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  1. Cormero??? Camette???
  2. And I wouldn't say a boat load....I have 2 18s Nsv4s in a 6th order on a sundown SCV7500d per wired a .5 each ?
  3. What triticum said....I've had my 2 18 6th order about 3 years with HOURS and I mean HOURS upon HOURS of testing tuning playing with port size etc... just to get it where it's at now and I'm still doing things here and there....countless front port swaps, rear port swaps....adding rear port extensions etc...when I first fired it up it was loud...demoed good... metered at show...did a 151.6 sealed on the dash.....few weeks of testing and playing with front port area and swapping to a larger rear port it did a 153.8....a little more port play and tweaking got it to a 155 sealed on the dash....that's without adding there's no one size fits all 6th order...takes work period
  4. kalilac619

    Beast ass Chinese subwoofers... Wow

    It's ok I run Chinese junk and power it with Korean junk...
  5. kalilac619

    Sundown NS V.4

    Linear Xmax is 45mm one way (90mm peak to peak) Which is about 8.5 liters or .3 cubic feet of specs are on the website
  6. I feel ya...thinking I may hang it up this year as well...would still be fun with all the drinking and shenanigans that'll take place ?
  7. NO CES?!?!?! Don't be a sloppy Vagina,get your ass there!!!!
  8. kalilac619

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    Also same board as the sundown scv4000d
  9. The team sundown is currently being redesigned to be the same style/design as the NSV4s....I run 2 NSV4 18s in a 6th order with a sundown SCV7500 per and I'll say they're some of the best drivers I've ran NSV4 motor on the right Proto type Team on the left
  10. I just picked up 6 more banks of maxwells....if I replaced all 12 banks of maxwells with 12 banks of these? It would be lunch time
  11. I've been looking REAL hard at these for the past 2 months...
  12. Got bored and decided to add power...swap the scv6000s for some scv7500s temp amp rack....have a jimz machine works one on the way