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  1. You’ll be fine with 3 cuft sealed per sub in a 4th order…those box modeling programs need to be taken with a grain of salt since they don’t actually give a accurate cabin gain response graph….I run a 4th order and mine are in around 3cuft sealed per sub and I absolutely murder the lows compared to what my box program suggested it would be…it was about 3 db off of what I got with actual real world cabin gain
  2. Solid boards…damn near indestructible….put out tons of power….same board as the ampere audio 3800.1…
  3. You be good with 160ah-200ah or 4-5 banks of LTO…. I have 260ah on 32k with dual 370 amp alts dropping to 14.7 at the amp terminal demoing and my team mate has 200ah with a single 270amp Alt on 14k dropping to 14.3
  4. You’ll be fine…..I currently run a singer and an Autotech alternator with no issues
  5. Finally got some testing done....and she windy!....still 4 clicks down from where I use to burp with he SCV7500s but subs are starting to protest the power on tap
  6. I know its been awhile but how good and reliable was that MB Quart Q4.150 4 ch.amp I bought one used waiting for it to get here,you got anymore amp gut pics?

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