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  1. I give that soldering job a 10/10
  2. Over a year of tinkering with my series tuned 6th order and my findings are rear tuning effects low playability at tuning and below...little effect anywhere else ...i.E with a 6in aero vs an 8in aero my 30hz-40hz score didn't change much if at all....BUT my 25hz(tuning) and lower gained 3dbs in some areas....front port tuning affected higher frequency playability....tuned the front port from 37hz up to 52hz and they highest it would play no matter the tuning was about 67-68 with the 52hz port and 64hz with the 37hz port...what I found VERY interesting is how much port compression plays a role with band passes in general...for instance my current front port area is 268sq I went up to 420sq in of port and didn't loose anything on the meter at my rear port tuning oh 25hz and down and front port tuning of 52hz and up BUT 28hz-44ish I was down 3-4 db so it played exactly how triticums series 6th order graph looks....peak at and around its tunings,but as soon a I shrunk the port back down it flattend out and I gained the 30-40hz range back.... So It's all trial and error
  3. Explaining to burp guys what a 30sec avg is gives me a headache..

    1. Kyblack76


      Lol.... two different worlds. You be you,.. cuz peeps like me, love what ya do. To each their own,.. you do you ;)

  4. 1 of my subs told me GFY
  5. Damn! I had alittle windshield destruction myself, not that bad though Lol forgot to take my rear view mirror off like a dumb ass before demoing... It shot into the guy i was giving a demo to's lap lol
  6. Finally got over 400 in psychlone....finished with a 403.5....and did a 152.5 30 sec average at 20hz...not bad for 2 subs😄....just gotta add a EQ or processor to help bring my RTA up and play with another front port to bring up my spl score alittle
  7. I'd be ALL in for 3min runs 💀....I feel ya...no disrespect for burp vehicles at all...different strokes for different folks...I just happen to prefer beating on my shit like a government mule...going up doing my run...then continue to beat it the rest of the day 🤘
  8. TFE is out just picked up a pair of these....running 1 per sub at .5 for now 😇
  9. Yeah,they're in talks...they denied it at first then he lied and told them he has camera in his truck and their story changed..
  10. That's my buddy's truck...he took it to a tire shop and they decided to have fun with it while he was gone...
  11. Dat M.O.A.B doe..

    1. Kyblack76
    2. Ron36


      Hope we drop a lot more of those