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  1. I am sure it will sound amazing when you have the tuning dialed in. I told my wife what i posted and she got upset, lol she says she barely has time for us let alone a boy friend. I told she would have a few days to find one then. lol She didn't like that comment either. I am with you brother as long as he pays some bills...
  2. I would like to get a demo in this when your done to get a chance to listen to real SQ setups. My wife bought my son and I a trip to Sacramento to try to meet Steve Meade or check out his shop. And the area of course. Now that's supporting the hobby, hell of a nice gift IMO. Sincewe will be coming from Alaska. Look forward to it. Or maybe she has a boyfriend and wants to get rid of me for a few days. Hmmm either way its a win win LO
  3. Unless you wall it off for 4 12's i think 2 from a trunk build on good power will perform well. I got my wifes 2012 Malibu when she bought a 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailmaster and i have 1 T1 12" D4 on 1K and it sounds damn good. P500-4, P200-2 & a 1999 power a1000. Joe X design. RF T1692 in rear deck. RF T36.5" in front doors with P1 tweeters in a-pillers. I am making up new A-pillers for a 4" comp set of Focals this winter. This box and sub sound real nice. Gets pretty loud, my Lancer has 2 10's firing into the cabin on 2K so the Malibu is my SQ build. Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide and as always make a build log.
  4. What kind of speakers could take that power in 1985? Nice OLD SCHOOL amp, thanks for sharing man...
  5. Welcome.... Front speakers to ch 1 &2 of amp. Rear speakers to rear output high signal from HU. Sub bridged to ch 3 & 4. You really don't need rear speakers amplified, especially that small of speakers. This set will give you balance control, make your front stage sound the best and have a sub. A 5 channel amp would solve all your issues though. Good luck.
  6. bcbrassard

    Opinions on box design...

    1" is 25 mm/2.5 cm. What are the specs on the sub?
  7. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these videos. I watch religiously and enjoy the results. Keep up the great work!
  8. bcbrassard

    Ditching iphone

    Fading and Balance thru the HU maybe?
  9. Welcome to the forum. Yes you can run active the way you described. I would research as much as you can about running active so you can tune your system. Its not always easy setting up a active system and if your not knowledgeable you can end up with a poorly set up front stage. Get familiar with cross over frequency's of the drivers you will use. Proper gain setting and matching of your system. Tuning can also take patients and time.
  10. bcbrassard

    Amp suggestions for new blow thru setup

  11. Budget, Power and goals will have a lot to do with your set up. What amps and power to start with? And welcome to the best are audio forum.
  12. Head unit power is pretty low so getting speakers to match the power is important IMO. Some high wattage speakers need the power to shine. AudioControl is good equipment, How many watts are you running to your subs?
  13. Welcome to SMD. The best car audio forum IMO. Are you running them off a amp? Do you like the way the RF's sound? Is it worth the investment on rear door? You will get a mix of answers on here about rear speakers. Some SQ builds do it for rear fill. Others have no rear speakers. And those who do usually run a good coax speaker. The choice is yours since its your build. I would not buy speakers that didn't have good specs but thats me, if there Sundown they are probably good but without specs its hard to say. I run rear doors speaker but if i had it to do again i wouldn't, save the investment for better front stage or amps.
  14. tuned in to see where this goes. Welcome back.
  15. HE would like to remove emblems and decals and work on removing some of the chrome, door handles, mirrors and trim possible.