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  1. Time to get some fine tuning done.... big thanks to @CleanSierra
  2. After talking with Jacob at the CES show amongst a few others I'll gain in over all output.... the motor is about 25% stronger and the moving mass is less then my EMFs plus a longer magnetic gap should net me a db to a db and a half more overall out put with a direct swap....yeah I'll be keeping the 6th...after testing and tuning for 2 years and with the cabin gain I'm within a db from 18hz-56hz...best number is a 156.2 @ 26hz sealed on the dash at my lower peak
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  5. ^^^^^What he said.... hell at the CES showdown last January Orion had 3 guys on hand repairing amps that went down for the team Orion guys....and I'll just say they stayed busy
  6. You read my mind boo .... I've been hashing over beefing the hell out of the doors/passenger door for about 2 months now..love it!!!.....we'll talk soon
  7. Here's a juicebox 40ah
  8. It was Xtreme lithium or something like that.... the other company's like Juicebox and limitless use buss bars Another shot of the Xtreme lithium guts
  9. kalilac619

    Ultracaps vs lithiums

    Drop the agms....best thing I did with the caps and lithium...my lithium naturally floats at 13.3-13.5 but will so the Agm was dragging it down when sitting....jims machine workz makes and ones you want...don't know why my pic isn't showing up? But have the 6 bank ones and have an 8 bank set I'm throwing in soon to have 12 banks total....go by Hot alt amperage,my DC power 370xp clamps 450ish when ice cold but only about 380ish when piping hot...once you start beating on it the alt amperage starts going down so stick with hot alt ratings and you'll be gold
  10. kalilac619

    Ultracaps vs lithiums

    I've tried every combo and it really depends on your end goal....burp? All caps...demo/30sec avg type metering? Caps AND lithium... the ONLY way to demo with caps only is to have a shit ton of caps and DECENT alt amperage available....anyone who' says otherwise isn't using them or is giving half ass 1/2 volume demos....I have 690 amps of alt on tap (400ish at idle) 6 banks/3000 fareds of maxwell blue caps and 40ah of JB lithium in the back and hold 14.2 while reving and mid 13s at idle demoing...power is 2 sundown Scv6000s and I demo until the wheels fall off
  11. This thing loud yet???
  12. kalilac619

    A bit of NEO

    What kinda 20hz score we talkin about??? Lol
  13. kalilac619

    how to build a 6th order bandpass?

    Did someone say 2 18 6th order???..... mine is series tuned 6th and is 45 cuft gross if that gives you an idea of size...took about a year playing with ports and picking triticum and a few others brains to get it where it's at now.... does a 156+ Sealed on the dash....159+ door open on the dash...158+ at the head rest...160+ door open in the kick and my best psyclone run is a [email protected] 20hz 30sec average....that's 2 subs on 12k ....new subs are in route as we speak and power is increasing so numbers should get alittle bigger