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  1. A bit of NEO

    What kinda 20hz score we talkin about??? Lol
  2. how to build a 6th order bandpass?

    Did someone say 2 18 6th order???..... mine is series tuned 6th and is 45 cuft gross if that gives you an idea of size...took about a year playing with ports and picking triticum and a few others brains to get it where it's at now.... does a 156+ Sealed on the dash....159+ door open on the dash...158+ at the head rest...160+ door open in the kick and my best psyclone run is a [email protected] 20hz 30sec average....that's 2 subs on 12k ....new subs are in route as we speak and power is increasing so numbers should get alittle bigger😎
  3. You're welcome....those Modelos definitely will sneak up on you Lol......if I look close enough I think I can see 1 of my zip ties!...Good shit my friend,you and Kenny definitely earned/deserved it!! !.... Can't wait for this years finals,maybe I can keep both subs playing and finish higher than 6th place this year
  4. I run caps,lithium and agm....so I'm gonnna say yes 😈
  5. FI Team wall type?

    Correct....I can play for instance 20hz-56hz with variance of 1-1.5db that entire bandwidth
  6. FI Team wall type?

    I vote 6th....I run a 2 18 6th and I can float cats 🐱....if all works out I'll be running 2 Fi omega 18s in my sixth REAL soon 😁
  7. Ok let's try this again.... 2018 suburban LT
  8. Measured results??? Pfft...are you blind?? did you not see those flapping shirts and that sweet ass half window up paper trick??
  9. Ive been looking to try a new set of drivers...Hmmmmmmm....
  10. I've had my lifepo4 lithium installed since February 2015 with ZERO issue
  11. The homeless guy at the gas station by my house said he hated walls too🤔