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  1. The team sundown is currently being redesigned to be the same style/design as the NSV4s....I run 2 NSV4 18s in a 6th order with a sundown SCV7500 per and I'll say they're some of the best drivers I've ran NSV4 motor on the right Proto type Team on the left
  2. I just picked up 6 more banks of maxwells....if I replaced all 12 banks of maxwells with 12 banks of these? It would be lunch time
  3. I've been looking REAL hard at these for the past 2 months...
  4. Got bored and decided to add power...swap the scv6000s for some scv7500s temp amp rack....have a jimz machine works one on the way
  5. Depends on the power being ran and how many caps you're running...I run close to 700 amps of alt power and 6 banks of maxwell blue caps on 2 sundown scv6000ds wired .5 each and drop from 14.5 to about 13.3 (lithium resting voltage)a minute to a minute and half into a demo full tilt....I'm adding 8 more banks next month
  6. What walled sonic said...I run caps and lithium and I've tested pretty much every scenario and while caps do work excellent for burps not so much for demos/sustained draw without enough alt power.... 45ah should be good...I run a 40ah juicebox lithium and it held about better voltage then my 3 NorthStar agms direct swap
  7. Awww but I've been #1 all year Lol
  8. Ahahaaa I fell ya...already got my cert score and points so now I'll just be farting around at shows...might try bass racing the rest of the season
  9. Roof helped me out big,definitely dropped my peak!....i feel ya on the burp stuff,the lower I get her to play the lower my burp score goes down but meh....what I do have that a lot of these loud guys don't is massive bandwidth,154+ from 18hz to about 70hz ....all from 2 18s ....sadly I'm walled so I'm stuck in the walled class.... only reason walled was because I was stuck doing psyclone with the walled guys when I was from the cargo then after I wall they make a no wall class??? Is what it is though....oh most definitely give him some static!
  10. Yeah door hold gains me a full db + all day...I'm just looking for a little extra here and there...my 2 subs have a hard time keeping up with the big boys in psyclone ....after much talk with a few people,in the not to distant future I'll have a pair of fun twins heading my way from vegas...
  11. But but but you said you'd love me forever??? ....they've been in a week with maybe an hour of play time and so far these things are destroying the lows
  12. Time to get some fine tuning done.... big thanks to @CleanSierra
  13. After talking with Jacob at the CES show amongst a few others I'll gain in over all output.... the motor is about 25% stronger and the moving mass is less then my EMFs plus a longer magnetic gap should net me a db to a db and a half more overall out put with a direct swap....yeah I'll be keeping the 6th...after testing and tuning for 2 years and with the cabin gain I'm within a db from 18hz-56hz...best number is a 156.2 @ 26hz sealed on the dash at my lower peak
  14. kalilac619