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  1. Cleared dash off yesterday. Been awhile since it looked like this, temp HU and x-over set up been there a year or so. It was great to be able to test the install and hear improvements as i progressed. I was listening to the mids and highs for the last couple of days but i missed any midbass so it was to clean up. I put these in a safe place in my room until they are ready for install. poor car, getting dirty and needs a bath. Along with finished. this to...
  2. Yesterdays progress wasn't much, still planning wire routing. I put the trunk panel in to see what my options are. With the back seat frame in place i could see the route better. Panel and frame not set in this pic. I felt like i had to put it together to come up with a final idea how to run the wiring. Sub will be in front of this panel firing in the cab. This panel will need a final trimming before getting carpet to be complete
  3. Organizing wire to start running power on driver side and signal on passenger side. I hope to get everything ran to the back seat today. I will have to install the frame for the back seat to make sure wires are clear. And figure out which way to go after the frame. Still pretty boring stuff but one step closer to the interior going back in, plus i have the loom showing up at the end of the week to finish electrical runs.
  4. Still working on prepping the wiring. Ran out of materials with just a couple runs left to loom. working on wiring in the car. Soldering station. Ha ha Done for now. Driver side mid bass wiring done and labeled. The red wiring is for the interior LED's, i ran out of loom. Ordered more and it will be here at the end of the week so i can finish all wiring prep. Back up camera harness on the left.
  5. Trying to get my build done. It's during the worst time in my life but hey... we all have it rough one way or another thru this shitty time. It's become a job, not much fun but i have a car in pieces than needs to be put back together. This site has changed some much i don't hardly recognize it. Back in the day post would last minutes on the main page, now they last for days.... Happy holidays SMD.
  6. Got lights up on the house. I had to trade hanging for wiring prep. lol Straight ass lights, but not perfect. I have been working on them. Led, front stage speakers wires and a few more to go. Once there done running them should be pretty quick! ha ha And getting ready to throw a bunch of decorations up. More wires tomorrow. Oh went black Friday shopping and what a joke! Nothing good was left to put out since everyone bought the shit up on line. I grew up in the late 70's e
  7. I have 3 Rockford Fosgate power series amps going in. T400-4 midrange & highs. T400-2 mid bass and a T1500.1 Morel tweeter and midrange for A-pillars. RF T3 6.5" midbass driver. RF T1 D2 12" bass driver. As for the home life it does feel good to get along and be in the now together.
  8. The apartment she rented fell thru so she is here until after the holidays. After that is anyone's guess. I do everything for her and only work on it when she is not here. Plus she hates i tore the car apart and wants it back together so i can enjoy it. Really the Lancers a piece of shit, great for work when dirty but other than that i would definitely like something nicer to drive. But ya no more car audio for awhile. I was dreaming of some Zapco amps & a DSP with tons of overhead power. And a new sub, something geared for SQ a bit better.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving SMD members. Progress over the last few days. Back Up camera into the trunk on the left side meeting up with reverse trigger. All loomed up with heat shrink. Playing with more Power options for the future. I see amp and DSP upgrades in the next years. Finished product minus the Rockford cover on the distribution block. So this is a Stinger dual 0 awg input to 4 4 awg outputs. I tried to tint the plastic so it would match the others a bit
  10. Much better, I am working with limited wire at this point but found a longer piece to change the flow. Much happier with this look, it's funny because i never know exactly what i am doing until i do or re-run the wire to something better. The ferrules work really well, and leave a nice clean look. Nothing like when i started on the Lancer years ago. And it doesn't take much time to crimp, loom and heat shrink. Before i bought a crimper years ago i had to rely on how they came. Now i re-crimp it or cut it off.
  11. After redoing the ferrule on the ground(which was probably fine), I Started mounting support blocks under the wires and tying them down. There is one under the ground. I moved the positive run to keep them from touching. This one under the ground again to support the 0 & 4 awg. Grounds coming into the trunk from the frame. Who and the hell would buy these white zip tie mounts. Could fine anymore black one lying around. You can't see from the trunk side but sti
  12. Last night after dinner i just had to... Get the last of the ground wires on. I wanted the 2 in 1 ground distribution block closer to the point where 1 run comes up thru to the amp rack but this was what worked and looked good. All runs to the amp rack should be pretty short but i ran the cables long in case the idea changes. All lugged up and ferrules for the set screws to keep everything solid and clean. I know its over the top but i can rest easy knowing i did everything i could to make a solid electrical system. Since
  13. Todays progress.... My gay set up for working with wood and ABS. faster than a dremel and hand sanding. I cut, sanded and painted these this morning. Just in case i need them. The new SMD single fuse holder showed up yesterday along with the lugs and ferrules in needed. Mounted w/ positive run heading right. Wire is overkill for the electrical needed but if i ever need to tap into it i can.
  14. Glued scraps together to make posts for the wire. Playing with placements of these 3 blocks. I received my SMD fuse block today. The rest is coming tomorrow.
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