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  1. UPDATE: My weekly parts/equip order showed up today. Nothing to exciting but useful never the less. Clarks 180 pcs 304 stainless Rivet nut set. 13" Nut/thread setting hand riveter kit. IRWIN vise-grip self-adjusting wire stripper. Quality feeling kit. Now i just need a reason to use it. lol Fridays delivery will have more exciting items. Paying myself for not smoking. Been 3 months.
  2. thanks for the input guys. i will be looking into that disc Randal, that was the one i was referring too.
  3. I glued the base of the switch in and installed the button. Cleaned up the backside with foam and tesa tape to keep it rattle free. I wanted to hear how the FOCAL 3.5" component set sounded with the T3 real quick... Well tht lead to relocating the HU back to the dash. Changing out rear speaker wire for longer runs, towels in corners w/ 3.5" component set aligned. These speakers are sounding great on this low power front channel cheap HU. So clean.....Gets surprisingly loud for a few watts per driver. I can only imagine the on the T400-2(160 watts x2 @ 4 ohm) & T400-4 (75watts rms x 4 @ 4 ohm.) I think i will have plenty of headroom. So i really spent most of the day testing & tuning. Front stage sounds correct to me, everything i like is there with nothing i dislike. The Doors are just mind blowing, the T3 can get low and stay clean as hell doing it, play up pretty high and sounds good and that end as well. I will not be using the FOCAL, too big. looking for neo magnet drivers that are more compact. I enjoy the rear fill at times too. system sound great either way to me. Everything will change when i amplify the drivers. From there i have learned while tuning to turn gains down lower if need be and adjust crossover points, with a sprinkle of TA before i ever adjust EQ setting. I try to keep eq flat. I will be buy several tuning tools over the summer to help dial the system in. Polarity tester, PAC tone generator, own a DD-1, RTA , IASCA & MECCA CD's to test system in final tuning phase.(Next summer, lol)
  4. UPDATES: I have the day off due to getting hit by a snow storm, last week we did 10's and this week started 12 hrs a day. Every year it gets harder to get into shape, good this retirement is only a few yrs away. I'm working on the driver panel and going to get that back on today. I spent a little more time deadening this side. I drilled the grille hole on this panel too. I know what your thinking but they weren't clean holes and it looked as if it could interrupt the wave going out by suffocating the speaker. Just chilling listening to tunes. When i threw this in i just hooked up to the FOCAL crossovers for a quick listen. I never hooked up the T3 direct to the HU. Holy hell was i missing out on the mids & mid-bass. lol They really WOKE up. To funny. Those crossover go with the 3.5" component set and are crossed over high. Plus i think the T3 can play down to 55 or 60 hz. Working on trunk release latch button. Stupid ass location! I started my weekly orders for tools and audio so as they show up i will post pics and any progress..
  5. I am watching a video now with Peter from PSSounds in England installing a 15" IB Adire Audio Tempest sub in the trunk. This guy is over the top with his SQ setups! lol
  6. Tuned in.... tell me more how to go about it. With the deadening job i did it might be a perfect candidate but i have never looked into to much. Thought about in the lancer.
  7. I bet that left and right separation sound amazing. Your sub selection has me thinking about a different driver for my sub stage but that would mean building a different box and i don't think i could put a larger enclosure in the malibu trunk so it would have to be a driver w/ spec that suit a smaller box. Malibu sounds amazing w/ all that deadening in there. Not sure if you have followed lately.
  8. So your liking it 2-way over passive? How does that sub sound on that 2K?
  9. It will be faded for rear fill. Plus if i get the TWK 88 then i can set a program for front stage SQ only, and have a program for Front/rear sub. It is just how i want this build to be. Not competing in any SQ or SPL contest's. Thank for all your input.
  10. I believe that under the rear deck needs some attention. I hear what i think is reflection of the back wave bouncing high notes off the deck and i don't think it sounds as good as it could. Plus i have just enough material left to do it. To be honest i am itching to get a couple more rolls and just keep deadening. LOL There is a stiff fa-bricked panel that covers the underside of the rear deck. I can only imagine the back wave bouncing off it and hitting the bare under side and sounding tiny or reflective. So it begins... So ya, upside down still suck. At least the spare tire well is comfortable. I spend a lot of time rolling out air bubble's, i want as close to 100% adhesion as possible. And that takes time's poking and rolling it out. I had the results i was hoping for with deadening this area. Deep bass, rich mids & crisp clean highs. I am thinking about putting some Dynamat 1/8" CCF Dynaliner on the backside of this panel for extra added insurance that it sounds good. $45 a roll and a few hours work makes for maximum effort. Going back to work monday will slow this build right down but i will be able to afford all the goodies i need to finish next fall.
  11. The 6x9's are ccf. The one Fast Ring i used was the driver door and i added Tesa tape to the outside to help direct the wave. It only marries up from 1/8 to 5/8" gap so i am not going to sweat it too much. Thanks for the info. Not many go to this extreme so if it's not 100% perfect all the time i can forgive myself. I am listening to the system as i work on for about 5 hrs a day, i am super tuned into how the system is performing, and finding area's that need more deadening. Post updates tonight.
  12. SoundSkins is a triple layer product. 1.5mm Butyl rubber, foil, 3mm ccf smooth acoustic foam. What i was putting on the back of the door panel was Dynamats Dynaliner CCF barrier.
  13. CCF? I figure with the Soundskin on the door and the foam on the panel was above and beyond. It's what i had to work with. And if you can show me how you did it in your build log i would love to see it.
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