. Starting to think about electrical system, landed on amp inputs and pulled out what i had to mock up. SHCA 0-4 awg reducers. Sleek diameter keeps the + & - further apart. this style is larger and really solid! It makes the connection really close. Taped them off last time i used them so the 2/0 heat shrink will look much better. Side by side comparison. I accidentally stripped the SHCA one, oops but it is pretty thin aluminum. The one on the left came from toolmaker about 5 yrs ago and its solid. These are the inputs for the FR T-1500.
  9. 8-1-19 Goodies came in. Nothing special just a couple items so i can work on the enclosure this weekend. My first car audio T-shirt, kinda excited about that. Be nice if they would sponsor me ha ha. 8 awg lugs for speaker wire w/ Heat shrink and more speaker location labels. I borrowed my co-workers roto zip to enlarge the terminal cup location on the enclosure. Now that i have everything i will try to finish it up this weekend. Updates on progress thru out the weekend. Damn... August first already. Another summer flying by! Only rained for a couple of days, been cloudy and a bit cooler. Living up here you can feel the change in the morning come quick. Usually half of August and all September is the rainy season and then it stops in October to start freezing. By the end of the work season it can be 15 degrees out with a high of mid 20's. Having a garage has been great, doesn't matter what the weather is doing and your shit is secure!
  10. I think i will have to try an plan a trip to where i could see a SQ event. We will see what the wife has to say about it. She just listened to the Malibu with the Morel Hybrid Integra and she was impressed. Last demo until its done for her. lol
  11. Working on box terminal now. I removed the push pin style that i made and was using o 1K. I soldered, heat shrink-ed and melted plastic to keep the nuts from vibrating free. I tried to do it right. Save it for another build down the road. Out with the old and in with the SMD! SMD terminal just laying in position. Should work great.
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