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  1. I start work Monday so progress will be even slower. I did start the Malibu at the beginning of the week, she fired right up and I let it get to temp to run for 15 minutes.
  2. I put the back corner panels in. Wires have loom on them and the Damp Pro is Velcro around the edges. Rear Seat Frame and belts installed. That is as far as i will go with the rear seat assembly to be able to get to the wires just in case. WOW what a leap from where i was last week. I love it, work on HU and dash install tomorrow.
  3. Good progress tonight. Trunk roof panel. Slid sub back to get panels in. By sliding the sub around to get side panels in i didn't have to pull it. With it in place i took measurements to cut a piece of Second skin Pro to cover the floor. And i drilled holes to mount sub. This shit is thick stuff. Not sure if was needed but it's in now.
  4. Thanks man. You have shared some of that before and I have thought of it ever since. Honoring what we had to not marry again. It is sad my wife stopped trying, she knows she ran and feels horrible. I forgive her and am here for her. It's all can do beside move on. The build will gain momentum, remember this was kinda supposed to be my retirement project. Lol I am acting like it. Ha ha thanks again man!
  5. Thanks man! Didn't see you had commented, i hope your shit is better than mine. lol I am way better than i was last sunday when i found out my wife went to Maui with her lover over V Day and the next day was our anniversary. She lied and said she was going with friends. Oh well. Ya i have to get this done for me. The Lancer has a bad lifter so really babying it and just need to get the Malibu at least driving with rear fill playing while i finish the trunk. No tunes what suck a dick so thats the goal,
  6. Update: After a week of not looking at it, & -1 with wind chilly i decided not to go anywhere this weekend. I can keep the Malibu slide over and pull the Lancer out to work on it. Parts rooms are a mess so i cleaned basement first. Not too bad but i had to clean it up. Haven't touched downstairs in 2 weeks. Much better. Haven't seen this for awhile. I pulled all the equipment out to start putting factory panels in tomorrow.
  7. Yesterdays updates: Still working on wiring. HU harness mainly and all cables to and from HU. Just mocking up dash to see how it looks. Cut that piece out for more room to manage wiring. Pac interface all done. Few more cables to run, then work on rear deck and start charging battery for a test run in the next couple of days. Really bummed today with it being V-day and my annive
  8. Yesterdays Progress: I started working on remote knob installation. And this is what i ended up with. A very functional but ugly arrangement. There just wasn't the time or place for a better solution so this will have to do. I will look at ordering a new GM piece this spring for when i sell the car down to road if ever! lol Another look. I had to modify the sound deadening to have panel fit properly and i put a strip of velcro on the bottom to help it adhere to the carpet.
  9. My wife is and always has been my best friend. I dont understand exactly what she is going thru but I know my mid life crisis was bad. Something in side you changes, belief, maturity, spirituality, physically, mentally. Fucks with you. I will be the second to know how it all plays out if I am lucky! Lol
  10. Todays Update: Center console is done, front seat and cover in. Remote knob layout done. Tomorrow, knobs and pass seat done. products i am using. Hell ya been 2 years since this seat has been in. Stupid small shit one forgets. Installed this 3 times. Mainly tired now. every 2 hours i stop and walk the dogs, snack , ect. Car could be running soon.
  11. Yesterdays Updates: Bought a product to protect and shine. First product was a cleaner. After a hour and half i got both doors and pillar panel. Console not done. Clean this shit up good as it goes back in. I love this look, i came up with spotlighting the sub or light at the bottom for illumination. Here i have cut a piece of CCF for the console to help with road noise. I cut it the same size as the panel. Removed front bolt to get CCF in place
  12. Yesterday updates: Working on center console electrical, and everything else up front. wire management for putting panels back on. Clean ass channel if you ask me lol First panel to go back in for a long time now. Cleaning up wiring for center console to go in. Another look under dash. Console in but not mounted. I was getting froggy and forgot carpet on passenger side.
  13. Hey thanks for all the love guys. Much appreciated. Life is going better, last weekend was hard but not so much this weekend. It will all work out. My goal was to get the malibu running before my wife got back from Hawaii. She went for 9 days and i am watching the step son. Interior pieces going in soon. Updates coming soon
  14. Thats a awesome description, fits me to the T. Lol At almost 50 I can do 4-6 hours and am good. Slow ass build but best i can do right now as well. Great build keep up the progress.
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