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Bass knob question

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So, a bass knob is generally pretty simple...you turn the knob...the shit gets louder...turn it the other way...the shit gets quieter.  Simple!  Well, this new Soundqubed monoblock amp I just put in has a bass knob that does a fair bit more than that... It has a clipping light that (I think) blinks when the amp is gained too much.  Very useful!  It also has a power light...which would be kind of redundant because you could hear it working or not...no light needed...and in my case not wanted...which is OK because on my new bass knob, that light doesn't work anyway.


This particular bass knob seems to work differently too.  Out of about 270 degrees total rotation, only about 90 degrees of that actually raise the gain.  Anything after that does nothing at all.  Currently, I have the gain on that amp turned up only a little bit, maybe 1/3 of its rotation.  I wonder if the bass knob will only work up the level of the gain set on the amp itself?  If so, that is pretty smart.  If not, my shit is broken and I will need to write a note to Soundqubed.  I am mostly curious if that is how these bass knobs are supposed to work?  I am kind of old-school and these bass knob things are kinda new to me.

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If it is a remote gain knob, it will only go off of your current gain setting. If your amp gain is 1/3rd up, then the knob full open will be the same as your amp being 1/3rd as if the knob was disconnected. Im not aware of any remote gain knob that allows you to bypass the physical gain setting on the amplifier allowing you to remotely turn the gain up higher than the physical dial of the amp.

The clipping lights are almost never accurate on most amps or the knobs and work off of rail voltage in most cases it seems.

As for the knob itself, its a basic run of the mill knob, I think I have 4 or so of that style laying around from my Sundown 4 channels and 2 channels, I remember plugging them into my Sundown saz4500 and no power light worked swapped knobs and same thing. The knobs  that came with my 4500s had no leds in them at all. Most the times the some amps are not fully compatible with said knobs because the additional circuitry inside the amp to fully support the knob just isnt there, which is why you get no power light and why the knob doesn't work from lowest to max and has a period where it does nothing. 

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