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  1. Local guy was doing a 163 with a sunroof in a 2000 blazer .... Never had an issue ...4 CF Xsv4 15s on 4 CF 8ks
  2. Lol...should definitely gain a bit with the new amps
  3. Yeah you’re gonna need Waaaayyy more electrical... my buddy has 2 in his van on 24 12s and has 2 singer 370s and 10 Full throttle FT1210 140ah batts
  4. NSv4s have been the best subs I’ve owned....I have 2 18s in a 6th order with almost 2 years of taking a beating....what each one is seeing
  5. It’s a full bridge design....full bridge designs use less parts hence the cheaper price.....the SALT series are typical Korean Half bridge design
  6. He's probably tuned higher than that for instance I have a 2 18 series 6th order and I'm tuned 22hz rear and 48hz front and my bandwidth is 12hz-73hz... the rear is the low tuned chamber and the front is the high tuned chamber rear chamber is always the low tuned chamber on a series 6th order rear chamber doesn't necessarily have to be the larger one but can be at times...mine is a 1.35:1ratio (14cuft rear and 19cuft front) and I've shrank the rear and front multiple times to see differences and this one just happened to be the best overall....there's a lot more to it then just ratios ..it's more about getting the turnings,port sizes and chamber sizes to play nicely together cause if ones off a lot of bad can happen
  7. Real magic happens when you get enough Alt power and ditch batteries and run strictly caps
  8. I did 6 banks and a 40ah juice box lithium for almost 2 years without issues
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