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  1. I’ve been running Autotech for over a year with ZERO issues…..a lot of local guys were running them while I had singers ( another top notch Alt maker) and had nothing but good things to say….Sam the owner even comes out to local comps to trouble other people’s electrical issues even when they aren’t running his product
  2. You’ll be fine with 3 cuft sealed per sub in a 4th order…those box modeling programs need to be taken with a grain of salt since they don’t actually give a accurate cabin gain response graph….I run a 4th order and mine are in around 3cuft sealed per sub and I absolutely murder the lows compared to what my box program suggested it would be…it was about 3 db off of what I got with actual real world cabin gain
  3. Solid boards…damn near indestructible….put out tons of power….same board as the ampere audio 3800.1…
  4. Finally got some testing done....and she windy!....still 4 clicks down from where I use to burp with he SCV7500s but subs are starting to protest the power on tap
  5. I know its been awhile but how good and reliable was that MB Quart Q4.150 4 ch.amp I bought one used waiting for it to get here,you got anymore amp gut pics?

  6. Picked up A 2nd one cause I have head problems....when all said and done should be getting 20k+ per sub
  7. So far it’s making good power! I’m wired at 1 rising to 1.8 on a burp.... next gonna try a few burps at .25
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