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6th order #s

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After testing different front and rear ports countless times finally gonna put my EMF Ermegerds in and double power.....the way it sits right now,it has 2 Zv4 rev1 18s in it on a TFE 8.0 at .5.... Does a 152+ from 20hz-57hz....lower peak is 29hz and does a 155 Sealed on the dash and upper peak is 53 hz and does a 154.2 Sealed on the dash... My last psyclone run it did a [email protected] 20hz 30 sec average...not bad for 2 subs on 1amp?... Hoping for a 153-154 psyclone run after its all said and done...

Next to a Team sundown 18 


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2002 trailblazer 4 runs of 1/0

 4 beyma pro6wnd per door.2 Sundown Sa v2 tweets and 2 Beyma 3in full range in the dash

14 banks of blue Maxwells, 

Dual Singer large case 370 hairpins 

mids amps dual RF 1000-4ad's

Precision power 2 channel for tweets

sub amp: 2 sundown SCV7500ds at .5 each 

Subs: 2 18in Sundown NSv4s in a 6th order

Dbdrag 156.5 @ 26hz 

Usaci 160.1 @ 36hz 

MECA 158.56 @34hz 

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