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  1. Finally got some testing done....and she windy!....still 4 clicks down from where I use to burp with he SCV7500s but subs are starting to protest the power on tap
  2. I know its been awhile but how good and reliable was that MB Quart Q4.150 4 ch.amp I bought one used waiting for it to get here,you got anymore amp gut pics?

  3. That’s just a rule of thumb for bandwidth but not necessarily set in stone...once in vehicle EVERYTHING changes....I’ve been a Octave and half apart to less then an octave part...windows up and down will change loading and tuning drastically...for instance I can play with authority 25hz-65hz both windows down but as soon as I roll a window up I can play the same authority all the way down to 15hz with out unloading But lose some of the upper authority...so the whole bandwidth shifts downward 10hz
  4. I’ve been as low as 18hz in the rear to as high as 30hz....front port has been as low as 37hz to as high as 70hz.... what a lot of people don’t know is with a series 6th order when you raise or lower the tuning of either port it effects the other port...I.e when I raise the rear tuning it raises the front tuning slightly and vice verse....same withe lowering tuning
  5. Of course ....I compete so I’m actively looking to gain where I can
  6. Yeah....I’ve learned the bigger I make the front port I lose output between the upper and lower tuning frequencies....I.e my 23hz tuning and 47hz tunings don’t lose output but the valley of frequencies between those to tunings drops as much as 5db depending on size...10in rear port is the largest I’ve went...previously had a 8in and a 6in with 8in being the loudest but 10in sounding the best overall
  7. Those numbers were with the sundown Scv7500s but Just added another B2 audio M16 great white to run 1 per sub....should be about 20,000 watt increase
  8. Rear chamber is 15 cuft Net tuned to 23hz with a 10in aero port(Big ass port) but has been shrunk to 13.9....front chamber is 22 cuft net...but has been shrunk to 19 cuft net....I’ve had it since 2016 and have swapped rear ports sizes and tunings 9-10 times and front port about 15 times ranging from as large as 400sq in to as small as 169 sq in to get it dialed in to what it is today....does a 155+ from 18hz -58hz with its peak in the 30s([email protected] 34hz) usable 150+ db bandwidth is 16hz-63hz
  9. I would shrink the rear down a bit and go from there....front port should be ok ... .. cabin gain will dictate a lot of where you gain and loose...I have 2 Sundown Nsv4s in a 6th and my loudest port is only 221 Sq in tuned to about 47hz and play all the way up into the mid 60hz range ....( p.s my rear chamber is 13.8 cuft for both subs)
  10. Picked up A 2nd one cause I have head problems....when all said and done should be getting 20k+ per sub
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