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  1. I’m redoing the back....took the Scv7500s out and picked up a B2 audio M16 Greatwhite
  2. Definitely make it interchangeable.... I’ve changed the front port about 7 times to get it where it’s at...current port is 221^2in which is the loudest on the meter but my other port that is 300^2in is doesn’t meter as well but demos better
  3. So far it’s making good power! I’m wired at 1 rising to 1.8 on a burp.... next gonna try a few burps at .25
  4. kalilac619

    My new beast

    Just picked this up to run my Sundown NSV4s... gonna be ran at 1 ohm nominal and .25 for burps...I only have about X2 rise so should make a Ton of power.... Powering it is Dual Singer 370 large case Hairpins charging at 15.8 with 14Banks of Maxwell Caps Next to one of my Scv7500s it’s replacing
  5. Singer will make one as well.... he was the only one at the time that would make a large case hairpin for the stock location for my trailblazer ....I run dual 370 large case hairpins
  6. Don’t focus on FS as much....lower FS just means that’s the subs natural resonance and will play that easier... but higher FS subs can still play low... it’s all in the way the box is designed and built....I run 2 18 NSV4s I can play well beyond the FS
  7. Even though this is a almost 5 yr old thread I’ll help you out....the Scv7500 would be closer to the DD M5 but but beefier cause it has triple power inputs and makes a tad more power then the M5
  8. Yeah,I know what you mean Lol I still need to add a stripper pole in... playing below 25hz is brutal!....here’s my best Kick score(my peak is low cause I use to mostly do psyclone Db drag) lovin the new SSA APM-X
  9. Technically it’s .4 each amp and my rise isn’t that much through out my bandwidth after playing with front and rear ports....this is the most I’ve gotten out of them(this is each amp f.y.i)
  10. Ram Designs is the one who designed my 6th order....but in his design,he designed it to where I could change out the rear port and front to get it all dialed in...rear port has Ben changed roughly 6 times staring with a 6in aero port to an 8in and now a 10in aero....added extensions to lower rear tuning and removed to up tuning while swapping out different sized front ports...front port has been changed roughly 8 times
  11. 24hz-34hz is where it really shines though
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