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  1. You be good with 160ah-200ah or 4-5 banks of LTO…. I have 260ah on 32k with dual 370 amp alts dropping to 14.7 at the amp terminal demoing and my team mate has 200ah with a single 270amp Alt on 14k dropping to 14.3
  2. You’ll be fine…..I currently run a singer and an Autotech alternator with no issues
  3. Not for that power….the C7s are under rated beasts and could easily be rated at 2k-2.5k and still not have issues….xt3s are under rated as well and could easily be rated higher
  4. One of my amps is out for repair so I’m only clamping about 800 watts a sub….best numbers so far is a 158.22 at the headrest in MECA and 160 even sealed on the dash
  5. Finally got some testing done....and she windy!....still 4 clicks down from where I use to burp with he SCV7500s but subs are starting to protest the power on tap
  6. I know its been awhile but how good and reliable was that MB Quart Q4.150 4 ch.amp I bought one used waiting for it to get here,you got anymore amp gut pics?

  7. Picked up A 2nd one cause I have head problems....when all said and done should be getting 20k+ per sub
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