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Which SPL meter is right for me?

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I have 6 12's on 14~18 kw never clamped it yet and im tuned to 30hz. I like the spl mini because i really would prefer to have the unit have a display i don't really like the idea of bluetooth too much. However im may be concerned that it only goes to 160. im not sure what kind of numbers i should expect, but being tuned to 30 hz i just don't know i have 0 point of reference of what 140 150 db is like.

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The Mini Bass Meter is designed specifically to let you know your pressure level while in the driver's seat. That is all (besides frequency and DC Voltage).  It is not designed to help you get louder and use to compete with as these devices require software or firmware to operate.

All SPL Meters we manufacturer above the Mini Bass Meter can read up to 180db or higher so the limit on those are of no concern.

It all depends on how you want to control it-

USB Bass Meter- PC or Android (capable but not always compatible)
LCD Bass Meter SE- Portable or PC (Hold a handheld device to read measurements)
Wireless Bass Meter- Android, iOS or PC (Purchase mobile app and use Phone or PC to read measurements.  Also can be used as wired device when battery dies)
Next-USB with SPL- PC use only (allows up to 4 sensors at once and additional compatible sensors such as High-SPL RTA and multi level power clamping)
Next-LCD with SPL- Portable or PC (allows up to 2 sensors at once and additional compatible sensors such as High-SPL RTA and multi level power clamping)

Some users like to install tablet in their vehicle so they can always see the full measurement information from their device. 

Some like to use just the Mini Bass Meter and connect portable power pack to it so they can measure anyone's score live when getting a demo as long as it's below 160.0dB.  It's small and concealed.

Some users like to use the wired devices as they only test in an area that has full access to a PC.

Some users run shows and test themselves at the same time so they use the portable devices so they can walk into customer's vehicles to test very quick or connect to a PC for a more serious tuning session.

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