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  1. I mostly do web design and light image work with it, and troll the interwebz and utubez. I pirate movies and music like a Blackbeard on it too. Yarr!! I would show you my desk, but it is illegal to post pics of used pot pipes and bongs and whatnot...and my desk is a fucking mess right now and you don't want to see it. You would just laugh. http://cyborgs.us http://ipcyb.org http://13eyes.com
  2. Mine isn't terribly exciting or even a gaming PC. I was obsessed with games since about 1975, and then computer games from about 1977, and then arcade games with the advent of Pacman in 1980. I have played all kinds of games in the past and have owned countless gaming computers with the best stuff inside...made by me. I have run a PC components shop too, PC Club, which some of you south cali folks may remember...though my store was in Arizona. Mesa specifically. I got bored with most games. The only game I have really played in the last decade or so was the Evershitty Everquest....and that has been spotty. I get pissed off at the game and put it down for a few months, or years, but seem to always go back to the damned thing. My PC is simple... Gigabyte AB-350-gaming matx AMD Ryzen 1200 OCed to 3.8ghz 8gb RAM Gigabyte Radeon RX580 2 SSD, one for Linux, one for Windows. 2 HDD, one for an alternate install of Windows and the other for storage. A way-too-large but very cool looking Thermaltake case with plenty of room for more crap that I haven't, and probably won't, buy yet. 40" LED display and a 32" LED secondary...some cheap ass 2.1 speakers that sound surprisingly good...a pseudo-mechanical illuminated KB...a very cool wireless/wired mouse with rechargeable battery and some extra useful buttons. Oooohhh, thrilling!
  3. Check to see if it the hiss is out of the coaxials or the components or both...fade back and front. I might blame the amp, but you said you are on the second one and both had the hiss. Perhaps the x-over for the components is having troubles? It is hard to know without the car being in front of us.
  4. Just reducing the variables here. BCBrassard asked the next logical step, your amp gains being set. You stated that you had check RCAs, did you do this by switching to a different set? Are your RCA cables shielded? If a power cable is run through your car alongside unshielded RCAs the power cable can induce noise into the RCAs. This would most likely show up with the hiss changing with volume changes but could perhaps not. The next step would be the amp grounds...make sure they are clean...and at least as girthy as the positive going in the amp. 4g in should have atleast 4 ga out, for example. The connection needs to be tight and corrosion-free. I am guessing you have done 'the big three' too, check those connections for corrosion...just to eliminate potentials. With the HU at 0 volume, check again to hear if amplifier gain change alters the hiss volume. Eliminating variables...
  5. You suggested that the hiss was not volume dependent. Does that mean that when the HU volume is at 0 the hiss is fully audible?
  6. If you are using the ground in the Scion's harness, you shouldn't. Ground it to the chassis. I can't say that it is the problem but it sure could be... https://www.scionlife.com/forums/general-tech-diy-1821/noise-free-audio-tips-47336/
  7. Does the hiss get louder with HU volume? If so, look to the ground from the HU, maybe add another one or improve where it is grounded. The car's wiring harness may not be sufficient ground so you should ground the HU to the chassis and as near to the HU as you can.
  8. By the way, The Communist Manifesto, is not banned in any schools...instead it is taught in all schools unwittingly by many ignorant professors...corrupting our children's minds with poison ideas. You can get it for free at Amazon.... https://www.amazon.com/Manifesto-Communist-Party-Karl-Marx-ebook/dp/B0039GL21I/ref=sr_1_3_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1529095465&sr=8-3&keywords=the+communist+manifesto
  9. I am now an enemy of the State. A criminal, guilty of the most heinous of crimes...thought crime! My red-flagged, black-listed, banned-in-all-schools book arrived in my mailbox...
  10. Just pulled up from buying some juice..to go with the vodka. (not gangsta enuf for the gin). Was jamming to RTJ at reasonably low volume...but enough to piss off my tolerant hippy, peace and love type neighbor...who cussed me out and threatened me with violence if I don't turn that shit down. lol! Fuck that guy!
  11. I bought a used beater jazz style drumkit yesterday but the snare it came with was cheap and made badly. I went to Guitar Center today to buy new heads for it, $20 a piece, $40 total...but before I sprung for the heads I spotted an amazing deal on a newly used snare. OCDP (Orange County Drums and Percussion) 6x14 maple with die cast hoops for an amazing $99! The hoops alone sell for $60 each...fuckin rippin deal! It sounds excellent!
  12. I got a XS battery from Showtime and it got sent in the XS single box with a shipping label stuck on it. It was in good shape when I got it but I remember scoffing at it's chintzy packaging considering how volatile a battery can be.
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